Why Are We Allowing This To Happen to Children?

By | November 21, 2022

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In 2017 a gender non-binary person in Canada which is someone who claims to be Neither male nor female and uses they Them pronouns wanted their baby to be Listed on the birth certificate as Having no sex or are you for Undetermined or unclassified instead of Male or female the birthing person as They call themselves said they were Raising the child without a gender until It was old enough to decide whether it Wanted to be a boy or a girl when the Mother filled out the application for The birth certificate the British Colombian government refused to issue One because there was no sex listed so She sued I'm sorry they sued media Outlets that reported on this genderless Baby story were confused and reported That a couple wanted to raise their baby As gender-neutral but the mother is a Single mother what a surprise and the Confusion was a result of the pronouns That she uses I'm sorry that they uses Of course referring to her as they is Grammatically incorrect since they and There is plural but we can't expect These people to do anything that makes Sense so when news outlets reported that They wanted their baby to form its own Sense of identity and not conform to one Assigned to it at Birth people assume That the story meant the mother and the Father but there is no father in the

Picture and it's unclear where the sperm Came from to fertilize the birthing Person's egg she most likely purchased It from a sperm bank which should be Illegal for single people to do anyway But that's a whole other story there's a YouTube mini documentary about the Mother and the genderless baby that Shows the birthing person feeding and Cuddling the poor thing one can only Imagine how messed up this child is Going to be from being raised by such a Person inspired by this gender Non-binary mother's quest to raise a Genderless baby a Brooklyn couple Decided to follow in her I'm sorry in Them's foot steps this couple instructed The hospital staff in the delivery room Not to announce whether it was a boy or A girl when the child was born because That would have been effed up they said And they didn't want any of the doctors Or nurses talking about what they Thought the baby's physical Anatomy Means it's not just two or three weirdos Who in my opinion shouldn't be anywhere Around children let alone raising them Who are doing this there is a growing Trend of these whack jobs raising babies Get it they as in the gender neutral Pronoun who don't refer to their babies As boys or girls but instead as they and Them when the Brooklyn couple found a Facebook group of fellow Nut Cases

Raising their children like this it Empowered them to do what they said as The delivered date approached the Soon-to-be mother thought why isn't Everybody doing this how these parents Aren't arrested is a mystery another Woman raising her child named Zoomer as Non-binary actually corrects the child Child for perpetuating gender Stereotypes the mother says the child is Picked up on the differences between her And the father and recognizes Similarities that she has with other Women and that their dad has with other Men as any normal child does but that's Upsetting to this mother so she tells The child that because someone has a Beard like Dada doesn't mean that They're a boy and that Zoomer shouldn't Assume anyone's gender it's a tragedy That people like this are allowed to Raise children but this is legal and It's a growing Trend that's getting Accepted by mainstream media which keeps Endorsing it BuzzFeed interviewed two Lesbians that are raising their son After one of them got artificially Inseminated in one of the women was Uncomfortable that the boy likes doing Boy things and said this I'm constantly Trying to like queer my relationship With him and get him to wear tutus he Hates it like he's just like now all They wanted was the right to get married

They said and now they're getting Artificially inseminated and forcing Their Sons to wear tutus she also Expressed frustration with the poor Child because when looking at books He'll point to a picture of a boy or a Girl and say boy or girl so she corrects Him saying that they're not boys or Girls but instead it's a gender-neutral Child because you shouldn't assume Another person's gender if you thought The cultural marxists would be satisfied Once boys were wearing makeup and Dresses and playing with Barbie dolls Instead of drugs you are wrong not only Do they have disdain for normal gender Roles in the family styles of dress and Differentiating between boys and girls Because of their genetics they're also Upset about the very names that boys and Girls are given they want a world where Girls are named Frank and where boys are Named Tiffany because names are gendered And that's wrong too since celebrities Largely shape the social fabric of Society in our media age now many Millennials are following their lead and Naming their children gender neutral Baby names to defy conventions Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively named their daughter James Hilary Duff's sister who was a lesser-known Actress named Haley Duff named her Daughter Ryan and was praised for her

Decision other lesser-known actors are Also doing the same thing the parenting Website baby center which is a large Forum of parents said that there are a Lot of people having conversations today In support of unisex names and as the Gender-bending fetish continues to Spread we'll likely see baby girls named Bob and baby boys named Brooke there is Literally no end to the depths of Depravity these people are trying to Unleash on society and the Damage being Inflicted on these innocent children is Immeasurable it's getting to the point Where if you raise your child like a Normal boy or girl then you're the Problem a Formula One race car driver Named Lewis Hamilton posted a brief Video of his three-year-old nephew on Christmas morning a few years ago Wearing a princess dress where he asked The boy why he he was wearing it and Told them that boys don't wear princess Dresses he wasn't being mean or yelling At the kid he was genuinely confused as To why his nephew was wearing a dress And then the PC police went nuts Claiming he was bullying the kid The Huffington Post ran the headline Lewis Hamilton mocks nephew for wearing a Princess dress on Christmas and other Leftist websites jumped on the story so He quickly deleted the video and issued An apology saying that he realized his

Words were inappropriate he loves that His nephew feels free to express himself As we all should he went on to give his Deepest apologies for his behavior and Said that he realizes it's not Acceptable for anyone no matter where You're from to marginalize or stereotype Anyone and hope that people could Forgive him for his lapse in judgment Apologizing was his lapse in judgment Don't give these people an inch or They'll demand a mile a few years later He himself wore a dress at the Met Gala A big Fashion Event held every year in New York City listen behind the Day-to-day distractions of Pop Culture Politics a storm has been brewing what Many people thought were just a few Isolated instances of bizarre people Raising children with insane ideas has Been embraced by the entire liberal Media industrial complex from the Mainstream media Outlets to Silicon Valley social media platforms to Hollywood and it's even being codified Into law and legalized so no one can Challenge it and if people don't wake up Now and put their foot down our culture Will unravel to the point where it's Unrecognizable and if that happens it'll Be too late to fix we've almost crossed The Rubicon in fact we may have done That some time ago but if you like my Serious and in-depth monologues like

This you should definitely read my books Because I can only say so much in my Videos without getting canceled so order Liberalism find a cure which isn't just A great t-shirt I sell at markdes.com But also a very serious book I wrote That covers all this and More in extreme Detail I know you'll love it so ordered A paperback from Amazon.com or download The ebook from Kindle iBooks Nook or Google Play and of course there's a link To the Amazon listing in the description Below so click it and head on over there And check it out

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