Ye Has Allowed All Of The Nazis To Come Out Hiding

By | December 7, 2022

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[Applause] Thank you [Applause] You can maybe hear that guy in that Video that was outside of a TIAA Bank Field Stadium that's in Jacksonville uh Over the weekend and that message if you Couldn't see it scrolling real quick is A similar one that you've seen before uh It said Kanye is right about the Jews We've seen that before in fact at a Freeway overpass in Los Angeles maybe a Week and a half ago let's look at that Real quick it's um similar to that I'm Sorry that was in the Free World pass But also uh this message with a digital Version of it and check out the font as Well is going to be familiar spread Across Jacksonville Uh uh this is another uh tweet that Someone else found on the side of a tall Building the same message and it was Displayed outside of the stadium at UF The University of Florida and University Of Georgia football game which was a big One in Jacksonville earlier that night And now it's outside of other Jacksonville buildings like this one They're projecting on all of these Things uh let's watch that one as well This is where it doesn't make well it Never made any sense but it makes even Less sense to me I've asked myself this Question when you see the guys over the

405 freeway in LA with the banner and The bed sheets and they're saying Kanye Was right about the Jews and then now They're projecting on side of buildings What is it that they're getting because Of course it's just spreading hate and Maybe inspiring others to think they can Do the things they want to do we know That part but what is it they're getting Out of it in that moment do they think They just won a victory do they think You know the folks that they hate are Having heart attacks from that I'm just Curious here's one of those guys that Organized it was a part about one of These hate groups in La they did it and He saw this and this was his response Oh Taking it a whole nother level juice What are you gonna do now Huh The world's waking up you filthy you Bastard baby penis suckers is Right About Duh Jews [Applause] Jews Oh you baby suck a Jews it's on yeah I guess that's a victory I mean he's out There alone in the middle of the night Showing that he can read one word at a Time so good job there um so also

Despite the fact that they realize that You know they have someone in the AV Department of their hate group that can Project something on the side of a Bridge where no one is They also still threw their sheets over The sides of freeways this is still in Jacksonville you guys uh another person Noticed that chathy on the I-10 in Jacksonville there's more of the same Signs honk if you know it's the Jews and Jewish Supremacy in America that type of Stuff also what another freeway overpass Uh this on the Arlington Expressway as Well obviously is this Tweeter pointed Out it's a coordinated effort more References to Kanye I don't know Yeah Pretty obvious uh someone dressed up of Course as a Nazi I guess a randomly Doesn't have the Hitler mustache on so At least it's not a particular made Nazi Just a foot soldier style Nazi he walked Into this uh fanelli Cafe in SoHo and he Wear that costume and got talked down Shouted out and kicked out of the bar Let's keep it real Um so this trend of people dressing up In as Hitler and Nazis for Halloween I Don't know maybe it's always been there And just we don't have social media to Point it out every time But there was also another man who

Dressed up as Hitler specifically this Time outside of a Halloween party at the University of Madison in Wisconsin There's some images of this guys check Him out I'm not sure again these are images These are still images so I'm not sure If it looks can he looks confused in That picture on the right like why are You guys mad at me what did I do it's Halloween I'm sexy Hitler I I'm not sure what the um expectation was But if you're going to come out there Looking like this expect to get punched In the face Sorry Maybe I'm in a bad place today but That's what you're asking for right I would say right Jr honestly I think we Should treat Nazis that way even when They're not dressed up like that that's My belief on the matter and listen they Took the idea of wearing a spooky scary Halloween costume way too far like That's just it's not even fun anymore When people start doing stuff like this Let's be real but I truly believe we Should treat Nazis exactly how they were Treated in that bar all the time in Costume or not well there's a thing I Think because they've been so uh used to Now it's been long enough of social Media becoming a normal thing and people Being able to anonymously or even

Directly using their own face to say Horrific things and uh spread hate and Violence like this that they think hey I Can take this out to the streets and They think real life is what they are Doing on Twitter now