Woman Arrested For Shooting Her Terminally Ill Husband In A Florida Hospital

By | January 26, 2023

A woman was arrested for shooting her terminally ill husband at a hospital in Florida. Francesca Fiorentini and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Police have released body camera footage after officers confronted a suspect holed up inside a Florida hospital room. Police identified that suspect as Ellen Gilland, 76, who authorities said had just killed her husband Jerry Gilland, 77, as part of a murder-suicide pact.

The video, brief and edited down by the Daytona Beach Police Department, ended with the elderly suspect escorted out of Advent Health Hospital in a wheelchair, her hands bound.

Gilland is charged with first-degree premeditated murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, records show.”


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Is it love is it not love you guys tell Me last weekend though a 76 year old Woman shot her terminally ill husband in A hospital where he was staying Um as part of a suicide pact that's Right the problem is My girl didn't go through with her part Of The Pact she offed her husband Did not off herself here are the details Uh Jerry Gilliard a 77 year old Terminally ill man made a pact with his Wife about three weeks ago the Authorities said that if his failing Health did not improve he wanted his 76 Year old wife Ellen Gilliard or Jillian Excuse me to kill him Um his health did continue to decline so Shortly before 11 30 a.m on Saturday Ellen brought a gun inside Advent Health Hospital in Daytona Beach no idea how She got the gun inside went to Jerry's Room on the 11th floor and fatally shot Him in the head Um after doing so however She panicked she did not kill herself She did not leave she just kind of Stayed police tried to get her out of There for four hours before they used a Flashbang uh and a taser she's now being Held in the Volusia County Jail And she's been let's see she's been Charged with first degree murder I just Want to just show you a little bit I Think we have some video of the moment

They're trying to coax her out of this Hospital Um it it's kind of intense although Um we do not see a lot of Gore but still Trigger warning I guess Some majority rules Tell me what's going on Tell me what we don't I don't want to Hurt you we don't want to hurt you tell Me what's going on Just talk to me Talk to me what's going on why can't you Drop the gun why can't you drop the gun Because I'll probably go to jail when This is all over Um so let's just take some photos you Know it's a pretty morbid devastating Story there they are Ellen juland Um and her husband who was terminally Ill Jerry and this was them 50 years Earlier they've been married for 50 Years there they are as a young couple It ended terribly and John before I could get to you I do just Want to say there is something called Dying with Dignity right and in some States it is legal Most states it is not However we don't talk about this when Someone is terminally ill and they would Like to pass Um sooner rather than more painfully Potentially later Florida lawmakers did This was in Florida introduced a death With Dignity bill for the first time in

2020 the bill called the Florida death With Dignity act died in the Senate Health policy committee after Legislators failed to bring up for a Vote if it had passed the law would have Functioned like Oregon's death With Dignity act allowing terminally ill Patients who met certain requirements to Request and use life-ending medication John Yeah so first of all they it's we start Off the story saying that they had this Pact has that been that's like a fact That's established that this was a pact And she's already saying that that's What happened okay Okay Um so look I I'm glad that you tied it In with the dying with Dignity because Obviously this touches on a lot of Really important issues and I think that It is Super weird that people would be against Again under certain conditions Evaluation blah blah blah someone Choosing to end their life It's the sort of topic I don't know like For me it's like caring that someone Smokes weed like what does this have to Do with you I don't understand why you Would be involved in the decision of a 76 year old man who's terminally ill to End it a bit earlier if that's what he Chooses to do and the fact that it might

Drive people to do something like this Um is horrid I am assuming she bulked at her side of It because she had just seen what it's Like when someone gets shot in the head I would personally say that there's got To be another way to do this because That just sounds like A truly horrible way to end that 50 Years of marriage I understand that that Was apparently what he wanted but God That sounds rough anyway also by the way The cops seemed pretty responsible there They seem to really want to avoid Shooting this woman and that is nice to See Yeah for once um even though guns drawn A little bit scary I just want to say One thing I do think we need death With Dignity laws but we also need Um Universal Health Care so that if Someone is ill they can maintain life For as long as they want without Incurring horrible amounts of medical Debt for their surviving family members This is a you know we're in a country That like ah the sanctity of life you Know but like what we're flooded with Guns and we're nothing but hospital Bills we are walking hospital and Medical bills right the number one cause Of bankruptcy and debt in this country Is medical debt so there is a lot that Needs to change

Um I don't know what is in it for her But maybe she will regret that she Didn't make good on her end of the Packed here thanks for watching The Young Turks really appreciate it another Way to show support is through YouTube Memberships you'll get to interact with Us more there's live chat emojis badges You've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so Those are super fun but you also get Playback of our exclusive member only Shows and specials right after they air So all that all you got to do is click That join button right underneath the Video thank you