WATCH: Sheriffs Wreak Havoc On Their Towns

By | December 30, 2022

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We need you to be the voice Of a democracy they'll survive Can survive if all you can do is pair it The political Narrative of the Establishment That is a democracy in the climate so Get back to reporting everything both Sides Passionately [Music] La Sheriff County Sheriff Alex Villanueva lost In his run against Robert Luna to be Connected to State Sheriff there uh and If you heard anything about Alex Villanue you've understood that uh it Was a reign of terror I guess unless you Were part of the groups that he was a Part of yeah we heard some pieces about This let's go into some of those though He lost that election wasn't feeling too Good but this is what he was doing when He was feeling pretty good it was a Four-year term and he ended after all This misconduct abuse corruption and all These scandals let's get into some of Those Villa Nueva faced increasing National Security uh for his frequent at Times weekly lashing out at politicians Community leaders journalists Whistleblowers Watchdogs and other law Enforcement officials who tried exposing Problems at the department Pause for a second since we were just

Talking about bad apples in police Departments uh some of the Good Apples I Guess that people assume are there we're Trying something every time a good Apple's tries something in the police Department they definitely get ousted Runoff and um told never come back here But when you do bad things you get Busted you just get hired somewhere else Think about how that tracks let's Continue on Under this regime he also had offices Engaging gang-related activity so Villanueva has also accused is also been Accused of engaging in the same kind of Cover-ups as his predecessors while the County's Inspector General has recently Identified dozens of current deputies Believed to be members of the officer Clicks or gangs which are known for Engaging in brutality Villanueva has Defied subpoenas to testify on this Issue and he also issued legal threats Aiming to prevent officials from using The term Deputy gang he doesn't like the Term uh maybe he should Do something about the actions also There was some uh beating of some Prisoners as well too it was a laundry List a whistleblower also claimed that He had personally directed A cover-up of An incident in which jail guards knelt On the head of a handcuffed man the Sheriff dismissed the allegations in the

Lawsuit and described former staffers Suing him and the department as you can Guess it disgruntled employees that That's uh that's always the case no Matter what from news organizations to Police departments anybody who Blows the Whistle or says this is what happened They're just disgruntled employees There's more because back in September He also rated a county supervisor's home You guys heard a little bit about this So back in September armed sheriff's Deputies raided the home of the County Supervisor Sheila Kuhl who serves on a Sheriff's oversight committee and has Been a vocal critic that's the problem LASD said it was investigating a county Contract and potential bribery and Seized her phone and personal computer But the LA District Attorney's office Said it was not involved in the search And it also investigated the claims last Year and found no cause for any charges You know and people have a right to be Safe in their homes they have a right For their property to be safe even when Part of their home may be torn away and These looters that's unacceptable Absolutely unacceptable I would highly Suggest that if a looter breaks into Your home comes into your home or you're There to steal stuff that you take your Gun and you shoot him you shoot him so That he looks like grated cheese because

You know what that's one looter that Won't break into anyone else's home and Take advantage of them when they're the Most vulnerable and the most weak This Chef Grady Judd talking about Looters coming to people's homes after Hurricane Ian make them look like grated Cheese keep that in mind shoot them on Site if you think they're looters shoot Them who cares when you give people Broad Authority like this you have no Idea in what under what circumstances Their mindset is in especially after Disaster and also who they think are Looters which has also of course been Influenced by Society too but I just Want to make a a small Point here Because I get Petty with these things Um if you shoot someone up they probably Don't like grated cheese that's more If You shred them they're going to look Like swiss cheese if you shoot them get It right first Grady anyways uh there's The another ironic part about this whole Thing though as you see he's talking About if you see someone approach your Door get to shooting them because it's Your door it's your domain