What the Hell Happened This Week? Week of 10/31/2022

By | November 5, 2022

MAGA world floats Pelosi conspiracies, midterm attack ads are filled with lies, and Biden and Obama warn that democracy is at risk. Here’s what happened this week. #DailyShow #Comedy #trevornoah

00:02 Obama Hits Herschel Walker
17:10 MAGA’s Pelosi Conspiracies
25:10 Rampant Lying in Political Ads
36:08 Biden & Obama Warn Democracy is at Risk

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Foreign [Music] [Applause] Thank you so much for coming out We're officially here take a seat take a Seat let's do this thing everybody take A seat what is happening everybody I'm Trevor Noah Welcome to The Daily Show And not just any Daily Show We're coming to you from the Tabernacle Theater in Atlanta Georgia everybody we Made it We're here in Atlanta That's right baby a town hotlanta I love It black Hollywood the place with the Realest Housewives The lost city in the ocean no that's Atlantis but still same feeling we're Here oh and I can feel it you feel Amazing This feels good This feels really good Oh I'm excited for this this is great We're gonna be here all week all week We're gonna be here all right And if you're asking why that's because You know that's how long our layover is No I'm joking I'm joking Because Georgia is the epicenter of America's elections right now yeah Decided everything Decided the presidential race now it Could decide the midterms and I know I Know there are a few other states I know

There are but none of them have the best Food right So I'm loving the food out here Everything is extra I love it yeah you Got that Southern Fried Chicken you know You got that fried okra you got you got Fried tomatoes everything is fine even Even some of your politicians brains are Fried I like that you went too far But I like that The point is we're in Atlanta and I love It can I tell you I am loving every Single moment out here everything you Know the like like the yeah the vibe is The vibe is different you got good People you got great music you know Everyone here is so polite as well Yeah yeah in New York people are like What the is wrong with you but here Everyone's just like bless you huh Bless your heart And I know I know it means the same Thing but it feels different you know It feels completely different oh and can I just say can I just say One of the things I've been loving most About being here is how black it is What What I landed in Atlanta I thought I flew Back to South Africa by mistake [Applause] There's black people everywhere it's

Like opposite Boston I've never been Anywhere like this inside this is wild From the moment we met like the moment I Landed at the airport it's just black People ever everyone was black you get In the car your Uber driver is black Everyone in the hotel was black I get Into the room I turn on the TV the news Anchor is black throws Throws to a black weatherman then Crosses over to like a black sports Reporter I walk into the bathroom I look In the mirror that person is black I was Like what [Applause] And you can feel it you can feel it in The city because everyone complains They're like oh Atlanta has so much Traffic trouble have you felt the Traffic if you felt what it's like I Have but the Blackness changes that too This is the only city I've been to where The traffic has rhythm [Applause] You can feel the Trap even when you You're moving forward and back it's just Like it's got like a little like it's Like a stop and then it's go and it's Like stopping in this car and you're Like what are we are we doing what's Happening right here and you're like oh I'm gonna change lanes I'm gonna change His name like oh no I'm gonna go back to That lane ah what's happening right now

What what kind of traffic is this Who's gonna merge you're gonna merge Here it's like no no no you're not gonna Let me merge well bless your heart sir Bless your heart But as I said as I said the reason we're Here the real reason we're here is Because we wanted to feel what it's like To be on the ground in a state that Everyone is looking to as election day Approaches everyone right And you can feel it you can feel it I mean you you all live here you know What I'm talking about like you can't Even forget election day is coming every Single ad every single ad Is political now every at every Billboard is political everything every Flyer every spam text that you get Everything is political it's Halloween Today I bumped into a kid on the street Dressed as Frankenstein I was like hey What are you doing he's like the real Monster is actually inflation This Three Musketeers feels like a two Musketeers [Applause] And as you know they're true big races Two major races that everybody's Watching right two major races first up The governor's race of course yes With the seats The seat currently occupied By Republican Brian Kemp who's leading

In the polls right now Or is that is that for Halloween is that Why you're booing is that what that is Yeah and he's running on a platform of Making it harder to get an abortion but Easier to get a gun And despite his policies Brian Camp is Seen as a moderate that's what I find Really interesting yeah all because all Because he refused to help Donald Trump Overturn the election which is good Don't get me wrong but that's Politics has gotten in America all right He He don't think we should hang Mike Pence And people like wow this guy's got some Moderate views yeah he's a real moderate Politician But of course the person trying to stop Camp from getting a second term is the One and only Stacy Abrams Who by the way Who by the way Does it all she writes books she's a Voting rights activist who played a big Part in turning Georgia Blue in 2020 and And it turns out it turns out She even has a budding acting career Today we greet the president of United Earth [Applause] Okay I see you miss Abrams I see you set phases to Cameo hey It's great it's great to see that Stacy

Abrams has gone boldly where no one has Gone before Paramount plus I like that Now we're going to be chatting some X Abrams right later on in the show so We'll get back to that but Right now right now Let's focus on the Senate Showdown that Has ramifications even Beyond Georgia Right and it's between it's between Democratic senator Rafael Warnock and Republican candidates And the Republican candidates Herschel Walker yes Ow now warnock's campaign is focused on Abortion rights and expanding Infrastructure right but as election day Gets closer I feel like his campaign ads Are now more focused on on making sure That the race doesn't go any longer than It has to Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving come on we brought a friend That's right I could be interrupting Your Thanksgiving because if nobody gets 50 of the vote there'll be a runoff and Nobody wants that to happen I'm Raphael Warnock and we don't have to mix Politics and Thanksgiving that's why I Approve this message [Applause] Did I just say that is the most Convincing way to get people to vote if You don't vote politicians are going to Come to your house and hang out Can you imagine politicians just showing

Up on Thanksgiving like ha I'm Herschel Walker it's like oh hi Dad uh wrong House wrong house And by the way by the way I really need to understand it what is What is going on in Georgia that Reverend Rafael Warnock is neck and neck With Herschel Walker what is happening Like I know I know Walker's all neck but What what is what is happening But every second thing the man says Turns out to be a lie right he walks Around with a fake police badge yeah he Pretended he was an FBI agent right he Claimed he was anti-abortion even though He apparently paid for one he he claimed He had only one kid even though he has Like a thousand oh and and he told People he graduates it and the top one Percent of his class at the University Of Georgia and then it turned out he Never graduated at all at all Like at this point I want to meet the Herschel Walker that Herschel Walker Thinks he is Right Because at this point at this point Everything is like he treats real life The way we treat dating apps You know just like in your profile like I'm one of the tallest people you'll Ever meet I founded my own industry and My mom lives with me not the other way Around yeah

But the big thing about Herschel Walker For me Isn't all the lying and the Hypocrisy he's also just weird Strange guy You know like and if you don't believe Me if you don't believe me watch him Give one of my favorite answers ever in Politics right this is what he said when He was asked about the biggest problem Facing America today what do you see As some of the big biggest problems Going on in our country today I think some of the biggest problems Going on in our country today we have so Many celebrities telling people that They can't do it Telling a lot of people oh you know it's You can't do it like you got to feel bad For yourself feel sorry for yourself Which is sad to mean You know they've done it but they Telling you you can't do it and it's Like God you did it why they can't do it Okay First of all that was the sleepiest Interview I I'll ever seen [Applause] It's like it's like if Ambien had a Podcast Uh What was that The only reason those two should be in The same room is if Ben Carson is doing

Brain surgery on Herschel Walker there's No other reason they should be talking To each other no because I'm sorry I'm Sorry I'm sorry he says the biggest Problem the biggest problem That America is facing right now is Celebrities telling people they can't do It the biggest problem The biggest part you think the average American right now is saying I know Inflation is bad right now but the Bigger issue is that Vin Diesel has Never told me to follow my dreams I Could have owned a bakery by now Could have been baking for family And look and look I get it I get it all Right some people be like you're a Celebrity you're not objective well I Guess so maybe I'm missing something Here you know maybe I am and so and so If I am in case I've been too Discouraging To the American people Let me say this In America You can do anything just like Herschel Walker If you want to be an FBI agent you claim You're an FBI agent If you want to graduate valedictorian Just tell people that it happened Because it did If you want to be the father of one Despite having fathered for then by God

Be the father of one despite having Fathered four children that is the American way The point is there are many major races That are going on this year and they're Really close you know this America knows This right A week from now Herschel Walker might Actually be claiming Victory I mean He'll be doing that no matter what but He could actually win for real And that's why with one week until the Election the Democrats have pulled out The big guns yeah Netflix's very own Barack Obama This race is so important it even got Obama off the beach he was down here in Georgia over the weekend and he brought That Obama swag with him some of you may Not remember But Herschel Walker was a heck of a Football player but but here's the Question does that make him equip To Weigh in on the critical decisions About our economy and our foreign policy And our future but let's do a thought Experiment Let's say you're at the airport And you see Mr Walker you say hey There's Herschel Walker Heisman winner Let's have him fly the plane You'd want to know does he know how to Fly an airplane

Wow Well really Randy President Obama really You're going to say that about a man who Graduated in the top one percent of Pilot School how dare you A lot of people don't notice about me And Herschel but I was in Top Gun that Movie was about me my name in the 80s Was Pete Maverick I love how Obama roasts you with like That signature swag he makes it sound so Polite but he's roasting the out of You Uh the last time I checked yeah you Didn't have any brains But it was fun it was fun to see Obama At it again wasn't it huh people always Loved seeing him come out you know gets The crowd fired up gets everybody Excited you know that's what you get From him in a race you know that's why They don't send Joe Biden you know you You don't get the same thing from him It's true Joe Biden wants to do it he's Always like uh I'll go give him speech And everyone's like no no just please Sir please You're needed in Washington there's a 1 000 piece puzzle we need your help on You go on you go on sir he's like I used To know a guy named puzzle yes you did Sir yes you did go on you just solved That sir

So at the end of the day it's all going To come down to the votes all right who Votes who doesn't which is going to be a Little bit harder I don't need to tell You this but you know this because last Year Georgia State Republicans passed a Very controversial bill right it was a Law sp202 which created all kinds of new Obstacles to voting fewer drop boxes Shorter absentee voting Windows uh and It's even illegal to hand water to People waiting in line yeah I mean Luckily you can still hand out Dasani Because legally that's considered sewage But At that point many people would rather Dab first Now Georgia Republicans claim that this Bill was about votes of fraud but we all Know the real motivation right unless It's about fraud right it was about Trying to suppress the voter turnout we Get it we get it I mean because at some Point they even tried to limit early Voting on a Sunday hey why Sunday we Know why because of souls to the polls All right we have an organization that Makes sure that they get people going Straight from church on a Sunday to go And vote And I gotta say that's particularly Messed up How are you going to take that away Sunday voting was the one day when black

Church was only five hours instead of Ten [Applause] But Can I tell you what I've Loved about Being here in Georgia is watching the News and realizing that the votes a Suppression strategy might have Backfired because it turns out It turns out all these new restrictions Are just motivating Georgians to vote Even harder Continues to see a record turnout for Early voters in a midterm so far our More than 1.6 million people have Already cast their votes in Georgia and Election officials expect that number to Surpass the 2 million mark this week I Think a lot of people are really Motivated for a bunch of different Reasons and I think democracy is Definitely on the table people have Fought for us to have the right to vote So we are persistent about coming to go Early you know a lot of people lost Their lives for us to have that Privilege to come out and voice our Opinion I would have came out of snow on The ground the ground that came out yeah That's right That's right the voter suppression People thought they could stifle the Vote but all if that is motivate people To vote earlier than ever and let me

Tell you something that's how you know That's when you know you've messed up And you've made black people angry when We arrive early to some that's when You know some shit's about to go down When black people like aim hey man you Only supposed to get here at 12 it's 11 30 it's like yeah but we need to handle Some first Why are you early you about to find out You're about to find out Let's kick things off with the big news Of the day right starting with Elon Musk The guy who always looks like a ghost Whether it's Halloween or not For months now for months now musk has Said that he wanted to own Twitter right And the reason he wanted to own Twitter Is because he wanted to make sure that It became a Haven for free speech right He wanted to change it to that because Let's be honest up until now you know People have really held back on Twitter You know I always find myself scrolling And thinking but what do you rarely Think Why are you so reserved sir So anyway on Thursday that the day Elon Officially took over right we got a Taste of this extra Free Speech right Because in the first 12 hours under Elon's ownership the use of the n-word On Twitter shot up 500 percent 500 percent

It could be racist yeah it could be it Could be right just who feel free and Feel emboldened to say it now right or It could be black people watching Elon Take over like this You don't know which one it is you're Not sure You're not sure Because he's going crazy here's my Question here's my question I really Want I really want to know this Why is it always when the Free Speech People right all these people are like We want free speech why do they never Want to use their free speech to say Words like perambulate or or Purecellaneous like it's never stuff Like that have you noticed that we want Free speech we want free speech you're Like okay what do you want to say Like really all the things you could Have said in the world every word Everything you could have spoken about All the issues what do you want to say That any other word Feels like he doesn't want free speech You just want to hate on people right So yeah it looks like Elon is up he's Scrambling he's scrambling to figure out You know how to how to make this whole Thing work because remember You spend 44 billion dollars well he was Forced to spend 44 billion dollars Because it was a troll that turned into

A real his free speech and he paid a big Price And it's going to be hard to make money From this thing you know Twitter has a Lot of debt right they're not profitable As a company you know and so today to Try and mitigate this Elon Musk came out And he said he's going to start charging People eight dollars a month To be verified with a blue check mark Next to their name Yeah eight dollars a month for the blue Check mark Because I guess he's hoping that Everyone else on Twitter will also make Terrible financial decisions like he did No because what I'm sorry eight dollars What do you What are you spending eight dollars a Month for like the blue check you Realize what you get with eight dollars A month you could subscribe you can get Like Netflix you can get Paramount plus You can get Hulu or or you can pay So that people verify that they're Actually on you Right it's just like oh this is the real Trevor no I hate this guy yeah Oh what was even funnier was the reason This is the reason Elon Musk gave he Said the reason he's doing this the Reason he's doing it is because he's Sick of twitch's current Lords and Peasants system for who has or who

Doesn't have a blue check mark and then He ended it with power to the people Blue for eight dollars a month foreign So here's my question If you're trying to create equality on Twitter Why charge anyone to be verified huh Yeah just give everyone a blue check Mark then Why are you charging the people Give it to everyone for free or give it To no one give it to no one right but it Doesn't make sense to offer it as Equality and then put a price on it do You get what I'm saying can you can you Imagine if MLK was out there like I have a dream I have a dream and I'll tell you all About it for 8.99 a month It wouldn't be the same thing It's all about equality no you're trying To make money I get it yeah so I think This eight dollars a month thing is Ridiculous you know if you ask me if Elon Musk wants to make money from Twitter what he should do don't charge People for blue check marks no you know Charge white people to say the n-word Twitter will be the most profitable Company in history Races are going to be taking out loans I Need a bit of extra cash my neighbors Are so goddamn loud I could use this What else is going on in the news oh of

Course of course it's the story of that Crazy dude I'm sure you've all seen this By now the crazy guy who uh broke into Nancy Pelosi's house And then attacked her 82 year old Husband with a hammer now you would Assume I would assume probably all of You would assume that everyone Regardless of their politics would be Against hammering the elderly right you Would assume that right but apparently Oh but apparently things have changed Because It turns out there are many Republicans Who find this whole thing really funny a Lot of Republicans have public publicly Condemned the violence but some are Actually making jokes about it yeah That's exactly right wolf I mean instead Of this moment of unity what we have Seen is Republicans actually mocking Paul Pelosi and the attack in fact Donald Trump Jr tweeted out some really Crude memes making fun of Paula plosey And the incident that happened and then You have Carrie Lake who is the Republican candidate for Arizona Governor who had this to say at a Campaign event earlier today it is not Impossible to protect our kids at school They act like it is Nancy Pelosi well She's got protection when she's in DC Apparently her house doesn't have a lot Of protection

But I'm not I'm not gonna lie Mega comedy is weird I don't get the you hear the joke about The old man who was almost killed that That's it that's the joke that's the Joke What like like who are these you know You know this was crazy to me What's crazy to me is These are the very same people the very Same people who are devastated and Appalled Because somebody was rude to Ted Cruz at A restaurant huh these are the same People they'll be like this was at a Restaurant they were rude to Ted Cruz at A restaurant Where people go To eat And Ted Cruz goes to lick the napkins They were rude to him this is America And look I I get it it's like it's not All Republicans I'm not saying it's all Some Republicans think it's a joke many Other Republicans are not laughing but Not because they're being civil about it No they've chosen to turn this into a Giant conspiracy theory right yeah They've said there's a whole bunch of Crazy conspiracies they've come up with Why this has happened right and then Some of them have chosen to just dismiss It they go like oh this is not a big

Deal this is just a random kind of crime That happens if you live in a Democrat-run city that's what they're Saying which which is which is weird Right because you tell me this is random It's like a random completely random Everyday crime Right you're sending me some right-wing Conspiracy theorist broke into Nancy Pelosi's house screaming where's Nancy And you think that was a random crime Yeah because we've all experienced this Right yeah he was walking down the Street some random guy jumps out with The weapons like where's your wife Nancy Pelosi and you're like what I'm not even Married and he's like oh well if you do Get married one day you look me up and You tell me where you live You're like how will I even find you It's like oh look me up on Twitter I'll Be verified Midterms are on you know we've talked About this a little bit this adds Everywhere in Atlanta and every ad every Ad that I've watched in the city is a Campaign ad right now everything you Know this you've seen it like I watched TV for 10 minutes last night and I saw 30 minutes worth of ads And the thing that's the thing that Stuck out to me was how most of them Were mean as Georgia would be Different with Abrams she pushed more

Coveted lockdowns wanted businesses Closed and kids locked out of schools Abram's crime plan eliminate cash bail The same failed liberal scheme causing Crime to Surge in other states Stacey Abrams and Rafael Warnock support Aborting babies not just at six weeks Not just if 15 weeks before Weeks with up to 40 weeks talk shows Magazine covers television cameos Celebrity Stacy a perfect governor for Liberal Elites just not hard-working Georgians 10. You know you know if you if you only Knew Stacy Abrams from attack ads in Georgia you would think she was Darth Vader combined with Thanos combined with That who cut you off in the Traffic Pure Evil Stacy Abrams does all of it and by the Way I don't understand that last part What was that she's bad because she gets Interviewed on TV shows like look at This what what are they trying to say Huh what is this about what is this Why is this in an attack ad She hugs Trevor Noah which means she Wants to turn America into Africa There's nothing wrong with hugging me I Give good hugs I mean on the flip side this this is Good for me I'm not gonna lie yeah no Because now I have a great excuse

Anytime I don't want to hang out with Anybody You know they'll be like hey I'm like ah I would love to but if we're seen Together it could be using an attack ad You know yeah if you ever choose to run For governor of Georgia it's just gonna Spoil you I can't do that to you you Know maybe you should just Uber home From surgery I think it would be better And it's not just in Georgia there's Nothing ever it's not just in Georgia And it's not just mean in this moment It's getting meaner every single day Every campaign in America right now is Flooding the airwaves with attack ads Everyone my opponent will raise your Attack my opponent will cut your Healthcare my opponent and it's always That voice too right so is that a tech Ad voice I feel like you can say Anything in that voice and it sounds Terrible you know my opponent will Donate his kidney to you that son of a wait what I need a kidney You know if you ask me honestly I think Attack ads should be illegal yeah I mean it I think attack ads should be Legal not campaign ads not campaign ads Attack ads I'll tell you why first of All first of all I think it's because They only drive up polarization and hate That's what they do right and secondly Politicians should be earning your vote

By telling you what they're gonna do not Just by on other candidates Just tell me what you'll do if you want Me to vote don't tell me about the other Person Because you realize they're auditioning For the job we don't accept this in Any other job right there's no other job Where you can apply for it and then your Resume isn't what you do it's just a List of other reasons that the other People suck you can't do that anywhere Else you can't just be sitting there and Being like Oh what are my strengths well I think you should be focusing on Anthony's weaknesses yeah that guy types With these index fingers yeah so when do I start That's not campaigning that's not Winning votes right it's not shouldn't Be a part of democracy it's basically The same strategy every r b song from The 90s used you remember that every Song would just be some guy Is coming out there like girl You know your man ain't treating you Right He never buys you flowers He's never taken you to Disney World She's like well uh are you gonna take me To Disney World girl this ain't about me Right now this is about your man And how he ain't doing you right and by The way my car's in the shop so uh I

Might need to borrow yours Like it's it's not helpful It's not healthy And here's the thing here's the thing it Would be one thing if attack ads were Just highlighting policy differences Between candidates my opponent wants to Raise your taxes but I want to lower Them that's that's one thing but that's Not what attack ads do because like Everything else in America it has to be Super Super pushing sexual agendas on our Children x-rated drag shows for kids Pornography in elementary schools Doesn't want you to know about his Deadly experiments on puppies Katie jobs Organized a mock slave auction Katie Hopps guilty of racism no one is safe With liberal Amelia Sykes babies have to Watch their backs because of Tina kotek Tina kotek too extreme for Oregon I'm sorry what Babies have to watch their backs [Applause] If you're a baby watching that you are Crapping your pants More than usual you are Yourself I've never seen an attack ad trying to Scare babies it was like watch out Babies Tina Kodak is here And now she's not And now she's here and now she's not

And now she's here And by the way I know I know there's Some people who are thinking right now Oh but Trevor don't I deserve to know The bad things about someone who's Running for office yes I think you do I Think you do and ideally you would get That information from America's Responsible objective news media that's Where you should be getting it from it Doesn't need to be an attack guy because Here's the thing here's the thing in my Opinion these ads are not helping they Don't help they don't help right because They don't just attack policy they Portray opponents as evil inherently Evil monsters that poisons the entire Country because what happens to Bipartisanship after that do people ever Think of that huh you you can't be like Yes I I said my opponent wants to drink The blood of children but now that the Election is over that doesn't mean we Can't work together on infrastructure Get on in hear you pedophile let's do This deal You can't do that Why would anyone support that And what's even worse is that many Attack ads are just straight up lies Right straight up lies like for instance Um there's a there's an ad in Texas Greg Abbott put out this ad right a TV ad That spliced together

Different quotes from better or Rock to Make it seem like he said something that He didn't say right yeah campaign flyers In uh North Carolina they show Candidates wearing defund the police T-shirts that they never actually wore Yeah and I'm like okay well as long as You're photoshopping picks why not go All the way just go all the way yeah Just be like look he's not just throwing Out a garbage bag he's throwing out the New Taylor Swift album you monster There's drinking children's blood and Then there's evil Oh and if you want to see just how bad The lies in these ads can get look no Further than this race in California We want to show you perhaps the most Dishonest TV campaign ad we've ever seen Some politicians think they should Control your child's education we're Trying to indoctrine our students in Communism jhen is running for congress To represent southern Californians Here's what Chen actually said you know I'm going to be a recipient of some of These attacks unfortunately they're Going to be claiming that because our School district was teaching Chinese That meant we were trying to Indoctrinate our students in communism Literally that will be one of the points Of attack Huh

Look at that he even called it he said These people are probably going to claim That we're teaching kids communism and I Guess his opponents saw that and they Were like well that's a great idea we Should do that yeah we should do that Because he doesn't think it's bad enough It's bad enough to attack someone but to Pretend they said something they didn't Say and attack them for that that's That's even worse you're attacking them For something they didn't say you Realize if you edited the context is out Of everything right that that cardi B Song WAP that's a song about female Sexual empowerment but if you edit out The p Now it's just a song about wet ass No one's going to be dancing in the Clubs of that song get a bucket and the Mop for this wet ass Oh please do not back that thing up on Me You can't do that It's not good for democracy And Here's the thing that that may blow your Mind I know because it blew my is that It's not illegal to line attack ads did You know this yeah it is not illegal the Courts have said that the government Cannot ban lying in political ads Because it falls under Free Speech yeah And look maybe you agree maybe you're

One of those people who thinks oh the Government shouldn't get involved in Policing what's true or false in ads but Here's the thing it already does right If you lie in an ad for a car or for a For a cell phone or for even toilet Paper FTC will ban that ad yeah which is a Weird set of priorities right because if You lie in an election ad that could Undermine your democracy but if you lie About how many sheets are in a roll of Toilet paper I mean the worst that could happen is You end up with a wet ass [Applause] So If you ask me America has everything Backwards if there's one type of AD You're not allowed to lie in it should Be your political ads right not only is That better for democracy Not only is it better for democracy But it means you would be allowed to lie In commercial ads and I think that would Be funny as hell Chef Boyardee says is beefaroni's quick And convenient but forty percent of all People who ate Beefaroni immediately Died in the other 60 became transgender [Music] Hiding under his hat is it critical race Theory he won't say Chef Boyardee wrong for dinner wrong for

America paid for it by concerned Citizens for SpaghettiOs See now that's what we need more I can feel the city starting to seep Into my bones I can feel it you know it Feels good yeah I'm starting to become More and more Atlanta even even the way I said when I got here every time I said I'll say Atlanta I'll say Atlanta I'm in Atlanta Atlanta and then I started Noticing all of a sudden I was like Atlanta Atlanta The tear was gone The tea started fading away yeah by the Time I leave I'll just be like Lana Lana Matter yeah now I understand how Mumble Rap was invented yeah I get it he's just Trying to shrink all the words I get it now oh and we've had so much Fun it has been so much fun you know We've eaten the food we've gone out We've seen the sights and the sounds Yesterday we went out as a whole group We went to Magic City you know oh Yeah I will say worst magicians ever Ah the only thing that disappeared was My money Foreign We came to Atlanta to have a good time And I have not been disappointed we have Not been disappointed in fact we've been Lucky that we came when we came because This has been a really momentous week in That freedom has been achieved in

Atlanta and I think you know what I'm Talking about as of this week the Atlanta Zoo has announced that people Are once again allowed to bring their Guns when they visit And I was like wow You really don't mess around with second Amendment in this town huh A whole South even at the zoo Be strapped Just walking in like yeah now let's see That parrot say something say something Rob say something yeah say something Say something yeah that's right that's Right that's right that's right yeah You're pretty cool parrot You ignore all the terrible reasons I Mean having guns at the zoo is actually A really great idea you know think about It think about how many times you've Been disappointed you go to the zoo and What happens the animals are sleeping When you get there Not anymore You just walk up to that enclosure Ah the Panda's awake now look at him Oh look at him running for cover You know the only way you could get more Exciting is if they said it's not just The people right they should go all the Way they should give the animals guns Too I think that's what we should do Right I mean they're the ones who are Going to be there it's only it's only

Fair to them give them guns as well see What happens huh it's gonna be exciting Every single exhibit is going to turn Into a Mexican standoff those people Walking in like honey honey keep the Kids behind me keep the kids Behind stay Cool stay cool penguins stay cool hey Hey slots no sudden moves no sudden Moves snakes let me see those hands all Right nobody needs to go extinct today [Applause] What's up Now now look obviously obviously other Than the armed animals the reason we're Here and the reason we're excited to be Here is because the midterms are around The corner what With everybody focusing on Georgia five Days away and your races are coming down To the wire can I tell you right Herschel Walker and Rafael Warnock neck And neck which is wild It means that something happened to Herschel Walker could be elected Senator Next week Yeah I mean I also hope it doesn't Happen I mean that would be crazy Herschel Walker as a senator you know Can you imagine how that would mess with The whole Capital you know take your Child to work there's gonna feel like Another insurrection It was just gonna be like they're Storming the capital oh no wait wait

It's Herschel Walker's kids it's all of His kids Because I allegedly my kids [Applause] You know this whole midterm campaign has Gotten so extreme it almost feels like Republicans are running a political Science experiment just to see how crazy A Canada can be and still get people to Vote for them it almost feels like that What can they do before people say no I Wouldn't vote for them it's almost like Mitch McConnell is just in the lab you Know just working away like all right They voted for a Herschel Walker uh Let's try a bag of wet spaghetti next See if they go for that And I don't know if you've seen this but Herschel Walker has gone from beefing With uh reality to beefing with Barack Obama and if you've seen this yeah They've got a thing going back because Obviously Obama roasted him in Georgia Right over the weekend and then Walker Shot back shot back that he could quote Put his resume up against Obama's any Time [Applause] First of all It wouldn't even matter if Walker's Resume was more impressive than Obama's Because Obama's has a line in his resume That says not crazy That carries a lot of weight in a job

Interview But also Obama was President People he was president but two terms Herschel Walker can't even carry any of His pregnancies to two terms what are You talking about Are you serious right now I'm kidding his resume is impressive I Mean any resume is impressive when you Can just make it up right I was a cop I Was an FBI agent a ballerina I Discovered nitrogen I also am nitrogen The list goes on and off [Applause] But yeah Barack Obama is back on the Campaign Trail he's back out there Trying to get people Whipped up trying to get the people Voting All right he's hitting all the swing States around the country and last night Last night's both Obama and President Biden made big speeches about how there Was a lot more at stake in this election Than which party gets to use the good Bathroom at the Senate folks can win if We don't do our part And if you've got election deniers Serving as your Governor as your Senator As your secretary of state as your Attorney general then democracy as we Know it may not survive in Arizona That's not an exaggeration that is a Fact

This year I hope you'll make the future of our Democracy an important part of your Decision to vote and how you vote In our bones We know democracy at risk is at risk What [Applause] I heard what he said though he said in Our bones We know democracy that means we're Screwed Yeah whenever an old person feels Something in their bones It means the storms are coming I feel it in my bones Season that osteoporosis but I think It's a storm By the way I love seeing Biden and Obama Both doing speeches back to back no Because sometimes you think that you're Imagining it you're like Obama had more Energy and then when you see it you're Like no they have very different Energies that they bring you know it's Almost like seeing a before and after of A NyQuil commercial you know [Applause] Yeah and I'm not saying that like the One is better or worse it's like the Level of excitement you know basically Obama is the Beyonce concert and then Like Biden is the traffic on the way Home do you know what I mean

That's what it feels like Actually actually you know what actually Obama is like me right before every Dinner I had in Atlanta this week and Then Biden is like me after every dinner I had an Atlanta this week yeah I would Walk into Busy Bee and I'd be like let's Do this I'm gonna dominate this fried Chicken plate and then after I'd be like I did not feel confident About the future of my stomach I can feel it in my bones But but look however they're saying it However they're saying it Obama and Biden are making the same point and it's A Salient one this election is about Whether America wants to continue being A democracy all right and that's Actually a tough sell believe it or not It really is Because ironically democracy isn't What's on people's minds right now right People are paying more for groceries They pay more for gas right and Democrats are going yeah we know that Sucks but democracy and voters are like Can I eat democracy Can I fill my tank with democracy as a Challenge it really is and it's a Challenge because if you think about it Humans we wouldn't evolve like this Right humans didn't evolve to think long Term right if you think about we're Designed to put long-term problems over

Immediate problems this is that's just How we are right the caveman who was Worried about the saber-toothed tiger Was worried about surviving that guy Survived you know saber-two tiger Survived around the caveman who was Sitting in the cave like hmm I wonder How we could make our hunting practices More sustainable That guy died all right he was right But he died And this is one of the flaws of Democracy it's a weird flaw when you Consider it right This is not just the fact that it it can Fall at any time but it's also the fact That the people who are anti-democracy Can use democracy to get into power and Then end democracy and if you if you Want to see a silly example of how Unpredictable voting can be look look at What happened when people got to vote on What their election sticker should look Like a sticker designed contest that Went viral this year is making good and Its promise to an Ulster County team a Few months ago the counties I voted Sticker contest made headlines all great Designs but one just happened to get Some national attention Hudson Rowan's Design you can see it right there gosh Came away with more than 90 of the vote Man that is crazy Counties new I voted sticker for the

2022 November election See See That's what can happen and I mean I do Love this don't get me wrong I've always Wanted to see Rue giuliani's baby Pictures but But this is what can happen And you heard what they said you heard What they said this sticker got 90 Percent of the vote You realize there's no politician who Gets that kind of support right but you Know this competition got me thinking People go so crazy over these stickers That in fact I think we should use that You know what we should do is we should Use that energy there's so many people Who only vote for the sticker I know Some people who are like oh I can't wait To vote so I can get the sticker like What about the election I just want that Sticker Maybe we should use that enthusiasm to Save that democracy right you could you Save democracy in addition to an I voted Sticker from now on they should also Have an I accept the results of the Elections thicker yeah that way That way the day after the election When somebody is like you know the vote Was stolen by robot pedophiles you'd be Like ah you want the sticker I'm like oh Mike Pence is lucky I like

Stickers more than his neck I'll take it Before we go I wanted to remind you the Midterm elections are approaching and The stakes are higher than they've been In Generations so make sure your voice Counts make your early voting plan at Vote early.org [Music]

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