Why Does This Keep Happening in America?

By | December 5, 2022

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Well anti-white racism being promoted on College campuses and in the media used To be somewhat amusing maybe five years Ago because it was so odd and crazy Sadly it was left unchecked and has Metastasized into systemic anti-whitism That now permeates schools the Government entertainment and social Media of course one of the biggest Taboos of modern America is to dare say Out loud that racism against white People anti-whitism exists and is a Growing problem which is a large part of The reason that it's now accepted as Normal in our society it's helping the Diversity they say like when social Justice Warriors at a New York High School pressured administrators to shut Down the production of the Hunchback of Notre Dame play in the name of diversity Because the lead role was awarded to a White student after the auditions the School district released a statement That said in part the cancellation was Because of an attempt to be more Inclusive and culturally responsive and Now some schools are even adopting a Practice called cultural discipline Which means they're allowing black Students to get away with causing Trouble and handing out lesser Punishments to them out of concerns that The school may be perceived as being Racist since well more of them in

Certain school districts cause more Trouble than other students for reasons You're not allowed to talk about like More often than not being raised in Fatherless homes an editor at The Huffington Post once openly bragged on Twitter that their goal for the month Was to publish pieces from less than 50 Percent of white Riders Uber's Chief Brand officer wants more diversity Saying that there are too many white men Who work for the company all big tech Companies are obsessed with diversity Which flies in the face of federal Discrimination lawsuits that are Supposed to prohibit companies from not Hiring people based on race but when it Comes to discrimination against white People everyone seems to think that it's Okay the charity commission a non-profit Watchdog in the UK encouraged Charities To darken up because they didn't reflect The communities that they served after They determined that there were too many White people helping with local Charities and they felt that they needed To promote diversity yes too many white People helping out black communities was Racist speaking of the UK the BBC thinks That the gun control movement in the United States evolving the Parkland High School kids like David Hogg is too white And some black people are apparently Also upset that other anti-gun

Protesters used the phrase don't shoot Which was originally used by black lives Matter so that's racist too when black People complain about white people in General the liberal establishment Embraces the criticism as necessary and Frames it as an important issue that White people need to address no matter How wildly inaccurate or exaggerated the Claims are but when white people simply Point out basic irrefutable facts about Certain people such as black men being Less than seven percent of the US Population but commit almost half of all Murders or then three quarters of black Children are born out of wedlock or that Most black children don't have a father In the home those statistics are labeled Racist no matter the context or the Purpose disappointing them out Emma said Besieves Chris Hayes complained that President Trump's proposed immigration Reform plan would have kept America Predominantly white for five more years Than expected because the left are Determined to overthrow the white Majority as soon as possible and they're Furious that ending illegal immigration Will slow down their agenda it's Expected to occur in 2045 at the rate Things are going by the way but pointing That out without celebrating it as an Amazing transformation of the country is You guessed it racist during a speech

Denouncing Trump's plan and talking About how great immigrants are Nancy Pelosi said that her grandson wished That he had brown skin because he sees People of color as special one of the Actors from Star Wars Rogue one a guy Named Ritz Ahmad who played Bodhi Rook Thinks that the lack of diversity in Television shows is alienating young People and driving them towards Extremism and into the arms of Isis he's Pakistani and he believes that if young Muslims don't see characters who look Like them on TV that they won't be able To connect with the show and might run Off and join Isis Liberals are even Complaining about the lack of diversity In spin class at the gym is your spin Class Too Young Too Thin and too white Ask the Washington Post now there's too Many white people in spin class the Story recounted The horrifying Experience of a black woman who signed Up for a class in New York and on the First date found that she was the only Black person there and cried that she Didn't have another woman who looked Like her and who understood her Struggles obviously she doesn't need a Spin class she needs a psychiatrist it's Getting harder to find actual racism Against black people in America these Days since thankfully we've made amazing Progress over the last 50 Years Learning

To Live alongside one another despite Our differences but since incidences of Anti-black racism have dramatically Shrunk and racism is a business for Liberals they've invented a new term to Describe the microscopic racism that They say still exists micro aggressions And like bacteria too small to see what The naked eye racist microaggressions Against people of color are supposedly Everywhere Psychology today defines them As the everyday verbal nonverbal and Environmental slights snubs or insults Whether intentional or unintentional Which communicate hostile derogatory or Negative messages to People based solely Upon their marginalized group membership And apparently every white person is Still racist whether they know it or not Because social justice Warriors say the Most well-intentioned white Americans Have inherited racial biases of their Ancestors in the most harmful forms Remain outside the level of conscious Awareness only white people are guilty Of committing microaggressions though of Course being surprised that someone of Mexican heritage doesn't speak Spanish Is a racist microaggression and so is Being wrong about an Asian person's Heritage for example if you think that Someone is Chinese but they're actually Korean that's racist too expecting an Asian person to be smart is all also one

Because that's a stereotype they say It's even considered a microaggression To tell a stranger Merry Christmas Because they might be a Muslim or Jew The Air Force Academy once apologized For committing a racist microaggression After they sent out a campus-wide email About maintaining a good personal Appearance and used Michael Jordan as an Example he was never seen with his pants Sagging below his waistline the email Noted but that was offensive to certain People telling Air Force Cadets not to Walk around with their pants sagging Halfway down their butt and their Underwear showing like some Thug on his Way to the Corner liquor store in the Ghetto is racist to highlight the double Standards of Twitter's enforcement of Their terms of service over the years a Conservative using the account meme Underscore America started the hashtag Verified hatecampaign which consisted of Doing searches on Twitter for racist Anti-white and violent threats posted Against white people by users with Verified accounts the ones with the Little blue check marks next to their Names they uncovered hundreds of Anti-white and threatening tweets from BuzzFeed employees writers for The Huffington Post the New Yorker The Daily Beast Vice news and other mainstream Publications which were all ignored by

Moderators and allowed to stay up on the Platform the screenshots were taken of The tweets which were also labeled Within accompanying URL from an internet Archive link to prove that they were Real in the event that the users deleted Them after they were called out as they Always do and then tried to claim that They were photoshopped in the ultimate Ironic twist about one week after the Hashtag verified hate campaign was Started by a meme underscore America Their Twitter account was banned for Supposedly violating Twitter's terms of Service of course this was before Elon Bought Twitter but we're living in a Society where the Southern Poverty Law Center a hate group really dedicated to Harassing conservatives in the ADL which Operates in the same fashion have Literally deemed the phrase it's okay to Be white to be a white supremacist Slogan I would say more but the thought Police may be watching so you really Should read my books like liberalism Find a care to get my complete and Uncensored analysis of what's really Going on or get Hollywood propaganda how TV movies and music shape our culture in Paperback from Amazon.com or download The eBooks from any of the major ebook Stores Kindle iBooks milk or Google Play And of course there's a link to the Amazon listing in the description below

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