WATCH: Fetterman SHORT CIRCUITS on CNN As Don Lemon Interview Goes South With Simple Questions

By | November 2, 2022

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During an interview on CNN Tuesday, John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, continued to stumble over his words when discussing inflation and whether or not his medical records should be released to the public.

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Thank you [Music] Jesus hey god what the hell happened I Don’t know [Music] What is this running Diagnostics testing Its logic Circle a classic film Well it is related to John Federman He’s short circuits on CNN we’re going To show to you it happened during a Don Lemon interview that went South after Just a few simple questions And just when he thought it was safe to Go back on CNN fetterman stumbles again While answering questions from Don Lemon After his debate disaster I’m Gary Franchi your freedoms at stake at the News that impacts America tap subscribe Right now and help us to preserve it It’s been a tough few weeks for John Fetterman who just can’t seem to pull it Together after his disastrous debate Performance against Dr Oz he’s now Faltering while answering simple Questions from the media this is not Good news for a campaign that’s already On life support during an interview on CNN fetterman the Democrat candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania continued to Stumble over his words when discussing Inflation and whether or not his medical Records should be released to the public The New York Post reports as fetterman Continues to recover from a stroke he

Suffered in May Use a closed captioning monitor during The interview He faces the GOP celebrity heart surgeon Dr Oz while speaking to Don Lemon Fetterman dropped words and appeared a Struggle to complete sentences as he did During the debate with Oz The Daily Caller reports in response to a question About what he thought was causing Inflation one of the top issues on Voters Minds heading into next week’s Midterm elections veterans strangely Began talking about Tax cuts watch What do you think the biggest cause of Inflation is and should the Biden Administration be doing more I I just do I I think that that simply Is also we have this talk about the Trillions in in massive tax uh tax uh Cuts to the corporate tax structure as Well true you know trillions of dollars That have added to the deficit and and Now they still want to support those as Well true I think in terms of being very Serious about addressing inflation is is Making sure that those rates are brought Back into align with what they they Should have been uh where they’re able To uh fight uh the the deficit I don’t even know what he just said as Well true Lemon also asked fetterman if his doctor

Should brief the Press before election Night in response the candidate defended Not being transparent with Pennsylvania Pennsylvania voters by not releasing Medical information watch Listen we’ve heard a little from your Doctor but we haven’t heard a lot you’re Asking voters to trust you on your word That your health is good without the Full story so in the interest of full Transparency for the voters do you think It would help if you let your doctors Brief the Press before election night I I think we’ve been pretty transparent You know we’ve we’ve had our doctors uh Just be very clear that that they’re Here that we’re able to and and fit to To serve and from my point Um uh you know we’ve been also been very Transparent in terms of showing up at The debate and very transparent about You know having events in front of Thousands and thousands of Pennsylvanians for for months and I was Again no it was no secret that I was Going to miss some words I was going to Mush some words together uh and and as We’ve been very clear in the debate and During during this this interview I’m I’ve been using captioning as well true I believe uh we’ve been pretty Transparent to give all the voters to to Make it their their choice It’s game over for the fetterman

Campaign with yet another botched media Appearance it’s clear that he’s unable To handle the pressure and handle basic Questions It’s time for him to quit the race and Give the clear win to Dr Oz and perhaps More importantly it’s time for fetterman To seek medical help before any more Damage is done to his reputation and his Credibility His inability to function under simple Interview questions cast doubt on his Ability to handle even tougher issues as A senator This latest blender only solidifies that Fact It’s time for fetterman to throw in the Towel and focus on getting the help he Clearly needs Let’s continue the conversation in the Comments below for the next News Network I’m Gary franchi Let’s continue that conversation about Your internet privacy because every app And device that we use puts your private Information at risk over 30 million Users have downloaded private internet Access which changes your IP address Through an encrypted tunnel like you see Here and nobody can see what you’re Doing online if you use them it’s great To know also that pia has 50 servers in 50 States including local news stations You can now access local websites that

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