Watch As These Conservatives Directly Contradict Each other

By | November 3, 2022

Eric Bolling thinks Democrats wants to remove conservatives from the US by opening the borders, but Tommy Tuberville claims immigrants would be Christian conservatives. Alonzo Bodden breaks it down on Rebel HQ. Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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You know the the and before the left Selectively edits this comment I want Everyone to realize that listen to the Whole comment and listen to the end of This comment I believe this is all about A great replacement Theory I believe it But not the great replacement theory That the left is accusing us of being Racist and complaining about the great Replacement Theory isn’t replacing white People it’s replacing conservatives of All colors it won’t matter they’re Trying to bring Democrats and liberals In and replace conservatives by opening The Border hi this is Alonzo Bowden with Another Rebel HQ tyt video this one’s Going to be a little difficult you’re Going to have to try to follow the math On this one because it certainly doesn’t Make any sense to me first we got Eric Bowling the news guy I guess that’s what You’d call him a news guy saying that Liberals are trying to wipe out Conservatives well Eric that’s how it Works the Liberals try to get rid of Conservatives and the conservatives try To get rid of liberals that way your Group has a majority and you get to make The rules in a perfect world that would Be how it works here’s where the math Gets confusing Senator stupid I mean Tuberville or is it tuberville I don’t Really care he says that the illegals Coming across the border that the

Democrats have opened are mostly Christians so that the Democrats are Going to regret letting them in because They’re going to vote conservative but If they’re voting Conservative then Tuberville tuberville whatever your name Is why are you fighting them coming in Wouldn’t you want more see this is where The math gets kind of confusing I’m not Sure what’s going on okay Eric so I Guess since the Christmas decorations Are going up earlier and earlier the war On Christmas is starting earlier and Earlier maybe that’s what’s going on This is part of the war on Christmas or Maybe it’s the war on conservatives like You said let’s forget about the fact That our Supreme Court is making Decisions based on the Christian Religion not based on law or Let’s Ignore the fact that Christian Nationalists are the biggest growing Group in the country biggest growing Group of terrorists but let’s not you Know get stuck on the details yeah where Are you being replaced what is the Problem and you said conservatives of All colors excuse me but wouldn’t that Be diversity or inclusion aren’t those Liberal trigger words what’s next what’s Next the woke conservatives will be Under attack is that’s where we’re Headed Eric are the woke conservatives In trouble can you imagine no nor can I

Because it’s nonsense that hell is wrong With you my God conservatives of all Colors they don’t come in all colors Because uh people of color don’t count Clarence Thomas I agree with you but the problem they’re Going to have is there a lot of going to Be a lot of conservatives in this group Because there’s a lot of Christians Coming across that border and they’re Trying to wipe Christianity out in this Country and they’re letting more in that Than it than it’s not so I think you’re Going I think I think they’re gonna be Surprised by the uh the Hispanic vote Coming up in in eight days I think They’re going to be shocked and Hopefully they are because is if they’re In this country now they’re part of our Country and they need to make sure that We keep it the way it is and not what They came from okay now Senator Tuberville I’m going to try to Understand your math because you know I’m just a simple-minded man first you Say that the Democrats have opened the Borders it’s not true but you like to Say it it works every election cycle There’s long lines you show scaring People yeah yeah open board okay but you Say the Democrats have opened the Borders and you’re against that but you Say a lot of the Latinos coming across The southern border of the United States

Are Christian and you’re for that then You say the Democrats somehow have this Plan and I really don’t know how they do It but they allow illegal aliens to vote You’re always saying that that’s part of Voter fraud illegal aliens of voting but You’re saying that these illegal aliens Who are coming across the open border From the Latino countries on the Southern end of America are a bunch of Christians and they’re going to vote Based on Christianity in a conservative Way which are for that see I I can’t Figure out which side it is which side Of this are you on do you wake up and Argue with yourself in the mirror Probably do because you’re the only one Who will talk to you no really what what Side you want it doesn’t make any sense Maybe it’s me what’s the map so I was on Twitter and believe me I won’t be on Twitter much longer because Elon musk’s Twitter is just becoming a place for Hate groups and for some reason sexy Mature women want to contact me through My Twitter it’s amazing must be some new Tweets I’m sending out anyway there was A guy on Twitter who said how come Liberals won’t quote debate with Conservatives well because it’s Impossible my friend I mean look at this Argument you’re arguing with yourselves Here this is ridiculous that’s why Liberals won’t debate with you also you

Guys have a thing called alternative Facts and it’s impossible to debate Argue or even discuss anything with Someone who will make up facts look at This with this great replacement Theory There is no great replacement Theory all Right you’re paranoid narcissist stick Racist people who don’t want anyone of Color in this country no one’s thinking About replacing you you know what people Are thinking about as they struggle to Get out of these Latin American Countries they’re thinking about Survival they’re too focused on trying To live to worry about replacing you White Christian conservative guy there Is no worldwide conspiracy trying to Replace white conservatives or I’m sorry Conservatives of all colors you know why Because the vast majority of the world Is too focused on trying to eat yeah There’s a hierarchy of survival and Eating is above replacing conservatives If you’re struggling to get clean water Grow some crops and maybe save up money For a new goat you’re not really going After right-wing Christian Americans you Got other things to worry about you guys Are paranoid you’re out of your mind Great replacement Theory there is no Worldwide great replacement Theory there Is a replacement Theory we’d like to Replace you with people who read that’s Right people who read books you know

Books the things you want to ban because You don’t want people to be intelligent Yeah if we could replace you with people Who read we’d be doing a lot better oh There’s another great replacement theory That says expand the Supreme Court I’ve Said this before I’ll say it again there Should be a minimum 25 justices that way No one justice has that much power that Is a story for another day but something To think about thank you I’d like to Replace these two with uh Bert and Ernie Uh I’m sorry Bert I’m sorry Ernie that’s A bit insulting

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