womens talk shows in 2022

By | October 20, 2022

craving more transrepresentation? get ready for GIRL TALK with gwenda and stacy

Explosions Welcome to girl talk with going to earn Stacy I love being a check same Gwenda And kicks ass we’re back today to talk About girls Club Today in women’s news our rights are Under threats what that’s right a Woman’s right to have me in the locker Room with her as being challenged by Women across the country this is just Like the handmaid’s tale I shouldn’t be Made to feel unsafe in the locker room Just because those judging broads are Jealous of my sick perks last week I was Kicked out of 7-Eleven just for being Naked these are the issues that matter To women this is what No it’s always mine always made speaking For us Do you hear them Where we read the hot gas from our girly Fans across the country our first letter Is from Justine dear Gwenda and Stacy my Pecs are huge nice I am so sick and Tired of sis genders trying to tell me To get out of their bathroom I don’t Care if it’s your ninth birthday party I’ll kick your ass you go girl you may Have guessed by now I am currently in Jail purely because of transphobia what The good news is when her dad saw me Hitting her he basically gave me a sex Change for free so joke’s on him awesome

Huh honey it’s my boyfriend Katie get on Here Caden this is girl time have you Been punching holes in the wall you Wouldn’t get it you’re just a boy could You please stop I’m just asking you to please stop Men really don’t realize how Intimidating they are when they enter Women’s spaces If you want to support the team that Makes these animations a good exclusive Cartoons become a member at Freedomtunes.com

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