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By | October 28, 2022

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The time of the eternal heir has come: Charles III is the new monarch of the United Kingdom and head of the Commonwealth. But his mother cast a very long shadow. With several episodes from his past raising questions, Charles III will have to clear the doubts that his figure generates among the British as well as among the members of the Commonwealth. So the question is: What can we expect from the new king? Which kingdoms of the Commonwealth could become republics? In this video we tell you.

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This video was made possible by Manscapes.com more on that in a moment [Applause] [Music] Elizabeth II had the longest reign in British history after her passing Charles III has become Monarch the head Of state of the United Kingdom however Visual politic viewers this succession Is a matter that goes far beyond the British Isles for Charles III is also The king of 14 other countries spread Across the Americas and Oceana some as Important as Canada and Australia but Wait there’s more Charles is also the New head of the Commonwealth an umbrella Organization of 56 Sovereign Nations Including countries such as India Pakistan Malaysia Nigeria and South Africa that’s why on the 9th of September the whole planet was watching Buckingham Palace the expectations Surrounding The King’s Speech were Enormous I too now solemnly pledged Myself Throughout the remaining time God grants Me to uphold the constitutional Principles at the heart of our nation And wherever you may live in the United Kingdom or in the Realms and territories Across the world and whatever may be Your background or beliefs I shall Endeavor to serve you with loyalty in His speech Charles III took great pains

To stress that nothing will change with Respect to his mother [Music] However in the age of social media his Main problem is that he is not his Mother Elizabeth II was beloved and Widely accepted figure and the new king What can I say did not come with those Same basic features so the question is What can we expect from Charles III of The United Kingdom how might this change In leadership affect the Commonwealth And thus British influence in general Might yet hasten the conversion to Republics of some of the 14 countries Outside the United Kingdom over which The British crown Reigns well today on Visualpolitik we’re going to answer all Of these questions but first let me Share something with you by now you all Know about manscape the company thanks To which all of us men have been able to Groom down there without causing any Injuries but you don’t just have to take Care of yourself down there what about The rest of your body today I want to Show you how to bundle with manscapes to Truly get the biggest bang for your buck This is the perfect starter kit the Perfect package 4.0 it comes with Everything you need to start managing Your body here including the lawnmower 4.0 waterproof trimmer with its skin Safe trimming technology and groin

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House of sax Coburg and Gotham basically It was a dynasty more German than Frankfurter sausages as you can imagine In the midst of the war with Germany This was not the least bit amusing to The British so King George V the great Grandfather of Charles III realized that His own Survival and the future of his Family as British sovereigns depended on Renouncing all of his German titles and As we say here on visualpolitik no Sooner said than done this is how Leonard Ravenhill a cartoonist for punch Magazine expressed it thus a new dynasty Was born the Windsors renouncing what They had been and adapting to what was Expected of them as monarchs of the Empire this is possibly the best lesson That Charles has been able to draw from In the history of his family a simple Lesson but complicated to put into Practice as Charles great uncle Demonstrated Edward VII renounced the Throne to marry Wallace Simpson at that Time an impossible match for a monarch Because she was a divorced woman Meanwhile Charles had a great Master of The royal craft right at home [Music] For seven decades Elizabeth II Definitely executed the rule of Queen Expert in the Arc of talking a lot and Never saying anything absolutely no one In those 70 years could reproach her for

Having broken with her duty to remain Neutral in the public debate not even The Scottish nationalists did win before The independence referendum held in 2014 Queen Elizabeth recommended people think Long and hard about their vote Charles has been the prince of Wales for 64 years being the Eternal Heir has Meant he has always been under the Spotlight we know practically everything About him maybe too much and that’s why We’re not going to rehash the soap opera We’ve been watching over and over again For 30 years obviously we are talking About a history that has damaged his Public Image but what is truly striking About Charles is his tendency to express His opinions on a wide range of issues a Trend that has even led to the Occasional diplomatic incident you want An example of course you do check this Out a deliberate snub Prince Charles Will skip banquet with President Xi Jinping Charles is a supporter of The Dalai Lama the exiled Tibetan spiritual Leader whom China views as a dangerous Separatist China has never been viewed Favorably by Charles as recently as August 2022 he said that Beijing must Pollute Less in order for the fight Against climate change to succeed so we Are talking about a sovereign Who as a Prince always had very clear opinions For example global warming was always

One of the great concerns of the Prince Of Wales but not the only one he has Also been a strong advocate of recycling And for decades has had his own brand of Organic food yes the reservation of the Ecosystem is a priority for this Molecule and by ecosystem we mean both The environment and the local traditions And cultures because Charles has been Dealing with everything he even attacked A project to enlarge the National Gallery because the proposed building Was too modern check this out [Music] But what is proposed seems to me like a Monstrous Karma on the face of a much Larger elegant friend in the end this Project did not go ahead but as far as Charles is concerned it’s clear that the Role of Prince is not exactly the same As that of King think about it seeing That there is something you don’t like Puts you directly in the sights of those Who don’t have the same opinion and for The Windsors obviously it is in their Interest that all British people Recognize them as their kings as a Symbol of the state comparable to the Flag and the national anthem and that’s Why it could be a problem if this Monarch becomes an activist it was Already an issue when Prince Charles was Transformed into the black spider The black Spider memos are a series of

Letters written anonymously by Prince Charles to be sent to Prime Ministers And cabinet members they are named after The scribbles in which the Charles of England tried to emphasize the main Issues of concern to him for example he Lobbied Tony Blair not to ban fox Hunting and recommended giving carp Launch to the culling of battery is to Combat cattle tuberculosis he even dared To meddle in the Iraq War and criticize What he saw as the shortcomings of Link’s helicopters However the truth is that it does not Look like it’s going to happen as Queen Elizabeth Grew Older and aware that his Ascension to the throne was only a Matter of time the Eternal air has been At pains to reassure the British people He said it himself when he was still the Air the black Spider belongs to the Past A guest is a matter of incentives Exactly the same way if I have to Succeed Is complete nonsense because the two Two situations are completely different The fact is that Charles III’s time to Be king has come an age when other Brits His age are typically Chasing the Sun Somewhere on the Mediterranean Coast it Is common for an heir to generate doubts Even when his role is so limited in Practice of course in this case it’s in His favor that he’s had so much time to

Repair now it’s his turn to manage his Mother’s inheritance and when I say Inheritance I’m talking about an Inheritance with a capital I check this Out [Music] Yes Elected for one day [Music] Foreign to the Crone Elizabeth II Inheritance left Charles a juicy Legacy The duchy of Lancaster we are talking About a portfolio of assets businesses Land and properties worth about 750 Million dollars however on becoming Monarch Charles has passed on the duchy Of Cornwall valued at more than one Billion onto his son William the new Heir to the throne the British royal Family is not exactly short of resources In fact what is perhaps most curious is The entrepreneurial profile of its Financing for example the profits Generated by the management of these Duchies are used to cover the private Expenses of the members of the royal Family in fact it is basically from this River of cash that Charles has obtained The money with which he has financed all Of his charitable Works eh not bad at All of course then there is the real Jewel in the crown the so-called Crown Estate value that wait for it 20 billion Dollars

[Music] The crane estate is the Sullivan’s Public estate a collection of land and Property that includes Ascot Racecourse A large part of the central London as Well as the seabed of Great Britain These are theoretically owned by the Crown but actually administered Independently by a corporation managed By the government last year their Profits were about 350 million dollars Well based on these profits the Sovereignty subsidy is calculated that Is the money the country gives the Windsors to cover all their staff costs Travel and the maintenance of the Palaces To give you an idea normally the Monarch Receives 15 of the crown estate profits From the previous two years and the British government keeps the rest However it was agreed that between 2017 And 2027 the Royal household would Receive 25 in order to refurbish Buckingham Palace this means that during The bilenium 2021-2022 they are receiving about 100 Million dollars amounts that will Possibly increase in the coming years Because the crown estate is a real Money-making machine honestly you can Have no idea how the wind is blowing in The Windsor’s favor Queen Elizabeth Makes millions from UK’s offshore wind

Farms so even if the Sovereign subsidy Is again capped at 15 offshore leases to Erect wind farms is filling the Royal Treasury at Full Speed Ahead [Music] And then apart from all these amounts There are the Security expenses of the Royal household they are estimated to be Another 100 million dollars and are born By the Metropolitan Police however it Seems that Charles III is now going to Reduce the number of family members Participating in official act in order To lighten this bill be nice it may what Is certain is that this is the least of His worries because the issue is that His mother’s Legacy is also one great Disadvantage to be constantly compared To Elizabeth II and that does not Promise to be easy That Charles does not around the Sea of Sympathies as Elizabeth is something That the former Queen knew herself Perfectly well and that is why being Aware of this Elizabeth II went to great Lens to ensure that her son received the Highest honor he still holds Internationally to be head of the Commonwealth contrary to what many People think this possession does not Belong to the monarch of the United Kingdom but is appointed by the leaders Of all the countries that are members of This particular Club

In fact the queen did not want this Question to remain in the air after her Death so back in 2018 she took care to Leave everything well organized Prince Charles to be the next head of Commonwealth state leaders honor Queen’s Wishes and a great Prince of Wales Should succeed Monarch and now I know What many of you are thinking but let’s See this Commonwealth thing isn’t it Sort of like the shadow of an Empire Something the British invented to Maintain guardianship over their former Colonies [Music] Well maybe that’s what they try to Convey from London but in reality it is An international organization like any Other in fact countries that have no Historical ties to the United Kingdom Such as Gabon Mozambique Rwanda and Tongo are currently members of the Commonwealth officially this Organization pursues two objectives to Strengthen democracy amongst its members And to promote Economic Development the Problem is that it does not have the Clout to achieve the former nor does it Have the money to achieve the latter Some brexit Advocates try to somehow Present the Commonwealth as an Alternative to the European Union but it Is clear that we are talking about very Different things in fact there are even

Some who doubt the future of this Organization know that the queen is gone And the United Kingdom does not seem to Be enjoying its best days avoiding the Scenario and strengthening this Organization will be the first challenge Facing the new king at stake is nothing Less than the international rule of the Windsors and above all a good deal of British influence but this is not the Only challenge ahead a more likely Crisis is that some of the 15 countries Where the Windsors continue to act as Head of state will try to become Republics which countries are we talking About well let’s find out right now The age of republics Of course if some of the so-called Commonwealth kingdoms were to become Republics Charles could not be entirely To blame Elizabeth herself saw 15 Countries decide to take this step During her Reign we’re talking about Countries such as Pakistan South Africa Nigeria Malta Fiji Mauritius and Barbados in fact the latter Rihanna’s Homeland became a republic last November And here in the interest of normalcy in The process the ceremony was attended by The then Prince Charles but of the 15 Commonwealth kingdoms there is one that Has a particular dislike for the new King any ideas let’s find out Prince Charles backed controversial sacking of

Australian prime minister letter reveals This letter came to late in 2020 and Refers to one of the darkest episodes in Aussie history the Constitutional crisis Of 1975. [Music] At that time the governor general of Australia the representative of the British Monarchy entrusted to exercise The functions of the head of state Dismissed the labor prime minister the Government was experiencing a period of Profound weakness and the governor General put an end to it with the stroke Of a pen he appointed the leader of the Opposition as prime minister and Initiated eight years of coalition Government between liberals and Conservatives many felt that the Governor general had completely Overstepped his authority and this Sparked strong Republican sentiment in 1999 however they had their chance the Nation held a referendum on becoming a Republic but the attempt failed by 10 Points however two decades later the Publication of this private Correspondence suggesting that the British Monarchy exerted considerable Influence on Australian politics has Given renewed arguments to a republican Bloc that has been leading the polls for Quite a few years in fact by 2021 Supporters of the monarchal system had

Fallen to 28 however the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and all the tributes After her death seemed to have brought Things back into balance the question is Is it some sort of champagne effect well There you have another challenge Beat eyes at me right now it seems Unlikely that in the short term the Republicans will achieve their goal Since in addition to a majority on a National level they would also have to Achieve a majority of at least four out Of Australia’s sixth federal states Something similar is happening in Canada If this country wanted to get rid of the Monarchy it would need to obtain the So-called unanimous consent that is no Less than a majority in the House of Commons the Senate and the 10 provincial Legislatures so it seems more feasible For the British to kick the Windsors out Of Buckingham Palace than for Canadians To decide to become a republic of course Other countries would have it much Easier In New Zealand for example an act of Parliament would be enough to eliminate The monarchy but its prime minister Jacinda Arden has ruled out such a step Among her short-term plans similarly Many Caribbean countries could also Become republics without a referendum However in the past several states have Not fulfilled their promises to do so

Such as Jamaica in 2009 Saint Vincent And the Grenadines held a republican Referendum that failed just as it had Failed a year earlier in Barbados of Course in the latter case Barbados Ultimately opted to become a republic Through a constitutional amendment Approved by a two-thirds majority of its Parliament [Music] And I’m sure a few of you were wondering What about the UK are there no Republicans there well the truth is that So far support for the Parliamentary Monarchy remains a solid three to one [Music] Likewise the figure of the Monarch is The most respected institution in the United Kingdom because as we already Know if there is one thing that Disappoints the British people it is Their politicians and besides let’s not Forget that even with all its Limitations the Royal house is still a Powerful mechanism of international Influence after all sharing the head of State with Australia Canada and New Zealand is not bad for keeping political Social cultural and economic ties alive In fact after brexit this may become the Biggest rule of the royal house and at The moment being head of the Commonwealth is no small thing either so At the end of the day the government is

Right to protect the monarchy in fact Former prime minister Liz truss didn’t Take a minute to prevent any Temptation From Charles III to become the black Spider again King Charles will not Attend climate Summit on trust advice Too bad this prime minister wasn’t too Diligent about her own Affairs but we’ve Already told you all about that here on Visualpolitik before so now the question Is over to all of you do you think that Charles III will be a good King do you Think that many Commonwealth kingdoms Will try to become republics in the Absence of such an iconic figure as Elizabeth II what role will the new Monarch have in the UK’s post-brexit International politics you can leave me Your answer in the comments below as Always if you found this video Interesting please like it And subscribe To us all of us here at visualpolitik All the best and I’ll see you next time [Music]

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