White Trump Supporters on Slavery & Freedom

By | November 2, 2022

Michael Shure of The Young Turks speaks with Trump supporters about slavery outside a recent rally in Pennsylvania. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.


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I believe we became a slave state in 1870 when our birth certificates started To get sold to the uh Companies And uh And so it was like Uh three different kinds of laws out There and I don’t understand it Completely I’m still so are we Christian While we had slavery here Well being Christian Is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ no I meant as a nation because we Were talking about being a Christian Nation that’s what you had said before Well yeah yeah we were but uh Many of us were deceived and many of us Were not accountable uh Due to uh Church is not teaching the truth about Different things I see you know we need To keep in mind too we didn’t eventually Everybody we ended it Um it’s uh it’s it was a really hard Thing to do I mean we fought a civil war Over it England uh ended slavery just Before that but slavery existed Everywhere throughout all the humanity I Mean my ancestors are Irish they were Enslaved by the British to the tune of 1.25 million people need God that’s what It comes down to and and I know that for Me Um I had you know

I was a kind of a product of my own Culture in that I was uh you know Running away with eat drinking me Mary For tomorrow we die I didn’t have a Moral compass I knew what right and Wrong was but it sounds fun but it was a Lot of fun it seems great by the way sin Is great uh but it just it’s not great For very long you know there’s a big Difference between having a good time And living a good life And living a good life is kind of hard Because it means you have to make Sacrifices and you have to say notice in And um and Christ makes that easier it Makes it an easier proposition because He changes your heart and that’s what he Did for me he stopped he he kept me from Uh Desiring the things that were Destroying me so that’s that’s he Changed my heart so when people get Offended when they see an American flag And say oh well that’s a symbol of hate Or symbol of racism or something like That they’re really distorting what it Means Um the idea of America is still beat Strongly in the heart of every American And it’s about freedom and liberty and Personal autonomy personal sovereignty Being able being master of your own Destiny being able to build your own Business being able to take care of your Family I mean things that are

Essentially universally cherished and And treasured and do you feel that those Are under attack in some way absolutely They are I mean well I mean look at look At all the social media look at I mean You know people being banned I mean I Think censorship is by far one of the Most dangerous things and Jordan Peterson talks about this quite a bit You know once you censor a person’s Ability to say certain things you’re Essentially hamstringing their ability To think properly because if you can Express your views you don’t sometimes Like even in this interview you know Sometimes I’m kind of like almost Discovering what My Views are by by Verbalizing them do you feel as if Freedom is under attack and if so how oh Well absolutely I mean freedom is Written in our constitution those are Our freedoms those are our god-given Rights right and if we don’t have them Then no we’re not free if we can’t speak Our minds and uh Um let people know how it is that we Feel and what we’re experiencing then What what do we have we don’t have a Voice we don’t have uh the ability to Express ourselves and without that the Rest of it the you know doesn’t even Matter where do you feel that freedom is Being challenged specifically well well People who speak out about uh this shot

Uh masquerading as a vaccine are being Shut down doctors are uh you know people Who call themselves activists they’re Being shut down uh I mean if you if you go against what the Media or the government uh Uh wants you to believe then they shut You down they don’t want you to speak And that is How we see our freedoms being challenged Or being threatened okay because while We might disagree on things I should be Able to feel how I feel about it and Express how I feel about it and the Difference is that the people I would Say uh from my own opinion the people That don’t feel like their freedoms are Being challenged are the ones that are In agreement with whatever uh the Government or whatever the media is Bringing them right so if you’re of the Same opinion as what’s being brought to You then you’re not going to be Challenged right you’re not going to be Silenced and then therefore you don’t Have that feeling

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