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By | November 30, 2022

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This self-described Vietnamese lesbian Has some important advice for her fellow Asian Americans and other people of Color that she needed to share on Tick Tock so I'm just passing it along to you If you have a token white and you're Hanging out with your friend group of Color You need to ask permission from Everybody in the group to bring your White friend like don't just bring them Ask for explicit permission from Everyone because just because you're Comfortable with them doesn't mean that Everybody's comfortable with them I Might not be in the mood to deal with White shenanigans that day that's that's All I'm saying and another thing it Feeds into their ego like don't don't Let them think they're a good white Person don't don't give them that card To use against other people please don't Do that it makes him feel like a good Person because they have non-white Friends well I mean I guess she is right In a sense because that's how liberals Actually feel but this lady is a Complete Lunatic Of course if a white Person posted a similar video like this Online Urging others not to bring any black People around their group of friends Because they might not want to deal with Their black fragility or black

Grievances of course that person will be Docs to be the top trend on Twitter They'd be kicked out of school fired From their job but this girl spewing her Anti-whitism will face zero consequences Whatsoever meanwhile this professor at The University of California San Diego Has a very unique way to fight racism What's up Dr Purity here and I'm going To talk to you a bit about how to Decolonize a classroom and how I Decolonize my teaching decolonize of Course is a code word for diversity and Anti-whitism So first things first we do not grade Over here okay anyone who takes my class Automatically gets an a they're told in The first week that they're going to get An A the only thing that's required is Attendance and I have weeks of excused Absences built in so that if people are Sick or they have family or if they want To just stay home and scroll through Instagram all day great obligations it Won't affect their grade of course not So since I'm not grading them I'm just Giving them A's like how do I know that They're doing anything and how do I know That Um they're learning anything and so I Also don't give homework surprise Surprise and I run a discussion style Classroom so of course all she wants to Do is have the kids show up attendance

Only grade to just listen to her spew Her nonsense and I guarantee you that It's a cultural studies class I'll do a Whole other video on Christmas craziness Over the next few weeks or actually I'm Sharing multiple videos because there's Going to be a whole lot to cover uh Things like this children's book called The real oh Santa which reveals to the Children that the real Santa is black And with daylight savings time having Come to an end a few weeks ago it's Obviously getting darker earlier and According to CNN that is having a Disproportionate impact on black people I know this could be a satirical article From The Babylon B but CNN has been Taking a significant market share from Them Daylight Savings Time sheds light on Lack of sleeps disproportionate impact In communities of color growing evidence Suggests that lack of sleep with sleep Disorders such as obstructive sleep Apnea remain more prevalent in black Asian and Hispanic or Latino communities Well what about the Latin X people and These inequalities have long-term Detrimental implications for physical Health even raising the risk of certain Chronic diseases you know what if this Will help pass a bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent so we don't have To change the clocks forward and back

Every six months every single year even Though we don't even know why we do it I Will support these people I never Thought I would say this but yes Changing the clocks every year is racist It's time for it to end and you may have Heard recently the NHL put out a Diversity and inclusion reports and they Found that the sport is racist so they Have the HDA the hockey diversity Association trying to get less white People to play hockey and they even have Their own flag right there which to me Looks pretty racist it looks like aside From trying to convince black people to Play hockey instead of basketball They're also looking to recruit some Native Americans by adding a red stripe Into their diversity flag and look There's a yellow one in there too I mean What's next are they going to start Recruiting transgender players too The first all transgender hockey Tournament which was a success team Trans is considered the world's first Ever all transgender hockey team Featuring notable professional hockey Players including Harrison Brown and Jessica Platt at competitions in recent Years the official NHL Twitter account Posted some photos saying that they were Proud to support this past weekend's Team trans draft tournaments in Middleton Wisconsin which of course is a

Suburb of Madison the liberal Cesspool Of the state well I guess aside from Milwaukee uh saying that this is the First tournament comprised entirely of Transgender and non-binary players with Around 80 folks participating even Non-binary players somebody mockingly Responded so Men playing on women's team And then the NHL responded trans women Are women trans men are men non-binary Identity is real and speaking of Non-binary people those are people who Have chosen no gender as their gender They're not a man or a woman they say Something that even people on the Jerry Springer Show back in the 1990s couldn't Even come up with but Joe Biden employs One in a high level position in the Department of energy probably working on A nuclear reactor uh who wears high Heels and women's clothes but doesn't Identify as a woman identifies as Neither who was just arrested for felony Theft for reportedly I'm sorry to show You these photos People I know uh he was just I'm sorry Uh they you can't call them an itch That's considered to be dehumanizing It's a violation of the thought police Policies so uh this carbon-based life Form uh allegedly stole a two thousand Dollar suitcase from the luggage claim At an airport recently and uh so it was Just a big mistake of course he's

Probably saw all that Lewis Louis Vuitton expensive luggage and stole it Uh still has a job though of course not Fired and uh you can see here he is I'm Sorry here uh this person is this Carbon-based life form posing with the Other uh transgender person uh Rachel Levine in the Biden Administration two Peas in a pod this is their official Government photo from the Department of Energy could you imagine hiring this Person for anything other than starring In a horror movie speaking of b-list Actors Alyssa Milano is complaining on Twitter about people making memes about Her mean means tweeting directly to Elon Musk asking is this the freedom of Speech you want how about copyright Infringement is that fine by you too Thankfully the community notes feature Which is a crowdsourcing fact check on Twitter pointed out that certain Copyrighted material may be used uh Without copyright expressed permission From the copyright holder for purposes Of commentary and ridicule and Elon has Revoked the ridiculous coveted Misinformation policy on Twitter which Would automatically tag people's tweets With supposed fact checks or censor them Or suspend or ban users for posting Certain facts that the CDC just hadn't Yet come to admit or for asking Questions that they didn't want people

To think about and one of the only cases If not the only case if somebody suing Twitter after they got banned and Winning and getting their account Restored was a man named Alex Berenson Who is an author and he was posting Information about the coronavirus and The pandemic and vaccines and either the CDC hadn't come to it meant that the Information he was posting was true yet Or Twitter didn't update their fact Checks to sync with the cdc's latest Information and so he sued and actually Won but unfortunately totally different Situations when people get banned for Posting supposed hate speech because the Court's rule that whatever they say they Consider to be hateful then counts but Since they said that they were posting Or using the cdc's fact check system and He violated it there was some Contradiction in the system that they Were using and what he was actually Posting so he surprisingly actually won And of course the liberal media and the Republican establishment continue to Complain about President Trump having Dinner with Kanye West last week who Brought along one of his friends who the Liberal media has dubbed the new David Duke here's Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell first let me just say that There is no Room in the Republican Party

For anti-semitism Or white supremacy And anyone meeting With people advocating that point of View In my judgment Are highly unlikely to ever be elected President of the United States things Didn't go as well for Don Lemon however When he invited someone on hoping that They would pile on against President Trump I'm proud of our record on many Issues including issues related to the Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel uh I I'm also a refugee from the Soviet Union and the grandson of Holocaust Survivors so I experienced Systemic anti-Semitism directly and Personally which is why my family sought Refuge in the United States so you know I I can tell Nancy Semite when I hear One and I can tell you with confidence That President Trump is not an Anti-semite he also has this very strong Record on issues uh that concern the Jewish Community I mean we can start With any number of things like making it Tougher to discriminate against Jewish Students and college campus okay sir I Understand that can we talk about Nick Valentes please Sir this isn't why we brought you on of Course when Barack Obama was running for President nobody in the liver media

Dared to show or even acknowledged that This photo exists of him cozying up with Louis Farrakhan the leader of the black Supremacist Nation of Islam probably America's most famous anti-semite no Democrats called for him to denounce Louis Farrakhan or apologize for this Photograph so Republicans maybe need to Take a couple of pages out of the Democrats Playbook and stop apologizing For things all the time and by the way Your family may want an apology from you If you happen to wear a trump cloth Sweatshirt to Christmas dinner this year Which you should order from my online Store at or click the link In the description below like all the Mining signs it's available to t-shirt Long sleeve and a hoodie and a nice Sweatshirt and a whole bunch of Different colors as well so head on over To or click the link in the Description below and check it out [Music] Foreign