Woman Goes Under For A BBL Comes Out With ONE Kidney

By | December 1, 2022

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We just spent the night in the bed with Bed bugs and Abby has the bed bug scars To prove it and this is how you should Check your hotel room before you even Unpack a little about me if you're new My name is Haley I've been working in The hotel industry for 15 years I had a Hotel sales support company and this is How I check my room super I get you know Unpacked and settled in a room the first Thing you're going to make sure your Room is dark turn off lights close any Shades and use the flashlight on your Phone and while everything's off you're Gonna come up here under the covers this One does have a mattress pad but you're Going to check under all the creases Here on the beds and here They usually like to hang out in the Corners and the creases Here's a better angle you're going to Want to check here up underneath here Under here [Music] And also pay attention if there's a Mattress pad too even if you don't see Bugs make sure you check for spots it's Like blood spots Because that's not a good sign either Hope this helps How come we haven't found a way to Completely eliminate these creatures From existence I mean I read a report That we've eliminated like 90 different

Species in the past 20 years anyways This little PSA from Haley and she's in Hospitality business and she's pointing Out how to make sure you don't get Caught up with some bed bug issues on The one hand like this is the fact of The hospitality industry where you have Workers especially the hotel cleaning Staff who are just super overworked and Underpaid and have to turn around these Rooms super quickly and so they can't Get to everything the people who are Staying in those rooms are not cleaning Up after themselves because they're Staying away so it's fine and so what You get are missed Corners I mean folks Who are flight attendants talk about This stuff all the time about how you Should wipe down your seeds because they Would love to and it's their job but the Reality is they have to turn these Planes around so quickly with delays and Whatnot they don't have the time to do As thorough which job they'd like to so I I was I thought it was going to be Worse because I've seen people do these Videos with like an actual little black Light and yeah definitely the Um Yeah it would be bad I was just in Puerto Rico and I was like oh my God Like literally literally everyone is out There having baby I was like yo YOLO Like the most listen this is one of the

Most dangerous dangerous surgeries Become such a trend when did it become Such a trend so just roll the dice roll The dice I might die I might not die I Got three to four kids but I want to get A bbo Nordic drip coaching wants to talk about What happened with her friend she's a YouTuber but her friend apparently got Scammed you guys heard that really fast This is bbl's talking about in case you Don't know that's a Brazilian butt lift There that is uh but in her particular Friend's situation it went very much Sideways she ended up losing a kitten Let's watch more she goes to Dr right She gets the surgery done she had lipo And she had a tummy tuck and then she Has a physical right and the doctor Tells her hey we just got your blood Results why is your kidney count low so Then the doctor says have you had any Surgeries have you had any surgeries in The last year yes I've had tummy talk I've had BBL all of these things so she Has a CAT scans on and Serena CAT scan It shows up it shows up she only has one Kidney so down in ZR this botch Oregon Selling doctor took one of her kidneys She thought she was getting the steal of Her life she was like 3 500 for all that Yeah sign me up little did she know that The doctor was actually selling her Kidney I don't know how much kidneys go

On the black market but I know it's way More than 3 500. please just don't get a BBL like if you can avoid it please Don't get it and if you do want to have A bigger butt or like whatever it is go To a doctor that you know is good if This doctor is only charging you two Thousand one thousand thirty five Hundred that is not a good doctor Words of wisdom Rick I know you don't Have no idea what a BBL is so let me Tell you using combination of Liposuction and fat grafting a Successful BBL results in added volume To find curves and a butt lift does that Sound familiar many point to the Popularity of influencers as one of the Main sources of the procedures steady Rise which is also how people then find Talk about influencers in social media That's many cases how they find these Doctors in wherever Dr in this Particular situation the Dominican Republic to do the work and it costs 3 500 and in comparison to the actual Exorbitant costs that you may get in Beverly Hills which we'll get to in a Second what are your thoughts though Bvos in your future can I hear the Prices I'm curious oh yeah let's hear The prices So the cost of a BBL can vary depending On the provider performing the surgery And where you live Rick but typically

One lift can range anywhere from a three Thousand to thirty thousand dollars Start saving you money if that range Seems wide it's because many people go To chop shops yes that's what they're Called that do these surgeries at a high Frequency with more than likely less Expertise and lastly instead of talking About uh Southern California Los Angeles Beverly Hills in general California has One of the best plastic surgeons in the United States and perhaps in the world The cost should not be overanalyzed as You're as you're getting top service From the best trained specialists in the World every Surgery Center for BBL is Different but the average cost of one in California ranges from seven thousand to Twenty five thousand dollars with the Median industry price of 14K it depends On the plastic surgeon Clinic area of Service body type and what add-on Surgeries you may want to perform this Sounds like you're buying a car