What a Year!

By | December 31, 2022

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Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017).

He has been featured on Fox News, the History Channel, E! Entertainment, the Drudge Report, and news outlets around the world.

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Well thanks for a great year you guys Are awesome I appreciate all the views All the feedback everybody gets my books All the readers out there everybody gets My shirts supports me through patreon You guys are the best couldn't do it Without you and what a year it's been It's been like a blur it's hard to keep Track of everything but I do remember That CNN plus failed after just a few Weeks Tulsa gabbard left the Democrat Party and denounced anti-whitism Alex Jones and Kanye West broke the internet And Elon Musk bought Twitter I know I've Been talking a lot about Twitter lately Even though I haven't tweeted for six Months and even if you don't use Twitter If you're tired of hearing about Twitter It really is important in the culture War and having Elon change the standards At a big Tech platform is something that We should all be celebrating what I like About YouTube is it's a visual medium Twitter is basically like snacking on Junk food whereas Facebook is kind of Maybe lunch but YouTube is a full four Course meal and what separates social Media from traditional media and Technically I guess YouTube is social Media is I don't know I didn't coin this I can't remember where I heard this from But traditional television and media is A presentation whereas social media is a Conversation Sean Hanley and Jesse

Waters don't read the comments on their YouTube videos the Fox News posts they Don't read their tweets they don't even Tweet their tweets they have a staff That does all that for them but I love Reading the comments here on YouTube and When you see me heart your comment that Means I read it but just because I Didn't heart it doesn't mean that I Didn't read it I read through most of The comments on most of the videos and I Really appreciate everybody's feedback What's incredible about it is it's Constructive feedback if I miss one Little thing if I slip up you guys are There to point it out I really Appreciate that I get a lot of ideas From the comments for future videos and If your comment disappears down the Memory hole that's because obviously YouTube has automatic hate speech filter And if a Spam bot replies to your Comments imposing as me asking you to Contact them on WhatsApp that's not me Okay there's nothing I can do about that That's been happening for over a year Almost every single video across the Entire platform and YouTube just isn't Doing anything about it you can tell That it's me by clicking on my username And then it'll bring you to my YouTube Homepage and you'll see all the videos You'll see the number of subscribers Sometimes some of the spam Bots will

Even copy the wallpaper and so if you Just look you'll have no videos there They'll have zero subscribers so that's The best way to tell that it really is Me just click on the name and then it'll Take you to my YouTube homepage you may Have noticed that sometimes I have to Thread the needle very carefully about What it is that I say or don't say and That's why sometimes I'll just play a Clip of somebody else saying something That makes my point and then that way There's not a sound bite of me saying Something that can be floated around out There and taken out of context and then Used to cancel me that's the same reason Why I haven't read my own audiobooks Listed them on Audible because there are Certain things in there if I said them Out loud it might cause some problems But so far there still is a taboo Against Banning books not that Amazon Hasn't banned books they've banned a Whole bunch of them not just books about Transgenderism they've been other books As well that most people don't want to Talk about I might slow down for a month In January and just post one video a Week or maybe two because by spring or Definitely summer the 2024 presidential Election is going to be really heating Up well Joe is gonna have to make a Decision by probably June or July as to Whether or not he's going to run for

Reelection or try to run or finally Realize that it's time for him to retire And Ron DeSantis is going to have to Make a decision and we might see some Republicans jumping the race to Challenge Trump things are going to get Really wild not phonies like Liz Cheney Or Mitt Romney I mean like there might Be a serious power struggle within the Republican party and it may not be good I might throw my entire schedule out the Window next year because I've been Pretty consistent for years about Posting videos at least every Monday Wednesday Friday at 8 A.M eastern time But sometimes the news cycle moves so Fast that I feel like I should just make A video and then release it whenever I Get it done sometime in the evening late In the evening or maybe even earlier in The morning because I'm a night owl I'm Up very late a lot of times so next year I might start releasing videos just Totally at random random days random Times instead of just a set schedule Every Monday Wednesday Friday as you Know I usually try to throw in a couple Extra videos there but I've been very Consistent about at least three videos a Week and sometimes if it's a slow news Day and I can't really come up with Something or it's taking me a little bit Too long then I feel like I'm rushed and I have to have something to release if

It's one of the release dates and I just Don't want to be putting out a video That I don't think is premium quality I Apologize to your readers out there for Known a book this year or new book last Year up until 2020 I had released a new Book every year for 13 years and I think What it is is after Trump got out of Office it became a little bit more Difficult to make content it wasn't just So easy and fun and so I have been Working on some other projects and I'll Have another book out but it won't be Until the end of 2023 next year if I get Banned from YouTube then just find me on Rumble rumble.com I already have a Channel over there I just haven't been Posting over there it's just sort of Plan B it's there if I need it YouTube With all of its problems still is where The mainstream is and always will be and Rumble's search isn't really all that Great so YouTube is still a great place To sort of have the videos reach even With the algorithm suppressing them the Normies as they say thanks again for a Great 2022. we'll see what happens over The next year I have a feeling we should All buckle up because it's gonna be a Bumpy ride so stay tuned and I will see You soon [Music]