Well This Is Certainly Odd…

By | December 20, 2022

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We know that most people who work in the Mainstream media are liars and they get Paid very well many Prime Times CNN and MSNBC hosts earn between 20 and 30 000 Per show not per month per show these Are people who are making five seven Eight million dollars a year do the math Divide that by 20 shows a month or five Shows a week and that's what they're Getting that's how much their sold cost Mine on the other hand is priceless and It's not for sale but what about TV Doctors like Dr Oz who recently lost his Bid for the senate in Pennsylvania there Was something about him that I didn't Like when he first announced and I Couldn't put my finger on it at first But then I remembered this 2009 Interview that he did on CNN promoting The H1N1 swine flu vaccine during that Pandemic a national campaign to Vaccinate tens of millions of Americans Against the H1N1 are orbs swine flu as You know it kicked off today there's a New poll out from the Harvard School Public Health that only 40 percent of Adults say they are absolutely certain They're going to get the vaccine that Means most of the country it's not it's Either on the fence or they're not going To do it and I'm reading that's 51 Percent of parents only 51 are Absolutely certain I'll be honest I'm in That 50 that is an absolute certain so

How do you convince me how do you Convince the other parents out there That we need to do this yeah well I'm Going to get it yes if that helps at all But I'll tell you my wife is not getting Married as our kids because I've got Four of them and when I go home I'm not Dr Oz I'm Mr Oz but I'll tell you my Wife is not getting me know as our kids Because I've got four of them when I go Home and my doctor as I missed Ross when You're at home you're mysterized not Doctoroz so you're a famous doctor Trusted to give millions of people Medical advice on television but your Wife won't follow your advice and he Wasn't man enough to overrule her Especially when medicine is his area of Expertise isn't that like a chef who Won't eat their own food subscribe to my YouTube channel if you're new here Because you're probably not going to Hear this kind of information anywhere Else he must have forgot that he was on Television there being paid by CNN and Accidentally spoke like a real doctor Could you imagine promoting a product to Others that you yourself wouldn't allow Your family to use now just to be clear I'm not saying that people shouldn't get The coveted vaccine or their boosters And I'm not saying that they should Either I don't give medical advice That's a personal decision that

Everybody's gonna have to make on their Own with risks on both sides depending On someone's age and their health but With Dr Oz's odd promotion of the H1N1 Wine flu vaccine back in 2009 which he Says he wouldn't even give to his own Children you have to wonder are there Health Care Professionals today being Hypocrites to the American people just For a paycheck or out of fear that they May be ostracized as an anti-vaxxer or a Conspiracy theorist and again I don't Give medical advice I will however Recommend various products that have Made my health tremendously better over The last 10 years that I think should be Standard in everyone's home and office But for some reason most of society is Still using old-fashioned uncomfortable And dangerous devices I personally Believe that everybody should be using An ergonomic keyboard which helps Alleviate or even prevent tendonitis and Carpal tunnel and yes well I do use a Laptop in my kitchen I use an external Keyboard for that reason and an external Monitor to help with my posture so that I'm not slouched over all the time I'll Leave a link to the one that I use down In the description below if you want to Check it out for the same reason I also Use what's called a vertical Mouse which Is basically an ordinary very Mouse but The way that your hand sits on it is in

A different position so your tendons Aren't always Twisted which over many Months and years or decades causes extra Wear and tear on your tendons and can Cause tendonitis or carpal tunnel now if You're still young you may be thinking That this isn't a big deal but trust me Time flies and your age catches up with You and especially if you're using a Computer for an extraordinary amount of Time typing or even using the mouse like I do editing videos that causes what's Called a repetitive stress injury on the Tendons and before you know it you're 45 Years old and your hair is going gray Like me and so you want to make sure to Try to do everything that you can to Avoid the possible tendonitis or carpal Tunnel by using ergonomic devices and if You really want to go nuts check out the Ergotron sit stand workstations which I've also linked down in the description In the pinned comments below because They say that sitting all day Particularly on a computer is just as Bad for your health as smoking so those Are products that I highly recommend Anybody use from any age and again the Links are all listed down in the Description below so click it and head On over there and check them out [Music]