We Can’t Let People Forget What The RINOs and Neocons Tried To Do!

By | January 9, 2023

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All of the liberal media and sadly most Of the conservative mainstream media as Well on places like Fox News with the Exception of Tucker Carlson lied to the American people about why the Republicans took several days and a Dozen rounds of votes before they Finally agreed on a new speaker of the House once they took over the majority Instead of the usual quick 30-minute Ceremonial vote and celebration they Came to an agreement Friday night after Kevin McCarthy finally caved in to the Very reasonable and patriotic demands of The approximate 20 or so America First Members of Congress who were holding his Feet to the fire before they decided to Finally vote for him but we're not going To forget what sellouts like Sean handy Dan Crenshaw and other Rhino neoconscum Had to say about these Brave patriotic Members of Congress who worked to ensure That the swamp would hopefully someday Be drained Sean I understand the Frustration I promise you but I'm not Frustrated you didn't answer my question And we are hearing we are hearing Everybody frustrated this handful of Members is um Um you know they are enemies now that's Why those of us are saying like look you Pushed us into this corner so now we're Now we're saying we won't go for anyone But McCarthy that's why we're saying it

Because we cannot let the terrorists win That's basically what's happening just How insincere the insurrectionists are We might probably shouldn't use that Word the people that don't want to vote For Kevin Insurrectionists huh that's strange Because Fox news is starting to sound an Awful lot like CNN it's about just being Provocative it's about being in some Ways an anarchist in some ways an Insurrection certainly these last seven Holdouts absolutely yeah absolutely but Now like an abusive husband who sent Their wife to the hospital Sean Hanley And all the rest are pretending like Everything's fine the very next day and They didn't do anything wrong at all of Course now he's celebrating the Achievements that the holdout's got the Very ones that he was against just 24 Hours earlier now McCarthy also Reportedly agreed to add Freedom caucus Members for the all-important rules Committee he agreed to hold individual Votes on each of the 12 Appropriations Bills and exclude earmarks from any Bills he also agreed to hold a vote on Term limits for members of Congress and A vote on very specific legislation Surrounding border security security That is necessary and a vote on a Balanced budget amendment along with a 72-hour notice before holding a vote on

Any specific piece of legislation Wouldn't it be nice if they actually Read it before they voted on it now Other assurances Fox News contributor Ben Dominic who is married to John McCain's daughter Megan McCain was Amongst the clowns what a surprise the Way that they've gone about trying to Achieve these demands has resulted in Essentially this terrorist standoff Between them and the overwhelming Majority of people in their conference Dan Crenshaw The Reincarnation of John McCain almost cried over the backlash That he received for calling the Patriotic America First members of Congress terrorists and and look I've Been living through this for a while I'm Used to it by now people call me Terrible names it's commonly used as a Turn of phrase and they call me eyepatch McCain but when I clutched my pearls and People are like how could you Dan how Could you how could you dance oh how Could you Dan you call me Ryan you said I don't believe the the new note former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said Quote the handful of Republican Dissidents trying to block Kevin McCarthy could sabotage everything that Was promised to the American people in The election sabotaging America no That's what you and your Bohemian Grove Buddies have been doing behind closed

Doors and judging by this photo of you Inside the Bohemian Grove it looks like You had a good time doing it Mark Levin Is another one who was upset at the Brave Patriots who sacrificed their Potential future political careers to Try to help fix the problems in Washington DC he tweeted I bet Liz Cheney and Adam kinzinger would be Voting with the 19 as well Mark Levin is A slippery Creature if you call him a Neocon which he is he has a canned Response ready to reply no we're not Neocons what does that mean exactly Just another phrase you know for the Anti-semites oh you're Neil Connor Intervention all the time intervention No yes you and your buddies do want Foreign intervention all the time Especially to help protect uh certain Little country in the Middle East that The establishment is extremely fond of Neocons are sort of like rhinos there's A lot of overlap there but neocon Basically stands for a neoconservative Or a new conservative they're not like The old-fashioned boring conservatives They like to stick America's nose where It doesn't belong and get involved in All sorts of Wars over the Middle East Unlike the old traditional conservatives Or what really would probably be called Paleo conservatives now one of the Things that McCarthy reluctantly agreed

To is to set up a new church style Committee to investigate the corruption Of the FBI and other U.S intelligence Agencies now the church committee is the Committee back in the 1970s that Uncovered operation Mockingbird but the Original Church committee uncovered a Bunch of interesting things like the Cia's Frozen poison dart gun that the Agency is to get rid of people that they Didn't like and make it look like it was A heart attack without leaving a trace So I had to fight one time they wanted Me to find Um to find out if there was such a thing As um as a poison that was undetectable Especially one that seemed to mimic a Heart attack That would kill someone but it would Appear that they had a heart attack I Did find such a thing does this pistol Uh fire the dark yes it does Mr chairman And a special one was developed which Potentially would be able to enter the Target without perception the poison was Frozen into some sort of Dart and then It was shot at uh very high speed into The person so at when it reached the Person it would melt inside them and the Only thing would be like one little tiny Red dot on their body which is hard to Detect they wouldn't be a needle left or Anything like that in the person but Also the toxin itself would not appear

In the autopsy yes so that there was no No way of perceiving that the uh the Target was him that was back in the 1970s so you can imagine what kind of Technology they have today and who they May have used it on and thanks to the Brave patriotic America First members of Congress we may actually find out the Battle for the Speaker of the House Interrupted CNN's regularly scheduled Programming of them complaining about January 6th even though Friday was the January 6 two-year anniversary but of Course they did manage to fit some Coverage in here's old Joe commemorating The day that we'll live in infamy not a Joke If I can halt for a second and just say To you The impact what happened On July the 6th had International Repercussions beyond what I think any of You can fully understand July 6th hey Old Joe well at least as bad as things Are with millions of illegal aliens Invading the United States and Congress Giving away billions of dollars to Foreign countries despite us having no Money and being broke ourselves and Hollywood producing propaganda that's Worse than what you would see in Sodom And Gomorrah at least we still have Old Joe's gaffes to entertain us and if I Entertain you support my work this year

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