Yes, Marjorie Greene Really Sent This Tweet About Farts

By | November 30, 2022

Marjorie Greene got a little bit confused about how COVID works differently than farts. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Representative Marjorie green wants to Talk about flatulence uh because you Know only the country's brightest make Their way to Congress Now she's really shining she's really a Shining example of how America is uh for Sure a meritocracy right so here's the Tweet in question So many people Still wearing masks I just want to ask You if a pair of underwear really thick Ones high quality cotton can't protect You from a fart then how will a mask Protect you from covid Now she's disclosing quite a bit about Herself here uh which I really wish she Hadn't but nonetheless uh that was I think easily one of the dumbest tweets I've read from a member of Congress and That's saying something because there Are a lot of dumb tweets by members of Congress so what's amazing to me Anna is That they don't double check like they Don't ask a staffer they've got like 28 Staffers right yeah hey guys am I Missing something here right if I was Going to say something like this like Bells go off in the back of your head Right like hmm this is there's probably A good reason why this doesn't make Sense let me just ask someone but they Think they're so smart they don't need To ask anyone she thought she nailed it With this it's so sad can I just say

Like Who cares Okay I'm gonna get into the science of Like oh here's how the virus works and Here's how masks protect you yeah you Know like this is where we're at I have To explain it but Aside from that Mind your own goddamn business why does It bother you that someone's wearing a Mask or that a lot of people are wearing Masks it's none of your business there's No mandate indicating that we must wear Masks so you're not forced to wear a Mask why does it bother you if others Wear masks I remember when Republicans Were losing it because they felt they Were so aggrieved over alleged I don't Even buy it criticism when they would Wear the Red Hats So if you think people should mind their Own business and let you wear whatever Damn hat you want to wear why don't you Mind your damn business when it comes to People wearing masks Shut up Shut up yeah okay like Anyway so look it's it was one thing When people were saying you have to wear A mask is to go inside a store Etc Because then it affects them I know Asking somebody to do the bare minimum To protect other people's health for a Right winger that's the the biggest

Crime in America they're like why would I want to help anyone except me they're So selfish they can't see straight but Now it isn't about you at all that other Dude's wearing a mask because he wants To it you don't have to wear a mask why Do you care because they everything is Projectionable the right wing you know How they always tell you oh my God the Left wing wants to control your life Dude we can't wait to get you out of our Lives yeah you think I'm going to Voluntarily get involved in your life Right and the reason is inhale as much Of the virus as you want in fact I would Love it go ahead seriously find it find It inhale it Marjorie green show what a Courageous woman you are in not wearing A mask and inhaling coronavirus you know Droplets all day long I love it do it Why not sniff I've erected I don't care Okay so but they love controlling other People's lives don't get married to Someone who's uh you know a man should Not get married to a man oh dude don't Don't do that with your body don't have Enough freaking Nanny state I'm so sick Of the nanny State the Republican Party Nanny State 101 always up in our Business who we can marry what kind of Sex we can have what kind of education We can receive always up in our business What kind of masks we can wear what kind Of clothing we should wear always up in

Our personal lives Nanny State 100 so That's why now she's like oh someone Over there is wearing a mask I'm going To control their lives I don't want them Wearing a mask so I'm going to do this Dumbass tweet about farts all right Let's just go to graphic three real Quick it's a it's embarrassing that it's Come to this we have to explain it gas Particles are considerably smaller than Viruses or the Airborne water droplets That can carry covid gases like methane And carbon dioxide are orderless but Once combined with hydrogen sulfide and Ammonia in the gut they become Considerably more or smelly so when it Comes to masks specifically let's take a Look at graphic four because you'll see An image here that shows you sulfur Dioxide molecules or what it looks like And the size relative to a covid-19 Molecule So covid-19 molecules much larger and The mask does protect you from Transmission to the tune of 85 percent N95 masks filter about 85 percent of Particles smaller than 300 nanometers I I just want to go to graphic too because I think this probably does a better job Of explaining Ralph torvin and wrote in On Twitter the same way socks aren't Designed to be used as condoms Should have added dumbass it's Embarrassing how many incredibly

Ignorant And stupid people we have in Congress Today in Congress