WATCH: Scummy Cop Berates Grieving Man In Park Holding A Vigil

By | December 10, 2022

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For my safety okay Uh what do you got going on out here What does it look like You want to be a smartass What does it look like you want to be a Smartass Reckless burning if you want to if you Want to go that route we can go ahead And push that route Reckless burning When you're burning something outside of An authorized area You want to go that route do you really Want to go that route do you really want To go that route The light is for my safety I don't know Who you are I don't know if you're a Criminal who's going to try to pull a Gun out on me or a knife or anything Like that That's what the light's for okay that's What they're there for that's why They're put on patrol Vehicles what's Right what's your name What's that I need to call you supervisor and this Is bothering me I'll put it up for you I'd appreciate it that's what my contact I was just gonna ask you nicely to do That but since you want to be a smartass And ask me what does it look like and Talk to me like I'm dumb I'm obviously Gonna push the other out It's pretty obvious that the problem Here is a police officer was

Disrespected in his mind so therefore Things escalated uh this man is in Longview Washington he was sitting on a Bench minding his own damn business Before this cop showed up slashed the Lighting him and then wondered if Someone would pull a gun on him guns Don't get pulled on you if you don't Approach folks that aren't bothering you Or anyone else so anyway goes uh this Continued on this Cop made this 31 year Old man again uh a ray Sean swaggerty Owens blow out these candles why were Those candles there you might ask he was Warning a friend who had died in a car Accident just a few hours before the Same day as we go through all this You're gonna find out the cops They know a lot more about them than They would reveal it at first so let's Let him uh continue on with this Harassment You want me to put it out I'm telling You Okay we're gonna have to put it up but Let me get your ID I'll put this out What's your name again Oscar Mora MRI Make sure you spell her out okay I'll put these candles downstairs You have ID on you Do but I don't need to give it to you Okay is that really the route you want To take sir Obstruction sitting on the bench

I'm not gonna head back to my vehicle Until you're identify anything wrong Nothing wrong I'm not gonna head back to My vehicle identify come over here press It wait on me Call your supervisor I got somebody else Coming out don't worry tell them I'm Pulling up Has some condolences for somebody Yeah forget about that one huh Yeah You feel tougher now by talking like That do you feel like you're this big Bad guy or this big badass by talking Like that I'm a badass actually okay If you've noticed he continues to go Back to you want to go this route I can Do this I can do that it's trying to Regain what he thinks he's lost his Control over the situation by Intimidation and telling what he can do Because I'm the authority here you know That boy that's this approach that's This energy and if someone doesn't agree With that or go along with that it gets Even worse let's get to details of what His why he's harassing him or what is That uh uh that uh swaggerty Owens was Doing there He gathered near this uh bench off Industrial Way with others on the night Of September 19th to mourn 26 year old Celeste Williams who had died in a Rollover car accident earlier that day

Near the Longview location where they Were he said the two were really close He said I've known her since I was in Diapers my whole point of being there Was because that was a friend keep all This in mind the mindset of the guy Sitting there on the bench while he's Being harassed because I wouldn't have Had this much control so raggerty Owens Said the loss of his friend was hard he Said he wouldn't his First Responders Using a winch to remove the car from the Water of a drainage slow and bystanders Rescuing the passengers trapped in the Mangled vehicle now that evening he said He and three of his uh friends brought Candles to the location for the vigil And he remained at the bench to overlook The candles as they burned so that Nothing would happen to them yo I got Chills just thinking about the energy in The situation the mindset you have to be And then he decided to stay because it's That important to him other friends that Were very close with them all decided to Leave he was the last one there and this Is how he ends his night [Music] Yes sir I do what is your suspicion it Looks like you're carrying a gun in your Back pocket I'm stopping to make sure You're carrying it properly you don't Have to ensure that it's not a firearm No you keep turning so I can't

Yeah you are what's your name and date Of birth it doesn't not matter yes sir It does do you have a crime would you Like me Right here all right Don't you know Mr Jim Hodges down in Florida He's a a vision impaired man he was Walking down the street minding his own Damn business before this officer rolled Up on him and asked him about that What's that big white stick figure gun Thing in your back pocket because it Looks just like a gun He didn't have much patience for this Cop so that was his first offense Luckily she did have a supervisor show Up as he saw him approach this must have Gotten straightened out by the Supervisor because he has more Responsibility and actually maybe a Cooler head right Watch okay I don't need the idea a Reasonable articulated suspicious and I Have committed a crime and committed a Crime and are about to do a crime sir And her suspicion was that you were Armed okay she's asking me for your ID Well now she is You don't need it okay Okay Sir I don't have a wallet on me okay Where's your ID Which fog you're not allowed to search

It In this pocket Hey thank you I want your names and badge numbers