Will Jordan Peterson Get Banned From Twitter For This Tweet?

By | December 13, 2022

Jordan Peterson face-planted when he tried to do a joke about child porn on Twitter. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Jordan Peterson has built his entire Brand out of acting like some weirdo on Social media as of late but this weekend He really did push the shtick a little Too far with a truly bizarre reaction to Robert Reich who had tweeted this so he Tweets this right Elon Musk and his Enablers have turned this website Meaning Twitter into a torrent of ad Hominem attacks lies floated as jokes And blatant misinformation this isn't Freedom of speech it's just dangerous Now you might disagree or agree with Robert Reich it doesn't matter what Matters here the whole point of us even Talking about this is the way Jordan Peterson handled that tweet he quote Tweets it and says this And it's getting just impossible to find Child porn dot dot dot smiley face So obviously look He's trying to claim that the reason why Robert Reich is complaining Is because he would access child porn on Twitter and now can't but for anyone Just reading it and not thinking too Much about it it seems like Jordan Peterson is the one who's like making a Point about how he's having difficulty Finding child porn Okay but he's hanging in there because He's got a little smile Emoji thing at The end like ah it's still trying though And there was a dot dot dot like still

Going for it so Cody Johnston asks Something that many people asked uh in Responding to Jordan Peterson's tweet Was it previously easy for you to do That like are you admitting to something Here I just Look this is the continuation of an Ongoing trend of right Wingers and yes Jordan Peterson's a right-winger please Spare me you're garbage it's my favorite Thing when people are like no no he's Actually not a right winger he's Actually very apolitical He's just telling it like it is Gaslighting is like this the soup du Jour for everyone everyone engages in This Gaslight that drives me crazy but Anyway moving on Um They just love to call people they Disagree with pedophiles and that's what He's doing here right and it's it's Hilarious because for the longest time The right wing would complain about the Left calling anyone they disagree with Racist right they just love to throw Smears around they call everyone race You're literally accusing a man who said Nothing At All About Children or porn or Child porn of being like some pedophile That's using Twitter to watch child that Is like one of the most disgusting Defamatory things you could accuse

Someone of a guy who was labor secretary Who is a economics professor at Berkeley That doesn't mean that he's a you know Above uh reproach but it does mean it's Not like he's a rando and we don't know Right he's been in the public eye for Decades and trust me that if there was An issue I'm not even having that Conversation yeah look here look Whenever a right-winger accuses anyone Of being a groomer or pedophile just Give it right back to them so Jordan Peterson if we're having conversations About how people are into child porn With no evidence at all as you have Started then apparently you're into Child porn I don't know why it's in your Head and you don't have any evidence I Don't have any evidence okay but Actually I have one piece of evidence That you don't have which is you weirdly Talking about child porn out of nowhere It's like oh you can't find the child Porn where is it where is it why where's The shop horn I bet it's uh whoever this Guy is Robert reich's problem yeah yeah It's his problem where is it though okay So there's only one guy who has any Chance of being in a child porn in this Story and that's Jordan Peterson okay oh You don't like it by the way Jordan First of all I know what you're gonna do You're gonna cry okay that's obvious Okay but second of all maybe you should

Think twice before you randomly accuse People who aren't involved in that at All a weirdo thing just because you're a Weird malicious right-winger exactly now Um there's another angle to this it's Related uh that I think is worth getting Into and I do want to give a trigger Warning because it has to do with child Porn and it's disgusting so I wanted to Mention that now someone had tweeted This some children's sexual abuse Content has been watched 10 million Times on Twitter by the way I had no Idea that this content existed on Twitter All these contents were uploaded before Elon musk's acquisition and only thanks To his leadership new Twitter detected And removed them I'm wondering why no Media has covered this story yet why First of all how how is this happening How was this happening and by the way I Mean no no I I have read the exact Opposite now I don't have enough Evidence to know which one is true and I Don't know how that Rando would either Right because they would need the the Information that Twitter has in their Databases right but I have read others Saying no now child porn is running Rampant on Twitter and the logic behind That it makes more sense again we don't Have the internal evidence but Um

Exactly when you get rid of your entire Trust and safety team that basically Opens the floodgates to any bad actor Who wants to infiltrate your platform Okay which then leads to the thing you Guys might not know we're building a Platform here so we now have to Grapple With these things when you're building a Platform or maintaining a platform like One of the most important things is You're if not the most important is your Trust and safety team what does that Mean it means that the minute you start Anything new on the internet ghouls and Goblins attack especially if it starts To get larger and they look for cracks In the in the safety right so they're Like oh this platform or this website Doesn't protect against child porn or Doesn't protect effectively enough Against child porn make sure you hit it With child porn because then all the People who want it will be able to Access it through that and there are People that are doing this 24 7. okay so The minute you say hey I don't need no Sticking trucks and safety I'm a genius Uh Elon Musk here I'm gonna run this Thing with 25 of the workforce Everyone doing child porn must have Thought it was Christmas come early they Were like oh there's no safety on Twitter the largest platform where People are sharing things oh they must

Have gone in there instantly is my guess But hey by the way Elon Musk you always Demanded uh information to be shared Publicly about the Bots and trolls when You were considering backing out of the Twitter deal why don't you share Information about child porn on Twitter I can't tell the right wing can't tell But you can tell how much child porn is On there and how much is on there now as Opposed to before you bought it and Don't wait and do all these different Things for two months six months which By the way you should be doing right now To make sure it doesn't get on there Right but share the information today Today because my guess is given what you Did There's going to be a lot more not a lot Less But the right wing doesn't actually care About child porn or pedophilia or any of These things but I remember when Roy Moore Was revealed to have made on molested Sexually assaulted teenagers underage Girls All the Republicans in Alabama were like Yes we're voting for him anyway exactly Yeah and we're going to give you a Hundred other examples like that so Elon Musk Jordan Peterson all the right wing They don't care they only care about it As a political attack not to actually

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