Watch Republicans Get TRIGGERED By Flags

By | November 2, 2022

OAN host, Alison Steinberg, screams into the wind. Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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What the hell is that Huntington Beach Is the town of good old-fashioned Hard-working American people the people That worked all through the covered Lockout yes that’s right that’s right Huntington Beach never shut down to any Of the covet nonsense and now we’re Peddling this garbage what the hell is This Grace to our city take it out Immediately whoever the hell is running This town needs to be fired make America Great again make Huntington Beach What now when I saw that flag I wondered Why the more inclusive flag which looks Like this wasn’t flying but evidently Others notice it and go oh I know it’s Pride month but record what I’m about to Say wait wait let me do another take This time stand over here so you can get Me at a better ankle now I didn’t know Who she was I’m sure she’s killing it Doing better than me but this is Allison Steinberg Tommy lahren Laura Ingram Jr Jr she’s an oan contributor Newsmax Fox News junior junior I’m just chilling Oh he’s probably calling for backup Because I’m a terrorist he must be so Scared because I’m not wearing a mask Oh no what are they gonna do I can see them all How wowing together in the back to Figure out what they’re gonna do with me I will never submit Alison Steinberg had

This reaction after coming home to Huntington Beach to find the city flying A pride flag I have no idea what this Flag has to do with covet in the city Remaining open when the rest of the Country was on lockdown back in the Spring of 2020. Huntington Beach is the Town of good old-fashioned hard-working American people additionally is she Saying that the lgbtq plus Community Doesn’t work hard I hope not but I Assume so because she originally posted This response on Instagram but later Deleted it so this article says I didn’t Want to visit her Instagram page and Have the IG algorithm think I like this Kind of content all Regis is firemen and All the blue and those types of things Are police oh that’s what’s up green for Military and Is there a black lives matter one no I Don’t I just Dissed myself out of that that Loop you Just kept yourself out of like the whole Black lives matter Loop yeah Yeah again relabeled everything quirky Curiosities And I’m assuming Trump orange was the Flag color that escaped her memory she’s Playing this little not gonna touch BLM With a 10-foot pole and sell their gear Out of respect for her emotionally Fragile customers that’s rich

Right-wingers don’t give leftwingers any Space for feelings they just insults us First with their ignorance over the Meaning of socialism But she doesn’t want to get political Everything’s political and she knows That I want to know who’s getting stressed Out by BLM what is so goddang Inflammatory about recognizing black People or people she’s just thinly Veiling how she really feels about black People taking a moment to ask us if we Care about them the more political Things it’s just best to stay out of it Yeah blm’s a little too political well I Think so I can tell what side which what You do what what do you think I do well Because I keep pushing the BLM Very much support yeah It’s the best yeah it is the best yeah

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