We’d all like to meet the Herschel Walker that Herschel Walker thinks he is #dailyshow #comedy

By | November 1, 2022

What is going on in Georgia that Reverend Rafael Warnock is neck and neck With Herschel Walker what is happening Like I know I know Walker’s all neck but What what is what is happening To be a lie right he walks around with a Fake police badge yeah he pretended he Was an FBI agent right he claimed he was Anti-abortion even though he apparently Paid for one he he claimed he had only One kid even though he has like a Thousand oh and and he told people he Graduates it and the top one percent of His class at the University of Georgia And then it turned out he never Graduated at all at all Like at this point I want to meet the Herschel Walker that Herschel Walker Thinks he is Right Because at this point At this point everything is like he Treats real life the way we treat dating Apps You know just like in your profile like I’m one of the tallest people you’ll Ever meet I founded my own industry and My mom lives The other way around

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