WATCH: Stephen Miller’s New ‘White Racism’ Ad

By | November 4, 2022

Stephen Miller’s group is airing an ad focused on the made up concept of “white Racism”. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“An insidious radio ad campaign has reportedly taken hold in some of the most high-profile media markets of this midterm cycle, accusing Joe Biden’s administration of fomenting “antiwhite bigotry.” “When did racism against white people become okay?” asks a narrator, according to a recording obtained by Politico, before falsely accusing the White House of putting “white people last in line for COVID relief funds” and offering disaster aid “to nonwhite citizens first.”

A disclosure at the end of the radio spot states that it is funded by America First Legal (AFL), an organization spearheaded by none other than Stephen Miller, the former White House anti-immigration czar under Donald Trump, who, according to Politico, has quietly pushed these ads amplifying white grievances in parts of Georgia as well as in Tallahassee, Florida.”


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When did racism against white people Become okay Joe Biden put white people Last in line for coveted relief funds Kamala Harris said disaster Aid should Go to non-white Citizens First liberal Politicians block access to Medicine Based on skin color Progressive Corporations Airlines universities all Openly discriminate against white Americans racism is always wrong the Left's anti-white bigotry must stop we Are all entitled to equal treatment Under law America First legal paid for This ad America First legal airing that insane Ad in parts of Georgia and Florida Stephen Miller one of Trump's advisors And a well-known white supremacist uh is Behind this particular ad which if you Know anything about Stephen Miller it's The most unsurprising thing in the world But of course it is full of lies we like To provide the receipt so we'll go ahead And debunk decode everything that's in There before we do though I want to give You an opportunity to just knee-jerk Reaction to that adjane yeah it's three Quick things one is none of it is true And but You need a press that is willing to be Honest and say these things are true and These things are not true if you hear This ad do you understand that you're Listening to a Goddamn liar so hey I

Guess the Republicans have decided to Lie to you on purpose so that's weird Reaction number one reaction number two Is I've never seen an ad that Stokes Racial fear and racial hatred as much as That ad does all with lies and then Third thing I realized like all the ads Now are relatively diverse right so Whether it's an ad for Coke or Nike or Most political ads even the Republicans Will put in uh actors who are black or Asian instead of pretending that those Groups support them That ad was all white 100 I mean yeah Obviously because of the topic right but The second thing that it's showing you Is White people the Republican party is for You and you only And so it's as bad as it gets and will It get the kind of coverage we're giving It here overall will people realize hey If I see this ad I understand that the Republicans are the racist lying party No they won't get that at all tons and Tons of people will believe this app Yeah I mean look I I remember any time We covered a story involving police Brutality or a story involving let's say A black family getting their home Appraised for far less if you know the Appraiser knew that they were black Versus getting appraised for far more if The appraiser had no idea and thought

The owners were white anytime we would Cover those stories right wing would get Vicious about it they would accuse us of Race-baiting when we're Just reporting the news like this is What is happening in the country this is What you should know about no but they Project every time they speak because Race-baiting is what they do this is Race baiting and it's based on complete Lies so let's go through each lie one by One so the first uh part of the ad says Biden's restaurant relief program Excludes white male owners and then they Have this poor guy porschelep you know He's being denied obviously he's not Getting any of that relief program money Right except As we know based on where all the small Business money went to during covid a Lot of wealthy white business owners got That money but it doesn't matter right Like this is a lie so let's let's tell You what actually happened So they cite an article from um daily Wire which was written in May of 2021. On October 8th of 2021 Joe Biden did Discuss potentially prioritizing covet Aid to small businesses owned by people Of color and women but again they're Excluding important context okay This is what Biden actually said the Exact statement our Focus will be on Small businesses on Main Street that

Aren't wealthy and well connected that Are facing real economic hardships Through no fault of their own our Priority will be black Latino Asian and Native American-owned small businesses Women-owned businesses and finally Having equal access to resources needed To reopen and build so I think the full Context is important it wasn't Biden Saying like no we're not going to offer Nea to White business owners Yeah okay so two things about that yeah Remember the ad set it excludes all White male owners right exclusive Completely so first of all that's a Hundred percent lie and it's a lie on Two fronts as Anna pointed out uh other Than PPP which actually went to Generally speaking small to mid-sized Companies the first round of relief Actually went to Giant corporations yes That are run almost exclusively by white Males right now there's some minorities In there but not a lot okay so but the Idea that they were excluded is Hilarious they got the overwhelming Percentage of the money they got a lot More money this small business owners Did and then when you go to the small Business programs PPP Etc we've looked At that those rules a thousand times can White people apply of course can males Apply of course and whites and males Apply that they get a PPP yes 100 so

It but it doesn't have to be true it Just has to be like hey Biden said half A sentence that could be misinterpreted Good enough let's go yeah then that's Exactly what they did and look the Reason why Biden wanted to prioritize The specific small businesses that he Was referring to there is for good Reason according to data from the National Bureau of economic research African uh African-American businesses Saw a 41 drop in business activity from February until April of 2020 Latino Businesses saw a 32 percent drop and Asian businesses dropped by 26 percent Female-owned businesses saw a similarly Disproportionate effect with 25 percent Decrease in business activity that is in Contrast to a 17 decrease white business Owners have faced but even so Biden was Just saying that rhetorically this is What we say about Democrats all the time They never mean anything anyway so he Didn't actually prioritize them in any Way shape or form I'm positive the PPP Forms and every other aspect didn't even Mention race it wasn't like you could Check out I'm white male okay you go to The bottom of the list it has nothing to Do with it this whole thing is invented Including Biden's rhetoric about how He's going to help blacks and women First he they never did that they never Did that okay now let's get to the

Second one because actually before we Get to the second lie I need to give you some recent history Okay so there was a devastating Hurricane that took place in Florida uh Hurricane Ian if you can recall I was on Vacation when that happened but I was Following it very closely the reason why I was following it closely is because it Hit a place called Fort Myers where me And my family visit regularly almost Every year and that was that it was Completely devastated and I was very Happy to see how fast Biden was in uh Responding to Ron DeSantis declaring a State of emergency and providing upward Of 70 billion dollars in federal funding Meant to help Florida recover from that Devastation that's important to keep in Mind with that said with that said Here's the second lie They allege that Kamala Harris wanted Disaster Aid to go to non-white citizens First following hurricaneian not true at All at all not true at all the assertion Is also missing context in reality During a conversation on September 30th Of this year Harris uh was asked about Climate Justice generally and mentioned Distributing resources equitably to help Vulnerable populations okay so here's Their exact comment it is our lowest Income communities and our communities Of color that are most impacted by these

Extreme conditions and impacted by Issues not of their own making and so we Have to address this in a way that is About giving resources based on Equity Understanding that we need to fight for Equality but also Equity not everyone Starts out the same at the same place And sometimes we have to take into Account those disparities and do that Work I I don't I don't so what do they want Her to say I believe that the federal Money should further bolster the Finances of the wealthiest people in the Country that's where I think the age Should go to first I mean I wouldn't be Surprised if Stephen Miller genuinely Thought that okay so what she's saying Is hey let's not leave behind poor People uh generally speaking and Unfortunately disproportionately Minorities in this country uh when Things like this hit so She's not saying you know what finally Poor people are ahead of white people Wouldn't that be amazing in America but If you're poor it doesn't matter if You're white or black you know that's Never going to happen right so when she Asked for a little bit of equity and Equality for everyone concerned they're Like how dare you rich white people Should be first I want to clarify Something because this is important when

She made that statement she wasn't even Referring to Hurricane Ian either she Was just talking about the climate Emergency generally which does Disproportionately impact the lives of Low-income communities we know that yeah And and oftentimes they're the first uh To get wiped out as you see if you Remember the hurricane that Hurricane Katrina of course in New Orleans exactly It wiped out the poorest areas first That were disproportionately African-American and she's saying don't Leave those people behind let's go for Equity and equality they're like how Dare you say equality that means you Hate white people white people should Get something first now they didn't say It like that in the ad and said they Lied in that That's exactly right all right let's do One more real quick Um so the ad also has this portion that Reads whites may not be able may not be Eligible for antibodies and antivirals While non-whites are And they cite the Wall Street Journal on January 7th of 2022. uh let's all recall Brooklyn Ron DeSantis ensured that the Rollout of the vaccines in his State Went to his wealthy donors first before Anyone else Um obviously that wasn't mentioned in The ad but what was mentioned in the ad

Was in fact a lie the group has taken Some legal action on this claim earlier This year America First legal filed a Lawsuit in the state of New York against A Department of Health guideline for Covid-19 treatment that stated non-white Race or Hispanic Latino ethnicity should Be considered a risk factor as Long-standing systemic Health and Social Inequities Or inequal yeah inequities have Contributed to an increased risk of Severe illness and death from covid-19 I it's just demonstrably true it's just Demonstrably true but Stephen Miller Took that and twisted it in a way that Would Stoke more hatred more tensions More you know more of this divisive uh Racial stuff in the country on purpose Because that's what they do divide and Conquer divide and conquer that's it So here let me clarify this too uh so Contributed to a risk factor doesn't Mean you only give it to people of color Okay it never says that as always so let Me give you an example that is removed From covet at all so I happen to get a Skin disease that mainly affects uh Jewish people in the world I happen to Get it randomly okay it's not does it Exclusively affect Jewish people but it Predominantly affects Jewish people so Being Jewish is a risk factor for that Particular skin disease so the

Government's saying hey remember that And take that into account because we Don't want you to forget that that it's More likely to affect those particular People right it doesn't say Jane fuger Who isn't Jewish shouldn't be treated It doesn't say that at all if it did I'd Be livid right it just says remember That it's a risk factor and it is more Likely to affect this group and in the Case of covid unfortunately it's Devastating but for blacks and Latinos It affected them more it was a risk Factor by the way later you could say That hey being a republican was a risk Factor because they're more likely to be Dumbasses that didn't take the vaccine And are much greater danger and I would Have told doctors be careful if you're Seeing a republican you should pay more Attention to them because they're more Likely to be idiots who didn't take any Precautions and have greatly endangered Themselves okay by the way of course They would be livid about that okay but There are risk factors but the ad itself Saying like oh white people won't be Able to be treated in hospitals of Course 100 fabrication the hospitals Were like overwhelmed with Trump Supporting patients who refused to like Mask up and get the vaccine Every surge every single search I just Anyway all right so there it is I mean I

Don't know what good us debunking the ad Will do I don't know if any of the People who saw the ad are ever going to Come across this video but this is how Politics is done you have the right wing Engaging in the most vicious form of Lies and deceptions and then you have Democrats who just want to play patty Cakes and be civil thanks for watching The Young Turks I really appreciate it Another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to Interact with us more there's live chat Emojis badges you've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those are super fun but You also get playback of our exclusive Member only shows and specials right After they air so all that all you got To do is click that join button right Underneath the video thank you

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