What the Democrats are REALLY Doing

By | November 7, 2022

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The oldest trick in the Democrats Playbook is to call Republicans racist When the Tea Party Movement emerged in 2009 as a response to Barack Obama's Massive government expansion and tax Increases Tea Partiers were smeared as a Bunch of old racist white people the Same tactic is deployed against popular Social media personalities today you Have built up large followings in recent Years like those who were smeared as Members of the alt-right after Trump Beat Hillary in 2016 in attempts to Derail their careers and get their Accounts shut down online media outlets And self-proclaimed journalists on Twitter are so insane they call Conservatives Nazis even if they're Jewish Laura Loomer has been repeatedly Smeared as a member of the white Nationalist alt-right same with Trump Advisor Stephen Miller who was also Jewish and even Ben Shapiro a devout Orthodox Jew who wears a yamaka in every One of his public appearances has been Smeared as a member of the alt-right and Is constantly called a Nazi by these Morons instead of Defending conservative Jews smeared by the Liberty media Jonathan Greenblatt the head of the Jewish ADL the Anti-Defamation League Adds fuel to the fire by telling lies Like this and the last point I would say Caravan

Open borders These are literally white supremacist Phrases that have worked their way Through the system and somehow landed in The talking points coming out of The West Wing So we should be careful about using These phrases because we're literally Using The Narrative of these hateful Disgusting people I guess locking your Car doors when you go shopping makes you A white supremacist too of course MSNBC And CNN say that the only people who Support Donald Trump are white Nationalists and the only reason to Support building the wall on the Southern border is to keep out brown People we all remember the mainstream Media's vicious smears against Nick Sandman the student from Covington Catholic High School who was pestered by An old Native American man who beat a Drum in the kid's face when he and his Classmates were visiting Washington DC On a school trip D2 was also defamed as A white supremacist by the fake news Industrial complex the daily based and Online outlet dedicated to getting Conservatives canceled published an Article just before the 2019 Super Bowl Titled Tom Brady's New England Patriots Are team Maga whether they like it or Not and declared that they were the Preferred team of not sees instead that

Mega hats are the symbol of white Nationalism but liberals don't just love Calling conservatives their favorite Magic word racist they'll do anything They can to ruin your life if you oppose The New World Order remember when CNN Sent a reporter to an elderly woman's Home to confront her about sharing Something on Facebook that had allegedly Originally been posted by a Russian Troll Farm she was ambushed while doing Yard work in her front yard and I had a Microphone shoved in her face and was Accused of being a pawn of Putin the Woman who was 76 years old said after CNN aired the segment she was Relentlessly harassed online and her Phone rang off the hook from strangers Calling and threatening her and we could Never forget how the Marxist media have Ruined the time-honored tradition of Publicly supporting your favorite Political candidates remember when People wearing Maga hats were Systematically kicked out of bars Restaurants for simply having one on or That nine-year-old boy in California who Was a big fan of trump and wanted a Trump birthday cake but his mother said She couldn't find a bakery that would Make one for them of course LGBT Extremists want bakeries suited to Bankruptcy if they refuse to bake a Special cake for a ceremony they insist

On calling a wedding but think it's okay For businesses to deny service to Trump Supporters or remember when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders And her family were kicked out of a Restaurant in Virginia after the owner Recognized her and made them leave the Washington Post even ran a headline Saying quote chasing White House Officials out of restaurants is the Right thing to do after congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged more harassment Laura Loomer confronted her in the halls Of the Capitol on camera giving her a Taste of her own medicine causing her to Scurry away to a member's only elevator In shock that someone would dare do Something like that to her Laura Loomer Is a little bit crazy sometimes but you Gotta admire her dedication and her Bravery and remember when the Boston Globe published an op-ed encouraging People to tamper with the food of Conservatives I do I have a hard time Forgetting about the people people Destroying our culture social norms not To mention encouraging liberal lunatics To commit crimes against US during the 2016 election cycle political rhetoric From the left sunk to levels never Before seen in American history not only Were the liberal media determined to Brand all Trump supporters as white Supremacists but they encouraged people

To physically attack anyone seen wearing A Maga hat in public equating them with Wearing a swastika remember the woman Who was pelted with eggs at the San Jose Rally others weren't so lucky and were Hit with bottles or that kid who was Assaulted in the Whataburger fast food Restaurant by having a drink thrown at Him and his Mega hat stolen CNN Contributor Mark Lamont Hill said that He had no sympathy for the kid and vox's Carlos Mazza encouraged assaulting Conservatives as well saying that Leftists should make us dread being in Public Breitbart compiled a list of Violent acts against Trump supporters And detailed mainstream media reporters And pundits who approved of them and and Counted over 600 incidents during this Time in MSNBC host even said that Wearing a mega hat is an invitation to a Confrontation and he considers them the Modern day version of the Confederate Battle Flag CNN's Angela Rye said that Mega hats are no different than a KKK Hood I'm sorry but I don't think we Should forget that all of this happened And I don't think that we should forget That an 81 year old man in New Jersey Was attacked inside a grocery store Because he was wearing a make America Great again hat or that a couple Shopping at a Sam's Club in Kentucky had A gun pulled on them by a man who got

Triggered after seeing their Mega hats Or that a man eating in a restaurant in Massachusetts was assaulted by a woman Who spotted him wearing the Hat remember This story she was arrested for the Assault thankfully and it turned out That she was an illegal alien so a few Days after her initial arrest she was Arrested again by ice and hopefully Deported in a world where the left gets Trayvon Martin's name the trend on Twitter every year for his birthday I Don't think we should forget that Illegal immigrant from Africa living in Maryland was beat down by two other Black men because he was spotted walking Down the street wearing a Maga hat or That group of Asians walking down the Street in Washington DC all wearing Mega Hats were harassed by two black men who Videotaped themselves stealing two of The hats and posted it on Twitter to Brag about what they had done those men Were North Korean defectors who had Escaped the country and were proudly Wearing their Mega hats because President Trump was making progress Facilitating peace between North and South Korea and like virtually all Anti-asian hate crimes the perpetrators Weren't white so that story disappeared And I don't think we should forget that The Huffington Post published an op-ed Openly calling for violent resistance

Against Trump and denounced those on the Left who were saying that violence isn't The answer of course the Huffington Post Wasn't banned from Twitter for that it Was just another day for the marxists I Don't even want a quote from the article Or else the fake news may take that clip Out of context and claim that I said Those things but the op-ed is real the HuffPost as they're now called openly Endorsed violence against the Trump Administration and his supporters all Without facing any consequences when Hillary Clinton was asked about civility Returning to America remember she too Endorsed the growing angry mom saying Not until the Democrats take back the Majority in the house and the Senate Then they'll call for calm which of Course was another lie because they did Take back the majorities in the house And the Senate but every day they Continue to get more extreme and more Vicious as they push forward with their Marxist agenda the liberal media and the Marxist Democrats have been engaging in What's called stochastic terrorism which Is when the widespread demonization of An individual or a group in this case Trump supporters and white people Incites Lone Wolf political extremists Or members of an extremist group to Attack them in what appears to be a Random act of violence but was actually

Inspired by the inflammatory rhetoric Being aimed at that individual or the Group that they belong to I don't think That we should forget that's what Democrat members of Congress and the Mainstream media have done to America And if they're going to harp about white Privilege and George Floyd endlessly for Years maybe it's time for conservatives To continuously remind the media and the Marxist members of Congress about the Carnage their ideologies and supporters Are leaving in their wake instead of Just moving on after week and pretending Like it's ancient history if you like my Serious monologues like this then you'll Really love reading my book so order the Liberal media industrial complex in Paperback for Amazon.com or download Lead book from any of the major ebook Stores Kindle iBooks Nook or Google play My books are a lot more in-depth and Hardcore than my videos which I have to Tone down a bit so I hope we don't get Canceled but thankfully so far the Thought police don't pay much attention To books so head on over to Amazon.com Or click the link in the description Below and check them out [Music] Foreign

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