WATCH: Lauren Boebert Makes A Complete Fool Of Herself

By | November 2, 2022

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I’m Lauren bobert a mom a small business Owner a defender of Freedom here’s what I know [Music] Madison Hawthorne he said that he would Arm wrestle me uh for this uh Kyle Rittenhouse internship but Madison cawthorne has some pretty big Guns and so I would like to challenge Him to a Sprint instead let’s make this Fair [Music] Life hell on Earth with their Envy Wonton killing I don’t know what a Wonton killing is I’m gonna have to look that one up [Music] But it sounds interesting and I don’t Think I want to be a part of it I don’t Know who’s running the federal Government these days uh Joe Biden or Prince John uh from uh uh Prince John The church is supposed to direct the Government the government is not Supposed to direct the church that is Not how our founding fathers intended it That was a United States congresswoman Just revealing how unbelievably ignorant She is about our system of government And our constitution yes that was Lauren Bobert it’s not like she’s uh failed to Embarrass herself publicly before but This really Takes the Cake because The separation of church and state is in

The first amendment in the Constitution First Amendment to the Constitution Specifically mentions that the federal Government shall not endorse religion Look it’s possible that Republicans are All illiterate that they can’t speak English so they can’t understand simple Words what part of Make no law respecting an establishment Of religion do you not understand You know there’s another clause in the Constitution too it says there shall be No religious test sorry quote no Religious tests shall ever be required As a qualification to any office or Public trust under the United States Well part of that is unclear now I do Have some colleagues on the hill who Have just like me offered Kyle Rittenhouse an internship in their Office and uh you know Madison Hawthorne He said that he would arm wrestle me uh For this uh Kyle Rittenhouse internship But Madison cawthorne has some pretty big Guns and so I would like to challenge Him to a Sprint instead let’s make this Fair Oh my God So Madison cawthorne she He’s partially paralyzed and is in a Wheelchair so challenging him to a Sprint because you’re concerned about His big guns and don’t want to do an arm

Wrestling match just think about what You’re going to say before you say it Like just yeah but maybe she did I They’re very weird people I don’t know Maybe they know each other maybe it’s a Weird joke that they make I I at this point I don’t even care like It’s it’s the fifth weirdest offensive Thing that she said today I don’t know Maybe it’s a thing between them I have No idea I want to start really with two words Let’s go Brandon The two words of let’s go Brandon Pretty incredible she can’t even count To three yet she’s in Congress and Decided to open her speech with the very Light thank you for having me it’s an Honor and F the president of the United States in her first sentence All broke loose rampant In grasping vicious backstabbing They made life hell on Earth with their Envy wonton killing I don’t know what a Wonton killing is I’m gonna have to look that one up But it sounds interesting and I don’t Think I want to be a part of it Oh they’re not laughing with you That’s the worst part they’re not Laughing with you okay so wonton Is different from wanton which is Probably what she meant to say but it is Lauren bobert so who knows

Wanton okay so wanton cruelty that’s Probably what she was referring to right Jank uh so in the case of you know Murder killing people uh it’s different From wonton as in Chinese dumplings That’s what oh that’s wontons you’re Seeing in that bowl right there but if You’re on stage they never do their Homework doesn’t it bother you guys you Know like if I see a Democrat clowning Himself like I don’t know what a wonton Killing is I’ll have to look it up later Super embarrassing okay don’t do that Look it up earlier right but right Wingers don’t get embarrassed they like They kind of celebrate the ignorance and No no Jake She’s never read the Bible like that was Her first time I don’t know who’s Running the federal government these Days uh Joe Biden or Prince John uh from Uh uh uh Prince John but they’re taxing Us into poverty Oops I mean if you’re going to mention Uh some Monarch or some Prince you Should maybe double check make sure that That person exists but who knows look People have been very harsh very tough On representative bobert it’s a little Unfair yeah because uh there are some Prince John’s out there maybe you’re the Ignorant one I think what she was really Referring to was the prince of tyt

Prince John There he is Oh It’s a nice crowd for a prince honestly I’ll take it okay so now we understand What that’s about thank you for that I Love you didn’t connect the dots I don’t Look particularly happy to be Prince I Mean duh you’re a prince like prince Princess never look happy it’s like Being VP it’s like what real power do You have honestly so are you are you Leading the country is that what’s Happening uh I I have checked and it Turns out I have actually shockingly Little political power power of any sort Actually

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