WATCH: Dad Breaks Into Zoo Enclosure With Toddler In Arms

By | November 12, 2022

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Oh Oh [Applause] [Music] That idiot is a California man he's been Sentenced to probation for carrying his Two-year yes he wasn't by himself his Two-year-old daughter into this elephant Enclosure at the San Diego Zoo the world Renowned San Diego Zoo in April of last Year he was arrested of course at the Scene and uh Witnesses called 9-1-1 Let's check that out Oh oh what Witnesses say was only a Seconds long encounter Left many Frozen with fear Moving out to the elephant enclosure by A male who climbed over the fence and Through the Rope a father carrying his Two-year-old daughter past multiple Protective barriers and into an elephant Enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Friday They appeared a pose for a picture and With their backs turned the elephant Charges The man stumbles and drops the toddler Before he picked her back up and walked To safety miraculously no one was Injured immediately everybody was Pleading with him and then it became Frantic and hysterical Zoo officials say Two guests purposely and illegally Trespassed into the elephant habitat Police immediately arrested the father

25-year-old Jose navarrete charging him With child cruelty Now navarrete is 26 years old he's been Charged with felony child endangerment As I said it happened last year now he's Catching those charges he's getting Credit for something nine months in jail When he was sentenced to four years Probation and 52 weeks I didn't know This existed of child abuse classes That's according to a spokesperson with The uh District uh the District Attorney's office down there in San Diego Child abuse classes what do they teach Them in there that this little person is A human being you're not supposed to Hurt them or put them in danger I I Didn't know people needed it either Anyway A protective order was also filed Against them on behalf of navarette's Daughter and he was also ordered to stay Away from the zoo the San Diego Zoo the Same San Diego Zoo Where um this happened a couple months Ago which we talked about here as well Watch this Oh my god oh don't come down here Hey the dog coming down here guys Go down the steps right here look at the Steps Look at the steps Doggy

The steps right here Doggy there's stairs You want a tree No [Music] Surprise he's not like oh my God Oh God oh my God oh my God I think it's fast [Music] Oh there he goes he just went down Who are my life And I know most of you will have No empty Or understanding I want to give someone like me Um The chance to Ridding themselves or you know except Ma Apology and that's okay I did lose my job there and I'm at my own choice Um I'll never step foot in a daycare again It's almost one of the daycare workers Down at that uh uh I guess preschool Daycare in Mississippi that put on the Scream mask from the movie screaming was Jumping in little kids faces toddlers to Four-year-olds I guess faces because They were ill behaved and they weren't Acting right so this was her solution uh Now since she's been fired we talked About it last week as I mentioned and uh Also she's apparently catching hell

Online since obviously everyone knows Who she is now uh this was a little Piece of what happened in case you guys Didn't see it Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Keep going [Applause] [Music] [Music] What do you think about it [Music] Trauma on top of trauma again it was a Little blessings Child Care uh Center There and the owner point out she didn't Know about this which also this Particular worker that did get fired Point out that it was her idea their Idea and it had nothing to do with the Owners because that was a bit of the Confusion back and forth but she did Continue on because she apologized for 19 minutes straight she was very upset And sad about it let's watch more of What she was saying I bought those masks from Dollar General My co-worker [Music] Um She Uh she's very easy to scare so I had

This plan which she already knew about But you know long story short Um I bought the mask to scare her Eventually and They were used inappropriately Um The the teachers asked me If I would do it or if they could use it To Get their get their class to listen or To clean up you know whatever it was at The time Um I'm gonna say clean up and not Listening the two-year-old room was not Cleaning up in the dirty old room is not Listening which is you know that's every Day you know their children

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