Yeezy Employees Claim Kanye Showed Them NUDES of Kim Kardashian

By | November 24, 2022

Former Yeezy brand employees are claiming Kanye West showed naked pictures of Kim Kardashian to Adidas employees. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“A hush fell over the factory sample room in Qinyuan, China, as Kanye West examined the prototypes of his latest Yeezy sneakers on display before him. Decision-makers from Adidas and members of his entourage waited intently for his feedback when, according to two people who attended the August 2017 meeting, West began to yell that the Yeezys were not yet up to his standards — then approached a senior female employee. The attendees say West looked down at his foot, stared up at the woman, and told her, “I want you to make me a shoe I can fuck.”


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A new expose by Rolling Stone reveals The bizarre abusive and completely Inappropriate conduct that Kanye West Exhibited behind the scenes at his Fashion brand known as Yeezy and how Adidas which had signed a deal with Kanye had tried to brush it under the Rug and it also makes clear that while Kanye's Antics were spotlighted only in Recent years while in reality behind the Scenes uh he was actually being a Terrible person for a long long time According to his employees That included showing porn to co-workers And even nudes of his wife To interviewees So I'll give you the details in just a Second John but I'm gonna bring you in Right away Sure Yeah go ahead oh no what were you gonna Say no it's just amazing how entitled Wealthy and powerful people feel in this Country to mistreat others endlessly With no consequences Because like the the idea of me going to Like What are the producers for the main show And showing them like explicit content Like that I just anyway go ahead yeah you're not Gonna do that anymore Davis talked to You multiple times Um anyway uh yeah look I'm not surprised

I'm not surprised by and won't be Surprised by anything that comes out About Kanye West at this point I was Probably at that point three to five Years ago but once you find out from his Associates that he had just routinely Praised Hitler over the years sure he's Showing them porn too why not I'm not Surprised by that it's terrible but not Surprising and um I don't know like if This is Reactionary or something but I've often Said that it bothers me that there's This mythology that that very wealthy People are harder workers or smarter or Whatever than regular people I don't Think that that goes far enough I think That the Assumption should be that They're actively worse and they can Prove that they're not maybe by taking The right measures and giving away tons Of money or whatever maybe that'll help A little bit but no the Assumption Should be because of the experience that We have that incredibly wealthy people Generally are terrible and it's not Difficult to figure out why all of the Incentives for bad behavior and horrific Personalities are lined up in that Direction They can actively weed out people around Them that would be a check on their Worst excesses and they do that Trump Does that Elon Musk does that Kanye West

Clearly does that they're petulant and Small-minded and in curious and need to Be managed by the few remaining people Around them that actually care about Them they're all just terrible they're Holding us back and we should do Whatever we can to eliminate their Influence over society and government [Music] Uh This doesn't speak well of Wealthy people but I can think of one Wealthy person Um not a tyt but someone that I've met Through tyt who's actually a good person And he's not bad okay other than that Anyway but but no but I think I think I Think you're on to something because it Isn't that these are inherent well maybe In some cases they are inherently bad People right and I say that because Think about what you have to do To become rich in this country There's got to be some scamming going on You got to be pretty Relentless you got To hustle people like yeah I just the Self-promotion there's a lot involved in Striking it rich that like I just don't Have the capacity to do right Um so there's that but also I think for Those who might not be inherently Terrible and somehow they came up with a Great idea and they started a business That worked and it's the power that

Comes along with the wealth That starts corrupting their brains into Thinking that they can just mistreat Whoever they want with no consequences Um so let's let's move on to what the uh Easy workers uh had to say about Kanye So Rolling Stone opens with an example From Johnny from 2017 when Kanye was Looking at prototypes of Yeezy sneakers At a meeting in China Decision makers from Adidas and members Of West's Entourage Waited intently for his feedback when According to two people who attended the August 17 2017 meeting Wes began to yell At the ye yell that the Yeezys were not Yet up to his standards Then approached a senior female employee The attendees say West looked down at His foot Stared at the woman and told her I want you to make me a shoe I can f There's more the Adidas representatives Were there by the way including a vice President and they didn't confront him They didn't find any problem with it And the woman had made the comment uh The woman he made the comment to I Should say took a leave of absence Before moving to a job elsewhere at Adidas Also former Yeezy and Adidas employees Say that's just one of many instances Where West used intimidation tactics

With his staff that were provocative Frequently sexualized and often directed Toward women Now a revelatory open letter by Prominent former members of the Yeezy Team insists that leaders from Adidas Were aware of West's problematic Behavior but turned their moral compass Off raising questions about whether his Corporate partner could have stepped in Years ago I mean does it does it raise Questions Does it raise questions just say it it Doesn't raise questions just say it okay Clearly there was no interest for Adidas To step in and prevent the bad behavior Clearly there was money on the line it Doesn't raise questions the questions Have been answered by your reporting so Just state it anyway that's my pet peeve I don't know if that's reactionary John But I can't stand that kind of reporting It drives me nuts people are saying some Say oh do they do some say that who Who's saying it Anyway who's raising the questions After one disagreement for example West Made a young female designer of color Sit on the floor for a meeting that Lasted hours according to a former Staffer in the room You don't deserve to sit at the table The staffer recalled was saying oh my God I

Yeah No he's Terror he's just a bad person It's a bad person crash and I Like you know what this this story is Not about me it doesn't have to be about Me but I will say that in I recall years Ago in production meetings on CYT trying To convince people that Kanye West did Not deserve the praise that people were Giving him There have been other people that got Praised they didn't deserve that I've Tried to point out over the years but Anyway people are saying I'm saying I'm the other people and I'm Saying it about me anyway yeah no he's He's garbage he's trash it's amazing if You just have money or whatever what People will get away with that little Anecdote about him making the woman sit On the floor says you don't deserve to Sit at the table is maybe the 300th Worst thing that we've heard about him So far this year and yet imagine with Like a regular person in your life if You learned that they had done that that Would be it you don't need any of the Other stuff about the worshiping Hitler Or the weird defcons you don't need any Of that stuff that would be enough but For some reason when it's a billionaire It's not enough because he made songs at Some point or something because he made God-awful

Ugly shoes that people felt they'd be Cooler if they wore them for some reason They'll never understand because the Shoes look terrible his clothing looks Terrible because he has no sense of Style I don't know why that's lost on so Many people There's so many elements of the story That I I gotta tell you guys about I Know we've been going too long with this But um Kanye himself seemed to confirm these Allegations this year in October he Released a 30-minute documentary on YouTube with the scene of him showing a Pornographic video to Adidas employees One artist he invited to his La home in 2013 says Kanye showed him explicit Videos and asked him what he thought of It Two other creatives including one Associated with yeezy's early years to Your point John you you were on to this Okay yay was uh your Tulsi gabbard okay You caught onto it before everyone else Did congratulations you were right uh West also had shown them pornographic Videos uh including homemade sex tapes Of West engaging in sexual activities With women he had also shown Um you know nude photos and nude images Of of Kim Kardashian to people Barry Alex jones-esque remember Alex Jones was caught doing that with his

Current wife Um he was sending nude photos of her to Roger Stone which I mean that is a really good diet plan If you want to lose your appetite and Stop eating like just think about that A former senior employee even said Adidas Executives warned them about Kanye's frequent references to porn Which they said caught employees off Guard he would be in a meeting and he'd Be talking to you and he'd rattle off in His laptop to play a porn video the Employee tells Rolling Stone and he's Like I know it's uncomfortable but I Kind of need this in the background to Keep me focused so disgusting And you'd be like uh okay the former Senior employee claims to have seen West Play porn videos in meetings at least Five times Yeah I know he's just like so many of These people I do I don't understand how People can't see I guess they're clouded By all the money these people are broken And desperate and try hard and needy and Driven by emotions and very very Transparent in the needs that they have They're all desperate to feel great to Feel talented to feel smart to feel Successful whatever he's showing those Videos because he's desperate to have One individual person think that his Life is cool or something he seems to

Miss the fact that I don't think anyone In America wants to see Kanye West Having sex I don't know like I get that He has money and people buy his shoes or Whatever does he think that that makes Him a sex symbol like they really are Just so like Elon musk's been I mean Have you she's seen your shoes like I Just no not not interested in any of it Yeah I they all Trump is desperate to Have people like him Elon Musk is Desperate to have people like him Kanye West is desperate to feel Superior or Powerful or or creative or a genius or Whatever like and and this is a Demonstration of how little this Excessive Dragon sickness field wealth Gives to you because it clearly has not Provided these people a moment Solace Let alone happiness they're more Desperate than regular people they spend All their time on Twitter like Elon Musk Right now is stealing memes to repost so That right-wing grifters will say that He's funny or whatever again it's just The the billions of dollars do not buy Happiness it only makes them crave more Validation thanks for watching The Young Turks who really appreciate it another Way to show support is through YouTube Memberships you'll get to interact with Us more there's live chat emojis badges You've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so Those are super fun but you also get

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