When Tolkien Told Nazis To F*** Off

By | January 19, 2023

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In 1938 J.R.R Tolkien was in talks with A German Publishing House to release a German version of The Hobbit but things Took an unexpected turn when the Publisher asked for proof of tolkien's Aryan Heritage Tolkien was deeply Offended by this request and wrote a Letter to his publisher expressing his Disdain for this request and drafted two Letters in response one ignoring the Request and another discreetly calling Out the publisher for buying into the Racist ideologies of the Third Reich It's unclear which version was sent but In a letter to his son in 1941 Tolkien Referred to Adolf Hitler as a ready Little ignoramus despite the setback The Hobbit was eventually published in German and has been translated into many Languages this incident showcases Tolkien's strong stance against racism And discrimination and his refusal to be Associated with the ideologies of the Nazi regime tolkien's response to the Publisher's request for documentation of His Aryan Heritage was likely fueled by His experiences during World War One he Served as a second lieutenant in the British Army and would have seen Firsthand the devastating effects of the War and the atrocities committed by the German Army this would have likely Strengthened his feelings of patriotism And love for his country as well as his

Rejection of the racist ideologies Spoused by the Nazi regime additionally Tolkien's experiences in the war would Have made him sensitive to the issue of National identity and the dangers of Basing one's identity solely on race or Ethnicity this would have made him Particularly resistant to the Publisher's request for proof of his Aryan Heritage which he saw as an Attempt to impose the racist ideologies Of the Nazi regime on him and his work In his letter he made it clear that his Identity as an English subject and his Pride in his German name should be Sufficient and that it is improper to Hold subjects of another state to comply With the laws of one's country J.R.R Tolkien's Legacy as a literary figure is Immense and his Works continue to be Beloved by readers of all ages his most Famous works The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings are considered to be Classics Of fantasy literature they are known for Their richly detailed World building Complex characters and epic story arcs The tales of Middle Earth the world in Which these stories take place have Captured the imagination of readers for Generations and continue to be popular Today The Hobbit first published in 1937 Tells the story of Bobo Baggins a hobbit Who was drawn into an adventure to help A group of dwarves reclaim their

Homeland from the dragon smog the book Has been praised for its imaginative and Entertain painting story as well as its Themes of Courage friendship and the Importance of home it has been adapted Into a series of films video games and Stage Productions and has been Translated into over 50 languages the Lord of the Rings first published in 1954 is a sequel to The Hobbit and tells The story of a Hobbit named Frodo Baggins who is entrusted with the task Of destroying a powerful ring that could Bring about the destruction of Middle Earth the book is known for its complex And detailed World building its Memorable characters and its epic story Arcade has also been adapted into a Series of films video games and Stage Productions and has been translated into Over 40 languages tolkien's Works have Had a profound impact on the fantasy Genre and popular culture they have been Cited as an inspiration by many fantasy Authors filmmakers and game developers The influence of tolkien's Works can be Seen in many fantasy series games and Movies his legacy has not only been Limited to the fantasy genre but it has Also had a significant impact on the way People think about fantasy storytelling And the imagination tolkien's Works have Been enjoyed by generations and will Continue to be enjoyed for generations

To come they are Timeless and their Popularity only seems to grow with time And will continue to be a source of Inspiration and enjoyment for many