WATCH: Home Depot Vigilantes Rough Up Thief

By | January 20, 2023

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[Music] Scumbag He just walk out with all me [Music] You're not walking off please [Music] [Music] All right Uh neighborhood watch apparently was out In Vermont uh they took upon themselves To attack assault and stop this thief Here from running out of a Home Depot With all that power equipment uh let's Go to some GS really fast because police Charge Timothy Shaw the guy who was Stealing there he's 42 years old of Rutland Vermont with grand larceny after That November 26th incident according to A Vermont State Police spokesperson Shaw Who appears to have been assaulted in The video declined to press charges I Wonder why because he had like a Thousand fifteen hundred dollars worth Of equipment in that basket there Obviously stealing uh he's uh he Declined to do that obviously because he Was going through all that he was Arrested after the Home Depot incident And is not being held without bail on Numerous charges stemming from a November 22nd incident yeah different From that November 26th one in which he Allegedly pulled a knife on employees While trying to steal for a tractor

Supply in Rutland It's going to an affidavit written by Ted Washburn who's a deputy police chief So this guy continues to try and steal This particular time uh uh uh these you Know neighborhood watch guys came up Assault to them because that's what we See the cops do and ended the whole Thing I see how the whole thing works uh But there's a little bit more though Because they had a uh the police had This whole uh interaction about this Because they know the guy and they've Had to deal with this over and over and Over again here's that here's what the Uh the police response was uh Shaw who Has five previous felony convictions as Well as 22 misdemeanors is well known to Rutland Town Police so that so too is This Home Depot video they know all About this guy where Shaw got the best Kicked out of him uh by would-be Contractors is what Ed Dumas the Rutland Town police chief said uh when asked About that whole incident there so they Know about it they don't I guess they Don't really care that much I mean the Guy keeps stealing uh maybe it's the Legislator this is what the cops Continue to say maybe it's the Legislator would let us change the bail Laws back so when that guy steals from Three different businesses and one day We could put him in jail that wouldn't

Happen we do not like arresting the same People four times in one day for the Same crime once you understand that Frustration Jordan I get it um and I think maybe some of These bail laws changed because of the Extreme amount of time people spend in Prison or in just in jail between the Time they arrested to the time they Actually get to their Speedy uh and fair Trials that never are speedy and Sometimes are fair Chase Capitano who's 28 years old he allegedly got into a Tulsa with an officer monitoring the Demonstration he was monitoring you guys The demonstration that was held on Saturday at the Stavros uh nyarkos Foundation library and was arrested a Day later by the New York Police Department police said that Mr Capitano Was visiting visiting the library but Was not there for the drag event when he Abruptly got into the conference into The conversation with these protesters Now uh Mr Capitano uh katapano excuse me I'm screwing up this man's name has Suffered from bipolar disorder since he Was a child that's according to his Father so despite all this stuff and Despite them uh then showing up and I Guess galvanizing the protesters flank In their line against folks that are There to read and Maybe here's some story time

Uh instead uh these showed up and Arrested this guy for being upset at Them Um this is the scene there I'm an off Duty cop how dare you touch me well what Are these guys doing what are they there To do we saw just a week a couple weeks Ago in Ohio what these guys are there to Do and I guess the only difference is is The ones in Ohio were carrying long Rifles like this remember this watch Well hey look we don't have any problem You guys being out here um Practicing you know safe Firearms Everybody's got their muzzle down I'm Happy to see that I don't have any issue With that the big issue that we want to Make sure is that you know And then if there are any pedestrians That are coming through that we're you Know facilitating them getting through