Woman POPS OFF On Homophobic County Board

By | December 1, 2022

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[Music] Support [Music] And and I voted for you and you are Friends with my family Our town has never seen so much Homophobic crap as we have since Miller Came along I'm sick of it these people have been With us this entire time and we have Never had a problem with it they have Never done any of the vile and Disgusting things that that man and his Weird cronies have linked out of their Mouths period I haven't I've never been Sexually assaulted at a drag show but I Have been in church Twice period That church told me it was my fault Speak on it Jesse Jesse Graham she's a Tennessee woman she's talking at this Local public library meeting after a few Of her fellow constituents and also some Of these folks on the board were Complaining about a library a a display A pride display that was happening in The city so of course they want to come And attack get violent get very angry About the whole thing but as you saw how She point out there She's never been assaulted at a drag Event but she's definitely been Assaulted at church twice there's other Folks that have many stories like it but

There was one specific board member that She hit on consistently through his rant This grant was was fantastic by the way We're going to get through much of it But don't forget the name Aaron or Miller Fully Aaron Miller Get back at him Jesse This whole scenario should Be but it didn't we're here So ironic that he also served in her Military That guarantees us these freedoms and he Is here moved from another place to come Here and tell us that a community that We love we are related to we are friends With they babysit our kids we work with Them that they're dangerous I haven't done anything to anyone and I'm so sick of listening to this weird Fake Pious crap about Christianity being The reason behind we have to complete The kids Jesus didn't go anywhere and Condemn people He did not ever walk into any place And Completely Annihilates a group of human beings who Just want to exist That he that she was talking about Aaron Miller as I mentioned a second ago is The one that she's targeting because He's very upfront about his anger his Homophobia here's a tweet from him one

Of the perks of working the graveyard Shift is that I have some extra time on My hands to catch up on the latest news And school work last night I watched Matt Walsh's new documentary What is a woman People that support this cult-like Ideology are abusers and groomers of Children they're monsters those that Stand idly by and allow it to happen Escape that label by the barest of Margins I'll say it again we must remove This evil these monsters from our Communities nobody is coming to save us We have to do it ourselves this is a Community leader you guys talking about Folks that live in that Community like That There's more because uh there was Another comment from David Baker who's a Candidate for mayor so let's just you Know they're they're sweeping up the Whole leadership in this entire town David Baker says agreed my wife and I Watched it after church last night oh if It was before church would it not sink In just not sure what has to be after Church anyways it was disgusting to see What people believe and what they're Pushing there was no logical Intellectual honesty but they're using Their belief to destroy the lives of Young people who are confused they must Be stopped excellent documentary we

Always put our love for God above Everything even allegiance to our Country but that's not what they're Really talking about listen carefully They say they are opposed to people who Say America was founded as a Christian Nation Americans who believed not only In the spiritual Heritage of our nation But believe that we ought to use Elections to help return our country to Its Christian Foundation if that's Christian nationalism count me in Because that's what we have to do and That's what we have to do Pastor Robert Jeffress who appeared a lot of times on Fox News not sure if he's still there Anymore if he got booted off and now He's on these types of things or he's Just spreading his hate everywhere but As you heard Pastor Jeffress Count Me In To Christian nationalism Before he wasn't always saying that Because it wasn't allowed as much at Least it wasn't accepted in public Circles but now it is and as a matter of Fact he also wants to impose their Beliefs on other folks on the rest of The country because again that's what We're supposed to do let's let him keep Talking What's so hypocritical about this Tim is The left don't mind it all imposing Their values on our country through the Election process uh they don't mind uh

Forcing their pro-abortion Pro-transgender Pro of uh open borders Policy Upon Our Nation but they object When conservative Christians try to Impose their values on Society at Large You hear the difference there It's so hypocritical that these leftists Want to have an election and impose Their values on the country or maybe Have the people that are voting in those Elections decide and uh maybe those Elected leaders listen to those values That the majority of Americans want But it's the minority group of people That they're talking about being the Folks that believe in all the nonsense And Madness that people like Jeffress Believe because it's a Christian Nation So this is from July of this year uh Before this as I pointed out Jefferson Big on pointing out that he's a Christian nationalist but now it's okay To do so here's a flashback from July is What he said I often get accused of Being a Christian nationalist this is The same guy who we just heard talking In July I'm having reporters they ask me all the Time this is a new phrase Christian Nationalism are you a Christian Nationalist do you believe America is is Exceptional to any other nation and God Is is uh and it's God's preferred Nation What a stupid thing to think anyways and

I answer with a resounding no not in any Sense If you know anything about the God of The Bible you know God is no respecter Of people or nations he said this in July Also in a 40-minute sermon that was a Part history lesson and part review of a Litany of U.S court rulings Jeffers Traced his version of America's Origins And claimed to clear intent of the Founders was to prefer Christianity over All of our Nations hey Pastor I think That's why they think you're a Christian Nationalist because you say things like That