WATCH: Steve Hilton!

By | January 4, 2021

WATCH: Steve Hilton!

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The ruling elites seem to have lost Their minds In the last few days the language They’re using Treason sedition authoritarians and Autocrats The republican party dies on wednesday The jim crow caucus I’m principled but if you disagree with Me it’s because of your ambition It is all insane histrionic hype to try And boost their relevance I don’t know whether it’s because They’ve been cooped up for so long with These lockdowns Whether they’re just spending too much Time on twitter and their stupid cell Phones but honestly Get it together people this is america We deserve serious leaders who behave Seriously Right now the ruling elite are behaving With all the emotional maturity and Political sophistication of a teenager On instagram Moral preening vapid showboating Formulaic virtue signaling They’re just not serious policy that Helps people’s actual lives Is too boring for them instead they Hyperventilate about Treason and sedition it’s so much easier But at what cost to our civic culture It’s so divisive

So reckless these people are privileged To have A platform why can’t they use it Responsibly We have to lower the temperature we have To be able to talk about political Disagreements Without calling people traitors this Is what cnn was putting out this morning Traders sedition bloodless coup Here’s a fact check from law professor Jonathan turley widely respected on all Sides Who opposes the election challenge but Says this is not A bloodless coup it is making the same Challenge under the same federal law Previously used by democrats the Rhetoric is now Entirely untethered from reality exactly The establishment’s rhetoric is entirely Untethered From reality here are the facts Which are not disputed there is Widespread distrust of the election Four out of five republicans nearly 40 Percent of All americans 40 percent Many millions of independents even over 4 million Democrats what are all these people Dumb peasants brainwashed by trump’s Lies and fox news As the elite so insultingly claim come

On They just see what’s happened to our Voting system The election was two months ago yet we Still have Today congressional races without a Result They haven’t finished counting what kind Of banana republic dysfunction is that Ballot harvesting it’s supposed to be One person one vote not One union activist 156 votes What kind of banana republic corruption Is that No voting system that has legalized Ballot harvesting will ever be trusted We should not allow it for Any election anywhere but instead and Now we get To the heart of the distrust the Democrats have been pushing ballot Harvesting Everywhere they use the virus as an Excuse To bend the voting rules in their favor We know that because they pushed those Exact changes Long before the virus in pelosi’s Notorious hr 1 bill Back at the start of 2019 we were warned Repeatedly not least by the wall street Journal That the democrats multiple late changes To the rules would cause massive

Legitimacy problems especially in the Event of a close election Well the election was close forty three Thousand votes in three states Thirty thousand according to national Reviews andy mccarthy In five of the six battleground states Pennsylvania georgia wisconsin michigan And arizona Late changes to the voting system pushed By democrats Were made not by state legislatures as The constitution specifies But by courts commissions or the Executive branch these are facts Now democrats are angry this is all Coming to a head and that it’s Raining on biden’s parade well i’m sorry But you reap what you sow you’re the Ones who pushed Ballot harvesting you’re the ones who Pushed the changes to the system That were designed to help your party That were all in pelosi’s bill Long before the virus not trump not josh Hawley Not ted cruz not the republicans it was You the democrats Who did this to america not to mention Four years of conspiracy theories and Trying to overturn the previous election And now when anyone has the temerity to Point all this Out they’re the ones accused of

Undermining democracy Right now our country is facing two Historic crises One is the greatest public health Emergency in a century And the other threatens the health of Our democracy undermine democracy Undermining democracy We have to stop this it’s undermining Confidence In democracy what orwellian Double speak the actual undermining of Democracy would be to allow all this to Pass without protest Everything that stopped 2020 being a Fair election the democrats Partisan changes big media and big tech 100 Working for biden right now millions of Americans are so Angry about the presidential election They couldn’t care less about these Senate elections as far as they’re Concerned Unless trump is there to fight for them It makes no difference who’s in charge Of the senate anyway They think they’d get the same result Whether it’s mcconnell or schumer From washington the same result whether It’s pelosi or Boehner or biden what is the difference They’re all a disaster for decades Open borders endless war the rich get

Richer workers get screwed Big business boosted small business Crushed donors rewarded Jobs exported communities weakened china Empowered Don’t the ruling elite understand that Millions backed trump in 2016 In 2020 and back him now Precisely because he is a living Breathing tweeting rebuke To all of them and their pompous Incompetent corrupt establishment ways Now they go on tv to dance on trump’s Grave He has really divided the republican Party and which is four weeks left in His presidency Is president trump losing his grip on The gop is trump losing his grip On the party as president trump enters His final three weeks in office there Are signs that he’s losing his grip on The republican party What arrogance these pundits think the Party Is the politicians in congress no the Party is the people And they’re sticking with trump because He delivered results Jobs up inequality down earnings up Poverty down Wars ended borders defended china Confronted Wokeness resisted and if sticking with

Trump means sticking it to mitch they Think so much the better Mitch mcconnell is everything that’s Wrong with our political system At this point after all that’s happened The ruling elite’s total lack of Emotional intelligence Is just staggering people are furious About the election And furious about the ruling elites Catastrophically incompetent 2020. They utterly mishandled the virus failed To protect the vulnerable Shut down the country for a disease that For most causes Mild or zero symptoms close schools even Though children are vastly less affected And barely contribute to virus spread Arrogantly assumed they could Substitute government spending for the Real economy crushed small business Enriched billionaires and big business Then Turned literally everything they said About the virus on its head As they encouraged encouraged mass Gatherings now they continue with their Cruel counterproductive lockdowns Ignoring the science ignoring the data Spending yet more money we don’t have on Lockdown bailouts messing up the vaccine Delivered in record time thanks to trump By the way instead of using it to end The lockdown as soon as possible

By prioritizing the vulnerable they Waste doses on Young healthy people and tell us The lockdown must go on for most of the Year So please forgive us if after all that We never listen to a single word From the establishment experts and Politicians and Pundits ever again yes it’s vital To vote for david perdue and kelly lefla We need them re-elected But we also need a revolution In congress and throughout our political System a new Populist army to kick out the failed Establishment In america change comes from the people Revolutions come from the people So if you agree with what i’m saying you Have to run for office That friend or family member who’s Always saying how much better they do Than the idiots who get elected You have to tell them to run for office This is the moment to get started not Just to retake the house in 2022 but to Retake it With a conservative populist majority Here are some resources To help you has Training sessions To help grassroots candidates run for Office

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