Why women shouldn’t be cops… #SHORTS

By | October 12, 2022

Why are you getting out of the car sir I got back off back up mother Put your hands behind your back Oh she said that with authority I think Your gloves off Michael Jackson oh my God It happened so quickly he was gardening So now oh oh Patriarchy has to run in yep there he Goes again the patriarchy doing things For a woman when they don’t even ask you Don’t do that to a woman she goes you Don’t ever do that to them when they’re Restraining the guy like what what Happened What happened to just being yeah men and Women are the same I am not saying that A woman can’t work on dispatch I’m not Saying that a woman can’t be a pilot I’m Not saying a woman can’t be a sniper I’m Saying that a woman can’t do that he’s White you could have shot him

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