WATCH: Nick Fuentes LAUNCHES Soda Into In-N-Out

By | January 11, 2023

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Thank you [Music] Bigot Neo-Nazi and uh yay's best friend Nick Fuentes decided to have a little Burger out while he's in Los Angeles in Fact in Hollywood at that in and out Burger there he's like this is a Touristy spot you know I always wondered What the Special Sauce was in those Burgers so he went in there as you see Slinging drinks at people those two guys Were actually with him that's who caught The Sprite on the back uh this whole Thing started because uh apparently a Couple who recognized Fuentes and didn't Like the fact that he's a huge bigot and The Nazi and goes around telling uh Folks like him that they can go ahead And engage in violence They were upset at him in fact they Filmed themselves throwing ketchup at Him as they left the restaurant watch This It is Nick Fuentes he pretended that it Wasn't him But it's really him What the Quinton you were racist So after getting called out and yelled At Ketchup was tossed he got upset took Several minutes to process it then Decided to throw his drink on his Buddies in fact one of those buddies uh

Talked about it and uh since people were Saying yo Nick Fuentes walking and Started throwing sodas he said no no That wasn't the case that Nazi came in And he was attacked first watch that Before this goes viral I know this is Going to look bad on Nick Fuentes you Can see him throwing a Sprite in the in And out but if you look at the ceiling Right here you see there's ketchup all Over that's because some lady and her Husband came up to us flipped us off and Then threw the ketchup all over me and Nick mostly Nick I just wiped it out of My hoodie and he retaliated with the Sprite that's actually what happened we Were attacked first and we told him to Go away they went away and threw ketchup At us he should not have thrown a Sprite But that's the truth then it's all over My favorite hoodie man Well that guy had the hoodie right there With the backpack on said it was tried To straighten up the whole thing there When it came to who started the food Fight that Nick Fuentes then engaged in That included his buddies and um he Mentioned my favorite hoodie of all time That guy's name is snico Uh he was hanging out with Fuentes uh He's the newest member of this band of Idiots I suppose that surround Themselves with Kanye but he's the one Uh who's then joining them on this whole

Campaign if you can call it that for President that yeah he's talking about But The whole thing with him pretending to Be someone else was part of this Cowardice when he comes out and sticks His face in public hey be proud of who You are bro I thought you're Supreme Let's go to those details so before that Drink toss Fuentes had apparently been Confronted by diners and initially Pretended to be someone else which you Heard those folks saying in that video The customers then threw ketchup-filled Paper cups at him while walking out and He lashed back with that whole drink Thing uh police were not called to the Scene though and Fuentes left shortly After throwing that drink so more on Sneako as since I pointed him out and He's just I'd never heard of him Apparently he's well known enough that He's hanging around Nick Fuentes uh so He's a racist YouTuber as well according To uh The Daily Beast who achieved Internet infamy by urging pedestrians to Say the n-word he's joined the ranks of West's expanding in formal 2024 Presidential campaign his name is Nico Ken the Boston Maisie Ballin thaisy Better known as snico he said on Monday Night that he's taking a Hiatus from Live streaming to focus on his new role With the anti-semitic rapper yay here he

Is in this picture that we saw when uh Yay was Announcing his upcoming presidential run With Milo then recording him and there's Sneakers sitting over there in the right Side of the corner As you can see there's a line of uh Senators and congressmen Republicans and Democrats lined up these Are the family of uh Brian sicknick who Was one of those officers who died after The January 6 attack look at the Handshake line and look who they're Skipping Mr McConnell skipped over Kevin McCarthy skipped over by all members of That group Why might you ask I think you already know we've seen the Response from any Republicans as it Comes from the January 6 hearing of the Committee talking about what happened The push from Donald Trump of how much He hates these folks and from Magda in General as they turn around then go but We support the blue back the blue except For these blue because these blue were The ones trying to stop us from Overturning an election flipping Democracy in the country either way it Goes uh as you guys know that now again Brian sicknick he then passed away after Suffering Two Strokes after that ride And after the attack that went directly On him in multiple multiple different

Ways so you can understand why they Wanted nothing to do with these folks Who continue to support Donald Trump or At least silent about his extreme push Further to want to then terminate the Constitution which he said last week Let's look a little closer look at that Handshake line though And maybe the thoughts that are running Through Mitch McConnell's mind as he Continues to try to have some kind of Human contact but that just ain't Working no more bro watch this again Awkward maybe no there's a wave Me Maybe at this point he realizes They're not messing with me anymore Oh What a Sad old Turtle Man This is the thing though Um Miss McConnell has I feel like he's Been in these situations before people Have snubbed him people have called him Out directly people have asked some Questions on on uh cable news uh shows And he continues to go with this just Like he's this incident figure who won't Say much still won't say Donald Trump's Name he started a couple press Conferences this past week talking about Things like determination of the Constitution if you want to do this this And that these people can't run and Become president of the United States Say his name then bro you're still Cowardly and everyone knows it say

Nothing or then say the whole thing Because nothing else to make you look Worse and then these types of things Happen