WATCH: Cop SMASHES Car Windows Because He Felt Like It

By | November 22, 2022

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Foreign I'm sorry I didn't see you there well do You you see the red lights I did then Slow down you're free to go you know I did because you almost ran me over You're free to go It's weird how standing in middle of the Street while cars are driving by and It's basically dark uh Might get you run over Or you can get mad about how you decided To stand in the middle of the street and Start smashing people's windows as they Drove by as that second lady as you see They said I slowed down I'm not sure how Slow this particular officer wanted Folks to go but um the reason he's out There in the first place is from October 17th uh a man in New Mexico was a victim Of a hit and run you decided to call the Police he called the police not a Crackhead He called the police to come help him Out and this arriving officer was uh Standing there not investigating Anything about it but it's this instead Decided to put some I guess flares out In the street lights on and stand there And get mad at folks let's watch it from The beginning You okay it was it's my husband oh okay So okay Okay Ambulance just pulled up It was a gray truck she said a great

Older truck Um Foreign Accident of the man that was involved in That hit-and-run accident did uh have Some comments about what it was that Happened how it led to this whole Situation it did get worse so hold on uh This is what he said Um I was involved in a bad hit and run Accident on Monday uh October 17th Officer Chad Whitson arrived on the Scene where the looks of it doesn't have His seat belt on I'll get to why that's Important soon anyway he starts somewhat Of an investigation but doesn't seem to Ask for more units to look for the truck That caused the accident or to assist Him in blocking the road He's walking on the highway without a Reflective vest on and he's walking a Couple of vehicles uh blocking a couple Of vehicles past him and it looks like He breaks their mirrors and blames it on Them breaks first mirror and he points Out the time frame of the first and Second mirrors that you saw uh him break Uh let's get by running that again you Can't run on next to me you guys because This is then where he was thought middle Of the street after he had spoken to Them and decided to start getting mad he Wasn't the victim of a hit and run I'm Not sure why he's so upset anyways

Without even helping out as that man Pointing out the cop then this same cop Then gives the man that was in a hit run Accident a citation for not having his Seat belt on his information At one point he asked me if I had a seat Belt on and I said yes which I stand by Anyway later he walks up to my wife and Tells her I lied to him about my Seatbelt being on and that he's going to Give me a citation like what the F and Even if that's what he was uh going to Do why go to my wife just do it But in my eyes it seems like he just Wants to be like wood uh Woodard and let The bad guys go and get money from the Ones that follow the law any way he can This officer is now under investigation By me and I'll be getting videos from The past few months to see what kind of Officer he really is apparently uh this Officer has opened up an entire can of Worms that he probably shouldn't hear Let's watch him one more time because as After this he then decides to give this Guy a citation for that uh for that seat Belt that he was just describing watch So your husband lied to me he said he Was wearing a seatbelt he wasn't So he's going to be receiving a citation For that and and then I am going to look For the other guy I told him Um Because he said somebody got out and was

Like sorry Tony you know sorry and then They took off so obviously whoever this Was knows who he is So if y'all get a phone call later Saying hey sorry I didn't mean to cause You to wreck or you know whatever the Case they say let me know and then we'll Go from there Your husband lied to me There's so much more that can be done And when you're in this kind of a Situation which by the way and also if You're in a a situation where you know The street and you're assessing an Accident which we thought he would be Doing and as cars coming through Is the appropriate approach to start Smashing car windows Destroying people's property uh that's What we've you know we've been always Told the police are supposed to protect These people's property I guess unless They're in a bad mood and had a bad Morning or something and decided to just Start smashing people's windows [Music] We talked earlier wise about how Donald Trump said police are being uh they're Losing their dignity because they say a Couple of bad things and then they lose Their entire lives over it or they break People's windows and things like that no One really cares Yeah I would I would hope that this guy

Would get reprimanded um just the idea That like this dude has obviously been In a pretty bad accident you go up to His loved ones and you're talking about Yeah this guy lied to me he's going to Give a citation and you know what I Respect those women Um they just looked at this dude and Said you don't get it you're in some Other place bro like our loved one could Have nearly died the dude that hit him Ran off on the scene Um he's in a bad way right now and and You talk about some citation bro get out Of my face yeah It's I I hope he follows through because He said he's going to be uh on this guy And discover what kind of cop he is I Look forward to that follow-up uh from Our guy small town audit 48. So Another day in police work in America Fund the police says Joe Biden and Donald Trump by the way

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