WATCH Ye STORM OFF After Host Merely Disagrees With Him

By | December 1, 2022

If you invite nazis onto your podcast, what do you expect to happen when you challenge them on their anti-semitic remarks? Jayar Jackson and Conscious Lee break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“During that 20-minute stretch, West offered a sprawling, aggrieved commentary railing against those he believes had harmed him, including but not limited to: a designer at Adidas who Ye is convinced was a CIA and somehow also a “Zionist” plant; Jamie Dimon; Hollywood executives; the Gap; his former trainer and also, in Ye’s mind a Canadian deep-state agent; and, of course, the fictional Jewish cabal in charge of both banking and media. “It was like American History X, like my head was on the side of the curb, and the exact people that I called out kick my head,” said Ye. The rapper also appeared to back Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, who similarly posted antisemitic material, and talked about the true “bloodlines” of Black people.”

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I I think I think they've been extremely Unfair to you who is they though we Can't tell you they can't press I'm not Using the I don't use the word as the Way I guess you guys use I'm talking to Them though isn't it I mean because no Because when you think about it consider It in 2018. what do I mean like uh uh Okay so how about Are you leaving Are you afraid of the press He's gone I'll say it right now Um Here's my pain here's my software I'm Gonna say I hear you and then he's gonna Say and it was Jewish people and I'm Gonna be like okay but don't you Consider it's like I'm not gonna do this Make sure he's cool all right go for it Yay's latest Um dramatic walk-off as he was talking To Tim pool there who has been described As pushback on his anti-semitic views And his one point there was I think it's The national media uh mainstream National media not necessarily the Jews He didn't get to that point he didn't Finish the sentence before uh Kanye took Off from there but you know what we Skipped over this whole thing yesterday Because yeah sure sure yeah yeah yeah Yeah he pushed back Kanye got mad we can Expect that but now that there's some I

Guess inner conservative fighting going On there Ali Alexander was not happy With the way Temple handled that five Seconds of the interview so he took it a Completely different way and he had some Criticisms that I still don't get watch This well all I'm saying I could say Some things tonight about Tim that would Get him investigated by the police Wow if anyone treats yay like I am going To destroy your life I will lose my salvation I will lose my Salvation I mean I mean it and I know I look look I'm not I and and and this is a whole Another conversation of like hey when You know that something's immoral happen What obligation do you have to report That to the public or not I'm just going To say this okay and and Tim has to know That I know this and I hope that Tim Clips this I hope I hope this clip goes To Tim If you treat Yay like a You know you're gonna go to jail you're Not gonna podcast you're gonna go to Jail okay you're gonna go to jail I will Own your Wikipedia page and I'll Never say a word Um from what we've seen there hasn't Been any information that uh we've seen That's been revealed by Ali Alexander That may lead to legal action against

Temple for whatever he's done but the One thing that I'm trying to figure out Is You can't treat Kanye like an n-word Without getting some consequences or Maybe he should or shouldn't I'm not Sure the point there and actually what Does it look like to treat someone like That do you have any answers inside on This conscious Hey just the thing I'm talking about my Language the thing that right here Right now You're trying to figure exactly where This is that he's going with this whole Thing but also there's always threats There's always Big announcements as we always seeing And I you have to try and figure out Where is this line between the grifting The money making the the name Recognition and the fights that are Supposed to be had in public versus the Reality behind any of this stuff because Again uh just like you heard him say at The end of that whole thing Uh you don't want to test me or or yeah Um I I I'm willing to lose my salvation Over this like these over-the-top types Of declarations about what is it's so Devastating if it's that devastating bro Why didn't you say it before no it took Kanye walking off of this interview if You'd be like I'm so mad

What bro let us know if it's there this Is the same guy who also said he time Travels so maybe he could have gone back In time and stopped that whole thing From happening so Kanye wouldn't be Treated that way by Tim Poole who Barely said anything let's keep it real Um uh so this other part about this Whole thing is that Tim Poole's seen as uh as this this Affected liberal but this is in in Reality this is within conservative Talkers and pundits having their battle Over I guess the control over Kanye's Approach and anti-Semitism or I guess Truth that they think he's spitting who Knows uh the battle continues and uh I Guess I'll be waiting for Ali Alexander To come up with some of those examples That are going to get Temple thrown in Jail [Music] That's wow It's it's utilized to win elections and They act like you believe in something That maybe you don't or just to convince Enough people of that