WATCH: Laura Ingraham on “Trump’s Triumphs”

By | December 19, 2020

WATCH: Laura Ingraham on ”Trump’s Triumphs”

Trump’s triumphs that’s the focus Of tonight’s angle as i close out this Year I thought it was super important to Reiterate just how Fortunate we were to have had a President like donald trump for four Years Now forget the savagery of his critics The rank media bias And of course the controversy Surrounding the 2020 election mail on Ballots Set that aside for just a moment and Just focus On what president trump against Incredibly strong Headwinds did for our economy Today more than six weeks after election Day The new york times believe it or not Published a piece confirming How much trump’s policies helped our Factory workers The focus in that article was on the Carrier plan in indianapolis Now it seems like a lifetime ago when in February 2016 A carrier executive made an announcement About the fate of the storied Became enterprise that the best way to Stay competitive And protect the business for long term Is to move production

From our facility in indianapolis To monterey mexico But then populist pro-american worker Donald trump Made it his personal mission after he Won the presidency To ensure that carriers save these American jobs And keep its factory in the united States Indiana is the home of carrier air Conditioning which is leaving for mexico That won’t happen if i’m president Carrier will not be leaving indiana if I’m president you are one of the people Whose jobs were saved Yes yes do you thank donald trump for This yes Yes did you ever think it would happen No Even on thanksgiving when when we heard That there was a tweet that Carrick donald was talking to carrier i Was like we’ve already started taking Measurements They’re gone and there’s no way No way but yeah he did it oh my gosh i Watch that it makes me want to cry Now almost five years later its workers Are logging long days And the plant is thriving but With globalist joe biden waiting in the Wings the workers now have a foreboding Feeling

About what the future will hold some of Us think they’re stockpiling Equipment so they can close the factory Later That’s a worry that has only intensified For workers like paul roell A trump supporter who fears that after The president leaves office Carrier management will dust off old Plans to move the factories 1050 jobs to mexico Trump’s the reason we have our job and As long as he was in office We were safe mr rawls said we don’t have The leverage anymore Well i’m sorry to say uh the workers There they’re instinct Spot on china and other low-wage Countries Including mexico they’re licking their Chops eager to gobble up the last of our Great american factories And with them good paying jobs they’ve Already gotten the eu To agree in principle that china has to A major investment agreement that was Just announced And now they’re acting aggressively Targeting against Australia with disproportionately Massive Tariffs leveled and levied by beijing So if joe biden if he didn’t want to Lose to china

He shouldn’t have signaled that he had Every intention of trashing trump’s America first trade agenda The eu well they’ve decided to throw in With the global winner And with trump out of the way that Winner is china Now in this scenario the rich International conglomerates They’ll get richer wall street they’ll Get a lot richer too As they all engage in ruthless global Arbitrage without one Wit of concern when entire american Industries Are dismantled and shipped overseas Isn’t Globalization wonderful you know that’s What they’re gonna say they’re gonna say Look at all these cheap products we have Toys are so cheap and you can buy a pair Of pants for You know four dollars what a travesty Biden will merely be a passive manager Of our decline As we outsource not just jobs but our Entire future But back to trump’s triumphs this week’s Stunning economic news from the federal Reserve That was completely lost or ignored by The lame stream press I’m talking about the fed’s projections For the u.s economy

Which in convenient timing exceed its Projections From just a few months ago as the fall Campaign season got underway Now we find on page two of this document That the change in real gdp For 2020 is now projected to be negative 2.4 percent That’s an improvement from the Prediction of negative 3.7 percent in september in other words What will be an economic disaster for Much of the world including europe Will be only a mild recession for Americans under trump Trump the republican governors who kept Things open and the american people Saved the u.s economy and the Unemployment rate for 2020 is projected To be 6.7 percent that’s an improvement From the 7.6 percent they were Predicting back in september Again this figure would be much worse If we had listened to team lockdown The fed projects a booming economy over The next two years 4.2 percent growth in 2021 and The 2023 unemployment rate should be Down They say to 3.7 percent in short President trump has effectively solved The problems created by the pandemic He said would develop a vaccine by the

End of the year and we did He said would ensure that that cure Wasn’t worse than the disease And looks like he did that too he’s left Biden with vaccines and an economy That is set to boom if that boom doesn’t Happen We’re all going to know who’s to blame Now it’s odd that all these numbers These Revised projections they got so much Better after the election isn’t that Weird Now it might it have been nice for us i Think so the voting public to have known These Incredible facts and revised numbers Before the election you bet But we know how the media operates Highlight any and all developments that Could have a negative impact on the President And bury the good news that reveal just How difficult Life would become for regular people Regular working people Once again under joe biden yeah we’re Going to be building back better all Right but unfortunately It will be happening in china not here Certainly not in places like Indianapolis Where i’m afraid that carrier plants Days are numbered

And to all of you georgians you’re Getting ready to vote maybe you already Have In those senate runoff races you all Should be asking yourself Which senators will be more likely to Support policies That make it harder to ship jobs Manufacturing jobs Overseas and which senators will make it Easier to do so Also which senators will work to Preserve all other good paying jobs Including Those that relate to the oil and gas Industry Well i think you know the answer And tonight i want to say thank you to President trump For what you did for the forgotten man And woman across this country and for American industry And also for the families that don’t Want handouts They want a government that works for Them they want the dignity Of decent wages for a full day’s work The last four years are a prime example Of what a president Should be doing for the people you may Be brash at times and the liberals don’t Like that mr president But you’ve got things done you put America first

And that is what’s truly important Merry christmas to all of you and merry Christmas to the entire trump family for What they sacrificed Over the last four years and that’s the Angle

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