WATCH: Racist Drunk Assaults College RA

By | December 14, 2022

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No [Music] [Music] I'm just trying to purchase yep Do you mean [Music] Thank you That's an indication of when keeping it Racist goes absolutely wrong as you see Cops showed up there this is at the University of Kentucky as you see one uh Student there her name is Sophia rosing Battling with a couple of other students There no those are not her friends Trying to get her to her room because She's so drunk out of her head that she Has to get some rest no those are one of Them at least was working that Particular dorm area or apartment area And then racial slurs were tossed all Over the place the reason why there's Lots of mutes there because she Continuously called this student An Inward and a constantly Constantly constantly it's almost like You couldn't come up with anything else To say or she was drunk or she's just a Flat-out racist before we go to all of These uh consequences that are coming Her way let's look at how this whole Thing started though because that was The end once the cops finally showed up This is how she got started in fighting With this one woman

What I had to deal with that work [Applause] [Music] I hope [Music] [Music] Here rich Miss Sophia has a bit of a reputation There was someone else as it started Catching fire another Tick Tock user Said I know Sophia in fact I work with Her here's a story she has to her it Worked I have actually had the pleasure of Working with this girl all semester and Can say that this does not surprise me Whatsoever literally since the first Time I've met her I've always said that There was something off about her and I've had to report her multiple times For being extremely disrespectful to me Like I've never been this blatantly Disrespected in my life I've sent Upwards of 17 different screenshots of Messages of her being just blatantly Hateful to me to our bosses she's made Multiple comments about people of color This will continue to pick and pick at Me trying to get me to fit a stereotype That she has a black woman in her head And because I wasn't giving her the Reaction that she wanted or expected she Just continued to do it so now know that We have tangible evidence that this girl

Is not only disrespectful but also Blatantly racist the university needs to Do something wrong Oh we're getting there consequences time Here's our mug shot first of all because She was arrested as you saw in that First video there's Miss Sophia uh I'm getting our last thing already doing Reading or something like that Um let me get it right Sophia rosing I'm Sorry there's our mug shot there from The Fayette County Detention Center she Was booked at the Fayette County Detention Center at around 3 50 a.m on Sunday morning the charges there include Alcohol intoxication in a public place Disorderly conduct fourth degree assault And third degree assault that one being On the police officer I think I think he Caught it a lot less than those uh two Students did but still uh here's uh First off you guys know this is an image Of them Candace and her buddy Kanye I'm Sorry Candace and yay hanging out with Their favorite shirts on as we saw them Fashion them for uh Fashion Week showing Them all for everyone to buy except Where would that money go We also talked about how they dropped Those uh shirts off on skid row because No one was buying those damn things or Actually they were getting a lot of Negative attention but still maybe some Hateful people will spend their money on

It uh this is how it all went down Though let's go to graphic uh three here You guys the host as they mentioned were Gifted this intent to use trademark from A long time Anonymous listener of their Show Civic Cypher this Anonymous owner Believed that the social Justice-oriented radio hosts Whose show Is nationally syndicated would be able To leverage the phrase for black causes Though such as helping to inject funding Into local chapters of black lives Matter in the NAACP nothing like maybe Hateful money going to something that's Good the exact opposite of the hate that People are trying to push including yay Here as well but also they did point out What exactly what is that they wanted to Do uh with the phrase and a wise whole Thing about Kanye being the artist and Designer behind all this stuff is a bit Of nothingness let's let them keep Talking about it well Um at present we plan to do nothing Um nothing is plenty uh as you can Imagine Um we have lawyers advising us on how to Best protect the the trademark so Um it will not be used to hurt harm uh Trigger uh any any people Seeing that phrase on a t-shirt like Imagine I'd like to paint a picture Sitting on your porch and someone Walking up to your home with a

Confederate flag over one shoulder a Trump flag over the other shoulder uh Make America great again hat on a T-shirt that says white lives matter on The front and that says slavery was a Choice on the back and imagine that Person holding a bullhorn and saying Through it George Floyd was not killed By police but he died from a drug Overdose imagine how that would make you Feel and then explain to me why I should Feel different because the person Wearing all of that stuff is a creative Genius Um I think they have a pretty good point a Pretty damn good show