WATCH: Bigot Bouncer Refuses Entrance To Innocent Black Man

By | January 4, 2023

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[Music] [Music] Say yes The answer It's a scene we've all seen if not Experienced when you're trying to get Into the club late at night you're out Partying and the guy just won't let you In for reasons unknown or sometimes it's Your T-shirt what's up with those shoes You can't wear that hair what's wrong With that hat in this case maybe what's Up with that skin color this happened in Dublin Ireland uh this man was seen Denied entry into the club along with His friend as well and the bouncer there In the front said I don't need to say Those reasons why it was back and forth So many different ways and the reason Then began to get assumed since it Wasn't said out loud after this uh Caught attention online everyone was Talking about it the club responded they Said this A formal investigation has been launched By Shine the management company that Operates the academy that club it's full Statement regarding the incident reads This partially this we are deeply Concerned by the video circulating on Social media of an incident outside the Academy on Saturday night during our Weekly late night club as a result a Member of the event security team has

Been suspended from Duty pending further Detailed investigation and in the Interim a new door team will be in Operation at the venue for today from Today at our request we will take this Opportunity to reach out to the person Impacted in this video and we wish to Invite him back to the venue and we will Be arranging ASAP so apparently they're Inviting this club Gore back I'm not Sure if he's going to make it I wouldn't Make it back there but part of that Pressure that came came from this R B Artist Jacob Banks a black man he was Meant to play at the club at a different Point and he heard about this caught Wind of this video and he's like uh not Now this is what he put on a line He said all right I meant to be playing At your Venue today and I won't be Playing unless this is a dress with the Next four hours there's a deadline There's some pointers the video suggests That it's racism at play at no point did Your security tried to de-escalate the Situation instead the uh that guy there Tried to antagonize the man and putting Everyone else's safety at risk is what He said Wow so they did respond and uh decided To suspend the guy change the whole new Door crew and Banks then responded Further immediately because it was Within the window I assume and he said

Thanks for doing the right thing see you Tonight Dublin I'm ethnocentric which means I think my Race is the superior one [Music] So you said you are what You are racist Everybody's a racist at that level No I'm not saying this again I've said It enough so you're ready [Music] Respect Absolutely no respect for me he saw the Teacher at the end responding to those Two students and I think you should have More respect for me of course you do Because you think you're Superior to Them Strictly based off of your skin color so That teacher is out in north Texas Um and I gotta be honest you know the CRT being taught in our schools is Definitely out of control by the way pay Attention to how much politicians talk About CRT not the midterms over again Start paying this with all the BS things They were talking about that's a side Note but these students had to confront Their teacher and put them on film talk About how he thinks he's Superior to Everyone else let's go to some details About what they're not doing with this Guy a teacher at uh Pflugerville Pflugerville ISD Middle School whose

Identity has not yet been released What he says of yesterday as I went Through this is on administrative leave After a video containing an Inappropriate conversation started Circulating around social media in that Video that teacher was having a Conversation with some students inside Of his classroom it's not clear how the Conversation started at Bowles middle School but the teacher was captured as You heard saying deep down in my heart I'm ethnocentric which means I think my Race is the superior one not sure why He's talking about that still let's Continue Bowles Middle School principal Sharon churchin told parents that the Teacher was placed on leave pending the Outcome of an investigation This interaction does not align with our Core beliefs as a district it's what the Letter that she wrote said the video of The conversation includes statements That we find wholly inappropriate And includes some statements where there Are some statements in that uh video That you don't find wholly inappropriate Just wondering you seem to be picking And choosing some parts whatever I'm Nitpicking either way it goes this Investigation they're having Investigations to the comments Investigation To see if what he said is Fireball is

Wrong is inappropriate you know what Watch it one more time see if you can Find what they're looking for in this Investigation [Music] I Don't like So Did I say I don't like you said you Think your race is superior so I want You guys think about this Jessica you Can jump in here uh think about this You've got these middle school students I'd guess they're seventh graders so Having to have a back and forth Conversation with their grown ass Teacher who gives them grades who Disciplines them who uh who actually has A bit of their future in his hands and He's going to reveal to them you know What I think my race is superior to Yours so therefore he thinks no matter What I'm teaching you you can't really Pick up on it to the degree that I think Your white counterparts can do you think That someone should be teaching children Or shouldn't be talking to children This is exactly why they're funny Against critical race Theory because it Threatens this exact narrative because If you were to teach critical race Theory in the schools you'd have an Accurate teaching of how these ideas Came to be how systems of Oppression and

Dividing people across racial lines came To be in the United States and what he's Saying there is something uh that is Taught as a part of critical race Theory Right many of us are taught uh white Supremacy from a very young age and a Lot of people have internalized white Supremacy right even if you grow up Black in America if you're taught this From a very young age that the white Race is superior you have to unlearn That consciously that takes effort and When you have a society that is a white Supremacist patriarchal society you need To actively learn how we got to this Place why it's wrong and where we go From here you have to teach accurate History and teach people to talk about Race and have those hard conversations And this is the consequence of us not Having those real conversations Asians Is people like him can preach their Narrative to their students they're There to learn and they're getting Indoctrination instead and again and Some people liked how they'd laughed at Him and stuff these kids shouldn't have To be think about how uncomfortable this Is so these kids have to listen to this Guy tell them how much they're not worth Anything and they have to still be Comfortable enough to learn something yo The types of things that kids have been Going through that get discriminated

Against this in schools is not new as he Said put the phone down because he Didn't want that recorded he didn't want His beliefs that he's telling to his Kids which are told all the time Off camera he didn't want anyone else to See it because he knows or is it just His job why does he want that job I Don't want to teach a bunch of people That I think are in fear and garbage People why do I want to bring them up He doesn't He doesn't