What Would Trevor Do Outside of Comedy? – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

By | December 5, 2022

Trevor the salesman? It’s more likely than you think. Trevor discusses other careers he had in mind growing up. #BetweenTheScenes #DailyShow #Comedy

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If I weren't in the entertainment Industry what would I do day to day Um let me see I've always loved working With computers so I used to I used to Build computers when I was when I was in High school I would probably love to do That funny enough that's how my Journey Begins like I was trying to save up Enough money to go to university so that I could study you know I.T at the time And then I just carried on working and I Haven't stopped since so now maybe I'll Go to university and finally get that Degree And do that yeah So um I love doing that Um I also I also always wanted to be a Salesman Like I I love helping people especially When it comes to like buying technology Buying a car buying it I hate how Uninformed some sales people are And how you walk in and then they don't Tell you anything they don't give you Information they're trying to give you The product I like learning about Something and then like sharing that Information with other people one day This was just funny I actually missed Having incidents like this in my life I Was in I was in Best Buy here in New York no one knew I was at all it was Just like you know I was coming in from South Africa I was doing shows and I was

In Best Buy and I guess I'd spent a lot Of time in one section and this old Woman was there looking at laptops and She couldn't figure out which ones to go With and so then I said hey is Everything okay and she's like I'm Trying to get a laptop for my grandson And I don't know which one to get him They're all so different and they're the Same and you know and so I was like okay What are you looking for he's going to College and I got this information we're Doing this like okay what's your budget Work okay what processor speed do you Care does he play games does he not play Games what kind of games are we going Through this whole thing we finished it All and we're done and then she leaves She's chosen the laptop and then she Goes to like the counter and then They're like oh did anyone help you and She's like that gentleman over there And then they look at me and they're Like what do you do and now the guy's Like he doesn't work here ma'am and now But they made it feel like I did Something I was like sure you give her Information I was like no no guys it's Not it's not what you think it's not What you think I'm like running out the Store I'm like ah so I would yeah I Would I'd probably do that or I'd be a Teacher that's what I'd be yeah I'd love To like yeah just like in school like

With kids but like like young kids you Know not kids who think they know Everything like teenagers I would just We'd fight every day I'll be boxing but like I like smoke Young kids they're always trying to Learn they don't think they know Anything and you can just tell them the Craziest and they believe you I'll give them 99 real information and Then one percent just random that I Would hope would stick with them in Their brains So that they say it as an adult at a Dinner table because they learned it Do you know what I mean so like just Random in a dinner table they'd be like Well you know I mean the reason they're Called frogs is because the sound they Make is frog frog people like that's not Why they call them like no I learned That from my teacher Mr Noah in school And then people were like let's Google And he'd be like damn you Mr Noah [Music] Foreign