when groomer school boards get confronted

By | October 6, 2022

those poor sweet innocent victims…

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Did you know every week dozens of Innocent school board members are Exposed to pornographic materials right Wing domestic terrorists are showing These public servants the kinds of Obscene images that only eight-year-olds Should be forced to see he print out the Images we show the children And made us look at them it was so Disgusting no one who isn’t a grade Schooler should be exposed to this kind Of content these images truly are Extremely disturbing I have to blindfold Myself before showing them to my Kindergarten class I was absolutely Horrified when I found out that the Weird porn eyeball was making its way Into the hands of adults what I create Is strictly rated 18 and under what I Saw it still haunts my nightmares who Was there to protect me a lot of people Have been criticizing me over parents Being exposed to my work but my question Is where are their children isn’t it Their responsibility that supervise the Kinds of images their parents are Looking at Where are the children they them are Legally not allowed to know where the Children are public schools so good Beautiful and Noble that’s showing the Public what we teach is an unforgivable Crime Learn more at protecting pervs from

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