Women LEAVING Feminism for Femininity

By | October 30, 2022

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Life after feminism is possible AND positive! In this video, we look at the women who have left their progressive lifestyles behind in favor of femininity.

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey hey Lauren here let’s talk about the Women who have left feminism for Femininity so a while ago I did a video About this viral thread that showed all Of these before and after photos of People who had grown up and let’s just Say more traditional or conservative Households who upon going to college or Just leaving their family homes embraced Progressivism and all of the let’s just Say aesthetic choices that went with That and what’s interesting is that the People posting these photos of Themselves they were clearly showing the World these images as sort of like a Glow up look how boring I used to look Back when I believed in traditional Gender roles versus now that I’m a Little communist I have piercings and Colored hair the spin of the people Posting the photos was clearly oh look At what a positive growth this has been But I think for most of us we could Appreciate that no like 99 of the time The people looked worse and I’m not just Talking about in their fashion and I’m Not just talking about in their fashion Or grooming choices but they looked more Miserable more manic than they used to That was definitely an interesting video At least in my home humble opinion but It was also somewhat of a downer because You’re looking at these people who have Ultimately embraced an ideology that was

Making them unhappy and as a result of That they also looked physically worse So it was just it was lose lose all Around and so it’s kind of the counter To that today we’re going to be looking At the opposite the positive stories of Women who have left feminism who have Left this Progressive ideology that was Really weighing them down mentally Emotionally spiritually in terms of Their relationships everything in order To pursue more classic traditional Femininity you know these are women who Have found Church Life they have found Husbands and even in some cases become Mothers and are happier people as a Result of it but before we get into These four ones on this channel uh Positive stories first I want to say a Huge thank you to today’s sponsor she Right here are sheath underwear and they Are the most comfortable boxers you will Ever own these are boxers that are Specifically designed to and I don’t Know another way to say this but keep Your balls off your legs you see sheath Has two individual compartments to keep Everything cool and comfortable down There skin on skin contact leads to heat Sweat chafing and ultimately readjusting Which nobody wants to have to do thanks To sheath’s design though which features An inverted kangaroo pouch you avoid That and what’s also really cool is that

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Overall yes social media can be a very Negative thing in a lot of people’s Lives when it comes to these Christian Moms who are sharing their lives online I would say personally the effect for me Was very positive you know so often when It comes to Motherhood specifically we Hear all this negativity from the Mainstream media oh kids are going to Ruin your life they’re terrible blah Blah blah accounts like bernadines who By the way is the person that we have to Thank for today’s stories she’s the one Who’s curated all of these personal Accounts they highlight the beautiful Aspects of being a mom being a Christian Being a wife and it’s just it’s such a Nice refreshing change from the image of Womanhood and femininity that third wave Feminism has been shoving down our Throats her account on Instagram is Fearless.femininity I recommend you give Her a follow especially if you’re a Woman and she has the series we’re going To be looking at called leaving feminism For femininity and freedom and honestly This is just inspirational stuff so First up we have Kaylee’s story and we Can see the before uh clearly this was Someone who was embracing the Progressive aesthetic uh short hair Wearing a men’s suit she’s doing a very Edgy pose blowing out smoke not smiling Because of course not but on the right

In contrast to that we have this woman Who’s absolutely beautiful and I’m not Just talking about her looks here even Though obviously yes the Aesthetics have Improved she seems genuinely happy she’s Smiling she’s in a wedding dress she’s Getting married this is obviously a huge Day a positive step forward in her life And what’s cool is that on this next Slide we see some of the lifestyle Changes that accompanied this obvious Visual transformation so before for Kaylee’s story we see that before she Was spiritual chakra science and New Age Magic versus now she has surrendered and Fell in love with Jesus it was also Previously medicated for bipolar Disorder PTSD panic disorder and attacks Up to six daily versus now she is healed From PTSD depression anxiety symptoms And medication free four years and Counting mentioned before on this Channel that I think Aesthetics and Beauty are worthwhile to pursue in and Of themselves I don’t think it’s fair to Say that any concern for the aesthetic Is just totally superficial and when it Comes to a lot of these Transformations As we’re gonna see and oftentimes what We’re going to see in a lot of these Stories is that when it comes to how People are presenting themselves to the World it is a reflection of their inner Life and their inner happiness if you

See someone who’s totally disheveled not Taking care of themselves looks like They haven’t showered in days I mean Hygiene aside odds are this is not Someone who is very happy in their life Right now they’re probably not in a good Space mentally and there’s actually a Road doll quote about this if a person Has ugly thoughts it begins to show on The face and when that person has ugly Thoughts every day every week every year The face gets uglier and uglier until it Gets so ugly you can hardly bear to look At it a person however he writes who has Good thoughts cannot ever be ugly you Can have a wonky nose and a crooked Mouth and a double chin and stick out Teeth but if you have good thoughts they Will shine out of your face like Sunbeams and you will always look lovely And I think that is just so accurate to This day and describes a lot of the Reason why far left is those angry Feminists they’re also not very good to Look at moving on with Kaylee though she Also explains that she used to identify As queer very involved in the LGBT Community versus now she’s a redeemed Heterosexual married three years to her Husband she’s a blessed wife and mother She used to be addicted to social media Was a feminist and leftist but now she’s Conservative and modestly dressed she Used to need academic and scholarly

Affirmation for her self-worth but now She has healthy relationships with her Brother and father figures in Christ and I had actually never heard of needing Degrees and Academia for self-worth but I think strangely enough that yeah might Accurately explain why so many of these Far left activists they are obsessed With academias and getting all of these Phds or useless degrees in meaningless Studies it’s because they do seek that Validation because inside they’re the Most insecure messes you could imagine So overall congratulations to Kaylee on Her amazing transformation next door We’re gonna be looking at is Ashley’s Once more before we have this edgy photo Her smoking something the classic blue Hair hair scowl which is on the right we Have someone who’s actually smiling she Looks happy and she looks feminine and As Ashley explains there’s roughly three Years between these photos and I just Want to stop here and say that so much Can happen in personal development in Three years and it really is amazing Especially if you’re someone who has Transformed as a Christian I I strongly Believe in the whole born-again concept Because it does seem like Ashley Attributes her positive transformation Her personal growth to coming back to Christ she writes I stopped believing I’m an invincible boss babe who don’t

Need no man I stopped watching movies And TV shows that put me in a bad space Mentally stop smoking weed stop getting Drunk cut out all the friends that were Bad for me I stopped thinking that I was Enough on my own I acknowledge my Neediness of a savior I went back to the Church and found Community I went Through christian-based healing slash Redemption courses I embraced my Femininity and Womanhood I surrendered To the Lord and his will for my life I’ve come so far she says and I’m just So thankful for a savior who has so much Grace forgiveness and love for us I now Aspire to be a stay-at-home mom and Homemaker so serving my future husband Children and family God is so good so Often and yes including on this channel We focus on those stories of people who Are radicalized to the far left who Throw away the good things they had in Life in order to pursue whatever far Left craziness the media and pop culture Is pushing on us I don’t know about you Guys but I do find it refreshing to see That yes sometimes the opposite actually Happens sometimes people who are in the Thick of it who are living terribly for The world and for themselves they they Do come back home and just more broadly I feel like these stories highlight the Fact that if you’re not happy with who You are today or who you’ve been in the

Past that absolutely does not need to Define who you’re going to be in the Future because for a lot of these people Especially the angry feminists who are Shouting for abortion I feel like part Of the reason why they doubled down on Their toxic lifestyle it’s because they Don’t stay away out of it they don’t see A better future for themselves and so Instead of trying to leave their Lifestyle for the better they try to Justify it in all these different ways But as we’re gonna see with this next Door worry no one has ever permanently Lost I like to think maybe these Positive stories don’t happen as much as They should but they are always possible And it’s never too late to turn your Life around for the better and that’s Especially clear with this next Story by Jenny so on the left we have this Classic unhappy looking feminist just by Looking at her I can tell what her Political and cultural beliefs are like 100 short hair shaved and a bold red lip And as someone who likes makeup I do Find it weird how so many of the angry Feminists like they’re not really good At makeup they don’t really like it Except for a bold lip person on the Right we have someone who actually looks Happy she’s smiling she’s not scowling She’s in a dress she’s embracing Femininity if you’re a guy knowing

Nothing else about this woman than just Those photos who do you think looks like She would be a happier better girlfriend If you’re a fellow woman who do you Think seems like she would be a more Friendly more welcoming friend it’s Pretty obvious to me and Jenny’s story Is actually one of the most moving ones She writes to Bernadine I was inspired By your rip feminism thread and wanted To share my own story and conversion I Was raised in an irreligious home and Hated Christianity I also dressed very Provocatively and love the attention I Received from the men but inside I was Very self-conscious I was pro-abortion Arrogant bitter and fed up with the World when I was in university I became Increasingly depressed I was in an Abusive emotionally manipulative Relationship and it made me spiral I Engaged in sex work and my mental health Crumbled I left University and returned To my hometown where I started to Immerse myself in my local church I’m Now healthy happy and living for Christ I’m positive that he saved me and Allowed me to turn my life around I’m Not pursuing a traditional life and Encourage women to do the same I’ve been Criticized by feminist progressives Lefties for speaking out against sex Work and things like only fan as Shaming and hating on women being a

Misogynist you name it but I think what A lot of people don’t understand is that When I criticize things like only fans a Lot of the time on this channel it’s not Because I hate those women it’s because I care about those women and I don’t Think they’re making good choices for Themselves I I want to see all women be Happy healthy and thriving but that’s Not the case when you go down the path Of only fans and you can try to spin it As Ooh personal empowerment whatever it May be but there are far too many Stories of people who have left that Industry speaking on how they regret Ever participating in it and there are Far too many people who are currently in That industry who speak about how bad Their personal health is for me to Accept that yeah this is just a valid Lifestyle Choice as valid as you know Being a stay-at-home mom that’s not the Case and if you’re a woman who’s Watching this who’s making those toxic Decisions for yourself know that you Could stop at any point you can pursue Better for yourself you deserve better Than what you’re doing and I will repeat No one is ever Beyond Redemption that’s The beautiful thing about Christianity And I don’t want to downplay the role That all these women are saying that Christ played in their transformation Next up let’s look at Gwen’s story and I

Especially like this one because Gwen is A ma on the left you got the feminist Glasses you got the colorful hair you Got the scowl we know the drill by now Versus on the right oh look it’s someone Who’s actually happy once more she’s Smiling she doesn’t look miserable she Doesn’t look like she’s trying to ward Off people and she is a mother Gwen Writes my husband and I were both raised In a religious call and didn’t want Anything to do with God because of how The cult painted The Gospel I then was a Progressive feminist and heavily into New Age we had issues with our roles and Marriage I was demanding and controlling Thinking I knew better than him but then He found Christ and shared with me the Truth of the gospel and what the Bible Is actually about and who God is we Quickly became Born Again Christians I’ve been learning and becoming the Woman God intended living by his word And submitting to my husband I love Being genuinely feminine again we have Two children and it’s so beautiful to Share Bible stories with my toddler it Truly brings me joy doing things for my Little family it’s shocking how I was Brainwashed to think that living a Traditional biblical life would make me Trapped and oppressed I’ve never felt More free and Bernadine has quite a few More of these stories on her page if you

Want to read them all in detail I Recommend you do so and even if you’re Someone who doesn’t know anything else About these women you can tell from These photos that yes they are in a Better place now than they used to be There have been studies done that show Conservatives tend to be happier than Liberals and that’s that’s not a Coincidence okay if you’re in a mindset Where you blame the world for all of Your problems you see yourself as a Victim you see yourself at war with the Rest of society with other races with Other genders then yes you are going to Be miserable you’re going to be carrying That resentment around with you honestly It frustrates me as a woman that so many Other women view feminism as being Pro-woman or pro-female when it’s like Feminism I’ve got to say is probably one Of the leading causes of female Unhappiness today you know these women They’re promiscuous they’re they’re Doing drugs they’re rejecting the family They’re rejecting Christianity all of These things are contributing to their Unhappiness which they then try to blame On the patriarchy and capitalism when It’s like no you’re unhappy because of You you are doing these things to Yourself but the good news is once more You can stop at any time by the way guys I do want to mention since I am so

Supportive of Bernadine’s page and what She’s doing with her platform she Actually has a dating course for women Called simply smitten she describes it As the ultimate femininity dating and Courting guide for the traditionally Minded single woman who wants to attract A husband material man so if you’re a Woman and you’re single and you want Guidance you want some help learning About what exactly it means to pursue a More traditional path a more biblical Path and absolutely check out Reddit Needs course and if you use the code Lore and you’ll actually save 20 and for Any guys watching this if you have a Sister or female friend who you think Might benefit from this course who might Want to who might be interested in it it Would make an awesome gift so shout out To all the women out there who have left Feminism for something better something Healthier and something more wholesome And if you guys have any stories of how You or someone you used to know uh was Progressive or far left but have Actually come out of that I would love To know about it down below in the Comments thanks as always for watching And as always if you enjoyed this video Please be sure to like share and Subscribe it helps me out so so much Until next time

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