Why Does America Love Guns So Much? Roy Wood Jr. Investigates | The Daily Show

By | January 24, 2023

England has all kinds of weapons including swords, shields, wooden catapults and even magic wands, so why don’t they have guns? Roy Wood Jr. heads across the pond to investigate. #DailyShow #Comedy

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A little while back I traveled to Mary Old England a country that's got all Kinds of weapons swords Shields wooden Catapults terrible massage chairs even Magic wands but the one weapon you don't See is guns so I wanted to find out why In my new segment Roy Meets World Edward where are you from uh Harrogate North Yorkshire okay so do you feel Safer here Or visiting America yeah Safer here why why do you feel safer Here because everybody's packing in the States you really don't see guns On a regular basis really even with the Cops if you I mean if you're walking Around and you do see some cops they Don't have guns on them well why is that Why why you don't have guns okay I Honestly don't know about that one but How are you gonna accidentally kill Somebody you wanted to kill That's the whole point right you Shouldn't be doing that From the UK how do you show Power how do You show people you've got a big dick But you don't have a gun I don't try and Show people that I got a big dick I know I've got one like I think that we Wouldn't do it as a woman are you Impressed by men who have big guns no We're not used to this in our way It's not uncommon to have guns in Private homes at all okay so in Norway

How do men let women know that they have A big dick show it to them Can't do that in a minute That is not an option so they are Packing see there's so much our two Cultures can learn from each other why Do you think Americans love guns so much I think it's something like deeply Ingraining the culture like uh guns have Been around for a long long time in the US like in the UK it's not so much of an Issue because it's very underground Whereas in America it's normalized every You can walk inside a Walmart and buy a Gun yes and a pack of Skittles and some Ice cream yeah it's right back out the Door so where are you all from South Africa Why do you think Americans love guns so Much uh probably the Constitution and Just because they're crazy Reputation in the world probably mass Shootings as bad as it sounds That's all we known for no it's not I Need that Hot dogs Steph Curry why do you think Americans Love guns so much From an outsider's perspective I think They are also really proud of their Military and everything but we whooped a Lot of ass Yes I think so at least yeah Yeah British ass Civil War we whooped

Our own ass so they didn't really know America's record on the court and it Turns out guns aren't just hurting our People they're hurting our street cred All over the world I feel like you know The U.S was Kind of like this Beacon that a lot of People followed if you look at it from The gun perspective some of the other Topics that are going on currently as Well I think it is affecting a little Bit of its credibility on the global Stage it's a problem when guns have got More rocks than than women so The country Yeah yeah you're right is it possible That the rest of the world is just being Too hard on America and the gun violence We've only been around 200 years yeah You got some Growing Pains everybody Know when you start a country it's going To be rough for a little while because You just whoop somebody's ass no Disrespect I have little faith in the Country at the moment like I've never Been I've always wanted to visit it but Every time we talk about it we're like Actually Like the attitude not sure so Americans Might not be Airbnb in their fully armed Apartments to these people anytime soon But that doesn't mean that all of Europe Is a gun-free zone we can take spitsburg Into Norway that's the highest density

Of guns in any society in the world Everybody has a gun in Pittsburgh that's For protection for polar bears but they Don't shoot each other It's just for the polar bears right yeah But you have to wear again if you go Outside the city You have to laugh to go without With its law that you have to wear a gun In that part one in the party has to Wear a gun to go outside of the city Limits To keep you from getting eaten by a Polar bear right damn mandatory guns to Fight polar bears I'm canceling my trip To Oslo Honduras here I come there's no Polar bears there right [Music]