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Workers Comp Insurance Canoga Park

Workers Comp Insurance Canoga Park

Business owners already have a lot on their minds, so the last thing needed to make anything worse is for staff to get hurt on the job. The more you know about workers comp insurance in Canoga Park, the easier it will be for you to navigate the claims process fully. Not only that, but it will also give you solid peace of mind that you have the coverage you want and need for your business.

What is Workers Comp Insurance in Canoga Park?

Workers’ compensation is a type of liability insurance coverage required under the laws in each state. This insurance pays out for lost wages and medical costs if an employee gets injured while working when an incident occurs.

This form of insurance protects employees and business owners from going through a financial disaster. Averages costs involved for a claim can be over $40,000. Many families and employers in this situation would not be able to cover such costs without the help of this insurance.

Exclusive Remedy

Once an employee gets hurt on the job, the workers’ compensation insurance provides what is known as an exclusive remedy. Businesses covered under any active insurance policy are not going to be liable for work-related injuries except under the slight legal circumstance that the employer meant to cause employee injury or deemed willfully negligent.

Here at Haddajian Insurance Agency, we are here to help with all types of insurance plans, including workers’ compensation. To give you some insight on workers comp and what can be expected, we have put together a list of some of the more common frequently asked questions we receive:

Q: What injuries are covered with workers comp?
A: Any injuries employees system while on workplace grounds or anywhere else when they are acting under the “course and scope” of employment will be covered if the employer has workers comp coverage. Along with injuries from accidents, workers comp coverage handles injuries employees might sustain from other events occurring during their work time, including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and workplace violence.

Q: What treatment would an injured worker receive?
A: Any employee covered under workman’s comp would get all the appropriate and medically necessary treatment they require. Depending on the employer, there could be guidelines on treatment protocols or diagnostic testing where certain injuries are suspected.

Q: Do I have to purchase workers comp insurance coverage?
A: In some states, partnerships and sole proprietors are not required to have workers comp until or unless they have employees that are not owners. Some states may also not require employees to be covered if paid via commission only.

Do you still have questions regarding workers comp insurance in Canoga Park? We are here to help at Haddajian Insurance Agency. Give our team a call when you need us at (818) 643-2345, and we can provide you with a free quote and customized plan for insurance coverage. We look forward to addressing any concerns you may have and getting you set up with a coverage plan that you can trust!

Workers Comp Insurance Canoga Park

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