Watch Heartless Corporations Fire Employees In Under 30 Seconds

By | January 18, 2023

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Hi Um thanks for jumping on Um so I'm actually here to inform you That today is your last day at Captivate Um we've determined that this is no Longer a critical role for the company Um and are eliminating the position and We very much appreciate all the work That you've done during your time here Your account will be shut down during The meeting and you will no longer have Access to any Captivate own systems Um we do have some off-boarding Logistics to go over with you and so I'm Gonna actually drop from the call now And hand it over to Danny from HR so That you can we'll answer everything but You know the questions that you may have After the meeting A woman there posted on Tick Tock of This call that she had with her company As they laid her off one of the most Devastating things that many folks have To go through and how quickly it Happened and that uh one particular Woman they said it took like 29 seconds For the firing to happen and then it led Then to an HR person who then jumped on The head maybe a little bit more of a Cordial or concerned conversation with Her let's watch that aspect of this It sucks now I'm gonna lie like really Enough because to talk to them yesterday So real

I know you would you don't hold any of The blame real Ity Trying to review the information that's Been sent over to you and um So does it mean that I should this Computer off and be done like or am I expected to answer more emails After this like you'll have no more Expectations great love that for me Thank you so much Again uh the fact that her mindset then Was do I have to do any more damn work Here because she's still in that mindset That's how we are and that's how people Are beholding to these types of jobs and As you hear the devastation in her voice There's more to this but Miranda um I Don't know if you've had to experience Things like this or know anyone that has But I'm not sure the best approach here Um but it probably isn't bad No it's literally the least amount of Cake of care you can put Possible and To give a two-week notice if you leave a Job so that they have time to find Someone to replace you and you just know That the decision to get rid of her Position took weeks if not maybe months That they had time to think about it They had time to decide they were going To get rid of the position and they gave

Her zero time to find another job and a Lot of people live paycheck to paycheck This is their literally their worst Nightmare this feels like it should be Something that's illegal because if you Can't find a job to immediately replace The job you had that can completely Uproot your entire life moving forward [Music] [Applause] [Music] Any place [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Jesus what rally is this and Where's Donald Trump Um these guys are actually looking to Sell sell sell sell sell always be Selling have no ego kill or be killed oh You don't I almost got to that point but There is definitely this feel of a Militarization of these folks looking to Sell sell what the hell are they selling Jesus this is all done by the Elliott Group And they teach folks how to effing sell Here's some of their uh some details of What they're about the LA group is the Fastest growing Automotive Sales Training company in the world bro Andy And Jacqueline Elliott started their Sales training company in 2011. the LA

Group is currently doing business in 127 Different countries and it's growing Like wildfire with their high energy 21st century training this is again from The Elliott group So the company also was run by Andy Which we saw there screaming in the Middle of that uh uh video there and his Wife Jacqueline here meet Andy he's the Founder He starts selling cars when he was 18 Years old and he realized fast that Without uh sales training he would never Be more than average at best Let's jump down to the bottom because he Said he's awesome he really dedicated And became a super super salesman and he Broke the record in the U.S for the most Money made as a car salesman at 715 000 In one year here meet Jacqueline his Wife she's just as badass as he is she Started selling Carlson she was 21. man He got three years on her and broke Every record in her store selling cars Then she moved to the finance department And dominated shattering all Company-wide records and she ran numbers So damn high that they would try to Change her pay plan every three months Because of the insane numbers that she Was running I have no ego damn it but Together they put their whole thing Together and now they teach people how To do this as well let's watch more from

Their seminars because they teach you How to sell watch Ing it I grew up that way okay I grew up That way I didn't have anybody [Music] You know what's even worse than that I Look at some of your faces and you don't Understand how important it is and I'm Telling you right now you're still like This [Music] You're making excuses What if you just said can I get a better Price and I'm like uh I don't know we Only mark them up a couple Oh see now I've given you hope for a better deal do You feel me what does he want now I want A better deal and now he smells blood Okay what's he gonna do he's gonna go in For the kill and you're gonna get Slaughtered son because you gave me hope