Washington Today (11-1-22): SCOTUS blocks, for now, Donald Trump tax return release to House Dems

By | November 1, 2022

Interview with The Hill’s Toby Burns on Supreme Court temporarily halting IRS sending Donald Trump’s tax records to House Committee led by Democrats (1), President Biden campaigns in Florida, Pentagon & State Dept on reports Iran may send 1,000 more weapons to Russia to use in Ukraine war.

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Thank you Welcome to Washington today on C-Span Radio for Tuesday November 1st 2022 the Supreme Court puts a temporary hold on The irs’s giving former president Donald Trump’s tax records to the U.S House Committee currently led by democrats the Decision coming from the Chief Justice John Roberts coming up we’ll talk with a Reporter from thehill.com about what Happens now and also what happens if Republicans win control of the U.S house After next week’s elections House January 6 committee Vice chair Republican Congressman Liz Cheney with An update today on weather former President Trump will testify before the Committee as The subpoena from the Committee requires him to do Cyber Security administrator Jen Easterly talking about election security One week out from voting President Joe Biden campaigning today in Florida on Social Security Medicare and Prescription drug costs in a state that Has quite a few retired Americans Getting those benefits A covid-19 pandemic and flu season Update from the CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky and the Pentagon and State Department responding to reports that Iran is sending another 1 000 weapons to Russia including surface to surface Short-range ballistic missiles and

Attack drones to use in the war in Ukraine Now to Chief Justice John Roberts Granting former president Donald Trump An emergency request not to have to turn Over for now his tax return to the U.S House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Congressman Bill pascara Democrat from New Jersey on the Committee tweeting we’ve been waiting 1 308 days for Trump’s tax returns almost As long as the American Civil War the Supreme Court should end this charade And not prolong it with more nonsense More on this decision from the Supreme Court we’re joined by Toby Burns a Finance reporter with thehill.com thank You so much what legal and Constitutional issues does the Chief Justice want to explore by putting this On hold Well You know there there’s an argument Coming here from uh from the former Presidents Presidential audits uh while you know Trump’s attorneys have argued that the Matter is is purely a political matter But um you know this this is the the General framework that this is happening Now Ways and Means talking about uh you Know presidential Audits and records and And you know that this is of the public Concern uh whereas you know the the

Defense is really saying this is an ad Hominem issue you know this is about a Specific uh political uh condition and This is uh this is the the context for That This case has been going on for a number Of years why is it taking so long Um I think that’s that’s a great Question I mean uh you know uh the bill Press pass Trail the the Democrat from New Jersey certainly made that a a point In his uh statement there saying it you Know comparing making comparisons Rhetorical comparisons to the Civil War So obviously you know drawing upon a uh Some very heated rhetoric there but There’s you know there of course there Are uh procedural issues here Um you know with uh Treasury and its Interaction with the with the IRS so you Know but obviously it’s hard to get away From from the highly politically charged Nature of uh of the discussion here so The the records were due to be turned Over this week now they’re on hold and They’re on hold until at least after Election day what does that mean going Forward Hey there’s the rub Um I’m still anticipating here that the Uh that the house could flip uh its Majority obviously too soon to tell Um but uh but if you know if we have a Change of power in the the lower chamber

Obviously you know that the committee uh The the committee chairmanship will Change chairpersonship will change and Uh that means that you know this could Uh could not happen because you know the Republicans obviously uh protecting a Former president of their their own Party so this is this is crucial you Know that that it’s been pushed back Over this specific Um uh date range that could see a change Of power what specific records is the Committee looking for Well they’re look they’re looking for a Financial documentation uh from the Former president Um you know tax returns obviously are Have been Um of major concern in the past and Their you know their various requests Have been made to get these returns the IRS uh under commissioner Charles reddig Uh who recently left his post Um did not turn over uh Trump’s uh Attacks returns I did not make them Public uh and received a lot of Criticism from Um you know from Democrats obviously uh Over the past several years Um but again reddig um the the former Commissioner uh has recently left so um We could see a new head of the IRS which Adds another political uh Dimension to This in the short term now what’s the

Next step in this case Well the next Order to stay Um on the current uh on the current Request for documentation so a reply From the Ways and Means Committee is uh Is the next thing to happen Toby Burns Is with the hill a finance reporter find The stories at thehill.com and on Twitter it’s at Toby burns1 thank you Very much Thanks very much for having me Supreme court today also declining to Block a subpoena that says that Republican senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina needs to testify in front Of a Fulton County Georgia grand jury investigating phone Calls that Senator Graham made to Election officials during that time Surrounding January 6 2021 there were Efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential election This week also the deadline set by the House January 6 committee for former President Trump to comply with subpoena For records and testimony committee Vice Chair Congressman Liz Cheney of Wyoming Republican with an update today Interviewed by PBS’s Judy Woodruff at The City Club of Cleveland So the committee has subpoenaed former President Trump I think there’s a Deadline of Friday for him to comply do

You think he will and and should the Committee allow him to testify in person Live if if that’s what he says he’ll do Well Um the Committees in discussions with President Trump’s attorneys uh and he Has an obligation to comply and you know We treat this and take this very Seriously uh this is not a situation Where Um you know the committee is going to Put itself at the mercy of Donald Trump In terms of you know his efforts to Create a circus uh you know you can look Back for example at his first debate Against Joe Biden and and and you know Sort of what that devolved into and we Believe these matters are very serious We haven’t made determinations Um about the format itself but it’ll be Done under oath it’ll be done Potentially over multiple days we have Significant questions based on the Evidence that we’ve developed and and as I said what we know already about the Extent to which she was personally and Directly involved in every aspect of This effort do you think the odds are That he will testify or not I think that He has a legal obligation to testify but That doesn’t always carry weight with Donald Trump congresswoman Liz Cheney Republican from Wyoming Vice chair of The house committee investigating the

January 6th attack on the U.S Capitol Interviewed by Judy Woodruff who is with The PBS NewsHour anchor and managing Editor they were at the City Club of Cleveland today that audio coming from The club website Hillary Clinton former Democratic Presidential nominee asking a Federal court today to order former President Trump to pay her legal bills Stemming from a lawsuit that he filed Alleging that she and others conspired To undermine his 2016 presidential Campaign with accusations of Russian Collusion the lawsuit was dismissed by a Federal trial court in September and the Former president is appealing that Ruling Hillary Clinton in her Court Filing this week calling the lawsuit a Political stunt One week until the midterm elections the Director of sisa cyber security and Infrastructure Security Agency saying The bite Administration has done Everything we can to protect election Infrastructure and asking the public and The media not to overreact when Something may go wrong and it might Innocently on Election Day or shortly Thereafter and overreaction would Undermine the perceived legitimacy of The election director Jen easterly was At a discussion today held by csis Center for strategic and international Studies in Washington

You know I’ve been talking to these Election officials for the past several Months and they have confidence in the Integrity of the vote they are concerned About some of these physical security Disinformation and they asked me to give A message to the American people and to The media I think this is really Important you know they’re going to be Errors they’re going to be glitches that Happens in every election But that’s why there are multiple layers Of security controls and resilience Built into the system And so to the media I would really like To ask for everybody’s help because These things are going to happen and we Can’t you know that somebody will forget Their key to the polling place a water Pipe will burst these are not these are Normal things they’re not nefarious and I think it’s super important that folks Get the word out on how elections work And mostly As you well know elections Are not over when the polling place is Close there’s so much work to be done to Ensure that there’s reconciliation of Provisional ballots counting of absentee Ballots military votes there’s Canvassing at the state local county Level and so sometimes it takes days Since time it types it sometimes it Takes weeks to certify those elections And we all need to be patient we all

Need to let the Machinery of democracy Work we are all in this together you Know elections are the golden thread That’s woven through the fabric of our Democracy and if that unravels our Republic is at risk and so we all need To come together to protect what is most Sacred So I just you know seven days out Um I’m very passionate about making sure That Americans can vote and have Confidence that the vote that they cast Is counted Jenny easterly is director of sisa the Cyber security and information security Administration and a discussion today About cyber security at csis the center For strategic and international studies In Washington Reports of people watching ballot boxes In Arizona sometimes armed or wearing Ballistic vests reports Associated Press Raise serious concerns about voter Intimidation the justice department said Monday as it stepped into a lawsuit over The monitoring the statement from the Justice department comes days after a Federal judge refused to Bar a group From monitoring the outdoor drop boxes In the suburbs of Phoenix The article goes on threats intimidation And coercion are illegal under the Federal Voting Rights Act even if they Don’t succeed the government’s attorneys

Wrote while waffle poll watching can Support transparency ballot Security Forces present a significant risk of Voter intimidation the court documents State State officials often in charge of Ensuring the voting process is smooth And safe is the Secretary of State and Today two of them one Republican one Democrat talking about what is being Done actually a former one or the Republican side the acting Pennsylvania Secretary of State Lee Chapman leading Off the missing disinformation really Fuels the threats to election workers at The state level at the local level and It’s something that’s very concerning But we see a direct connection between The trends of the misinformation and When threats pick up so we coordinate With our state and federal Partners as I Mentioned before when we get any Incoming into our office we forward it To state and federal Partners they Investigate that we referred Um and we encourage our counties to do The same thing Um you know we are definitely monitoring Situations as voting voting is happening Right now Especially at dropboxes for instance we Actually updated our voter intimidation Guidance in Pennsylvania Just a few months ago to include that

Voter intimidation is not only illegal Under state and federal law at the Polling place but that also extends to Drop boxes and that’s a new trend that We’ve seen you know everybody has seen An uptick in in Arizona luckily we have Not seen any Arizona style of Intimidation in Pennsylvania but it’s Something that we are monitoring and we Did add that to our voter intimidation Guidance and we are pushing out our Hotline So we are encouraging voters of course If you’re an imminent threat for danger You know you call 9-1-1 but we are Really pushing out our voter hotline Um to ensure that people can call us and Report those instances of the Department Of State because it’s important that we Are keeping a log seeing if there’s any Trends but you know we aren’t wasting Any time as soon as something does come In we are reporting it directly to state And federal Um as soon as we can to make sure that People are protected but those tabletop Exercises that we’ve had that we Mentioned before have been really Critical to ensure that Counties have The protection that they need Um one great thing that Department of Homeland Security says it is is they Actually go out to the counties at the Request and they do physical security

Assessments So quite a few counties in Pennsylvania Have taken them up on that offer they’ve Had assessments to their physical Security you know they they give Recommendations sisa gives Recommendations as far as what they can Do to shore up their security you know Where their machines are stored or what Have you and Counties have made Adjustments to um to shore of that Security based on what DHS is Recommending Lee Chapman is Pennsylvania’s acting Secretary of State of virtual discussion Today about election threats hosted by The center for American progress also on The panel former Kentucky Secretary of State trade Grayson who says things have Gotten a bit worse in recent years in States like his have had to step up Yeah um well I mean we are in a uh just Uncharted waters with this you know just In the last couple of years alone you Mentioned Um the attack on speaker plus C’s Husband we had somebody show up in the Neighborhood for justice Kavanaugh Looking for him fortunately and his Family weren’t home a couple years ago We had the You know the shooting at uh the Republicans practicing for the Congressional baseball game and then you

Know going back to Congressman then Congresswoman Giffords um in other Instances I mean it’s it’s um We didn’t have to worry about this in The election space this level and this Severity of violence Um but it the good news is it is Happening while there’s a good level of Cooperation among um federal and state And local with intelligence gathering Coming out of the you know that 2016 Election uh but it is it’s it’s unusual We’re having to adapt law secretary Chapman mentioned the fact that Traditionally we had these Electioneering free zones to protect uh Folks who went in to go vote so they Couldn’t be intimidated or Put on under any duress or unto Influence Um and that you know and those were Restrictions of a few hundred feet or so Around a polling place we had to balance The First Amendment rights of folks to Share their views on elections Um but when it rises to a level of Intimidation or harassment that’s where Your First Amendment right stops and Somebody else’s rights to to be able to Vote without all that Um steps in it so we’re having to adapt That because now people are voting in Advance of election day and some states You know Kentucky we just added a few

Early voting days we have to add that And then on the drop boxes because Dropbox is what’s extraordinary about All the news about Dropbox is is um I Think it’s something like eight states Used them prior to the 2020 election now We always have had dropboxes there are Those blue boxes that USPS sticker on The side or you have one in front of Your house or your building uh called a Mailbox those are drop boxes too but now We have these official more secure Dropboxes Um and people now know that hey if I see Somebody going there then they have a Ballot and they’re voting and which has Created an opportunity you know for our Bad actors so we have to provide that Protection um and we also have to figure Out how to use those existing laws and Then and then adapt to Um to provide that Safeguard you know I Think for folks who are worried about Things like that Um you know there are you can bring Things into buildings buildings have More security you can go to other drop Boxes you can ask for report you can Mail things I mean there are there are Ways to handle this it’s an unfortunate To live in that this kind of world but In the same way you know in our everyday Lives we have to kind of pay attention And see what’s going on unfortunately

When we’re casting a vote performing our Civic duty we may have to do a little Bit of that too Um and uh you know our My Hope Is that This will be Um you know that some of these Safeguards will will result in a good Election day I mean what’s tricky about All this is when we talk about these Things this is always this balance if we Talk about them are we creating a little Bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy the Reason why we’re talking about it is we Think it’s risen to a serious enough Threat That we’re going to run the risk of Giving somebody an idea that they might Otherwise not have had because too many People already have that idea and we Need to make sure that voters can Empower themselves and election Administrators can can put those Protections in place so it is a serious Threat hopefully we’ll wake up the day After the election saying you know we Did all that preparation and it paid off And we had a good clean election day Trey Grayson was Kentucky’s Secretary of State from 2004 through 11. he was a Republican speaking at today’s center For American progress discussion about Election threats you can find the full Video at C-span.org and the man accused of

Breaking into house Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and assaulting her husband With a hammer making his first court Appearance today on state charges in San Francisco prosecutors and police say it Was a politically motivated attack The charges include attempted murder Assault with a deadly weapon elder abuse Residential burglary false imprisonment Threatening the life of a of or Seriously bodily harm to a public Official he has pleaded not guilty to All charges but is being held currently Without bond a bail hearing set for Friday President Biden campaigning today in Florida on behalf of the Democratic Candidate for U.S Senate there Congresswoman Val demings and also the Candidate for governor Congressman Charlie Crist a Democrat Val deming’s Running against the Republican incumbent Senator Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist Against incumbent Republican Governor Ron DeSantis he gave a speech at Hollandale Florida focusing on Social Security Medicare and prescription drug Costs president pointing to a budget Plan from Florida’s other U.S senator Republican Rick Scott His 12-point plan to rescue America Which advocates for periodic review of Entitlement programs Republicans in the Congress have their

Way the power we just gave Medicare to Negotiate prescription drug prices goes Away gone two thousand dollar cap on Prescription drugs gone 35 a month cap On Medicare For insulin for Medicare gone savings on Health Care premium is 800 a year for Millions of Americans in Affordable Care Act Ghana and of course they’re still Determined to do where the entire Affordable Care Act that means an end of Protection for tens of millions of People who can’t get insurance because They have a pre-existing condition Only means to do that is through the Affordable Care Act the Republicans get Their way and that’s going to be gone as Well and folks the kids it gets even Worse They’re coming after Social Security and Medicare in a big way Folks here in Florida you need to know This and I mean this sincerely you need To know this Need to know why because of your own Senator Senator Rick Scott I have a Brochure here he has He is he isn’t he’s he’s in charge of Electing Republicans as Senate he’s the Head of the campaign And he laid out a clear plan he said Every five years Social Security Medicare would have to Be reauthorized

And this is from The report I I made it larger listed all They want to do Quote all federal legislation Sunsets these go out it goes out of Existence in five years If the law is worth keeping Congress Will pass it again So every five years The Congress have to vote to reauthorize Social Security Reauthorize it or else it goes away Would have to vote to reauthorize Medicare We authorize veterans benefits Now go down the list but guess what The very idea that a senator’s from Florida wants to cut Social Security Medicare and by they don’t have to just Dentists go away they can cut it they Can change it basically A senator from Florida Going after Medicare and Social Security I tell you what I don’t know whereas They say that something doesn’t know Where you all been Hot damn boy President Biden in Hallandale Florida Today ahead of that speech even before The president arrived Senator Rick Scott Tweeting welcome to Florida President Biden looking forward to hearing you Explain to Floridians why you cheated on Your taxes and think you should get away

With it attached was this video Joe Biden just cut 280 billion dollars From Medicare and we know about his 80 000 new IRS agents but what you don’t Know is that Joe Biden also cheated on His taxes and got away with it Biden Improperly used a loophole to Dodge half A million dollars in taxes that should Have gone to Medicare and now the Biden Has ripped off Medicare for a half Million dollars he wants to close the Loophole and raise your taxes I’m Rick Scott Biden should resign I approve this Message Senator Rick Scott tweeting that video He is the chair of the national Republican senatorial committee which Raises money and spends money on behalf Of Republican Senate candidates he has Been traveling around the country Campaigning uh at being at events as Well on their behalf about that charge Of President Biden owing taxes a New York Post article from about a year ago Cites Republican Congressman Jim Banks Saying that according to criteria Provided by the Congressional research Service President Biden improperly used S corporations to avoid paying Medicare Tax on speaking fees and Book Sales in 2017 and 18. and and on Senator Scott’s Claim that the president has cut Medicare spending PolitiFact writes that The claim is wrong the federal

Government would see its outlays reduced Between 237 billion and 288 billion Dollars as a result of Medicare drug Price negotiation provision in the Inflation reduction act however the Reduction would not represent cuts to Medicare beneficiaries Washington today continues in a moment Live Wednesday on C-Span radio at 2 30 PM Eastern Time Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell holds a news conference He’s expected to approve a fourth Straight interest rate hike listen Tomorrow at 2 30 PM eastern time on the C-SPAN now mobile app online at C-span.org or ask your smart speaker to Play C-SPAN radio Welcome back to Washington today Available as a podcast find it wherever You get your podcasts or on the C-SPAN Now video app Some of the day’s headlines on covid-19 This from MarketWatch hospitalizations Are rising again in New York City with The spread of new covid-19 sub-variants That are better at evading immunity Cases of flu and respiratory virus RSV Also increasing and from axias the D.C Council Washington DC considering Suspending the city’s student covid-19 Vaccine mandate as vaccination rates lag It’s been challenging for schools to Enforce the requirement that all Students including public private and

Parochial get their first coveted shot As of September 17th around 46 percent Of D.C public school students were still Out of compliance The director of the CDC Dr Rochelle Wolenski giving a national update today On covid-19 an event hosted by the U.S Chamber of Commerce in terms of where we Are now we are tracking at CDC about 40 000 cases of covid um every day our Hospital admissions are at about 3 200 And our deaths are somewhere between 350 And 400 per day while that is markedly Different markedly lower than we have Seen in some of our prior high peaks of Course I am still personally Disturbed That we are at 400 deaths a day and that That continues in terms of cases we Recognize that we are testing using PCR Tests much less than we previously did We had been using pcrs up to three Million pcrs every single day now with The more and more use of Rapid tests we Recognize we’re not tracking every Single case Um but as a colleague of mine it said And I really think it merits repeating We don’t need to count every raindrop to Know how hard it’s raining so we’re Following these Trends very carefully But we still are doing somewhere in the 300 to 400 000 pcrs a day so we really Do have a good uh sense of how our cases Are trending I think most what’s most

Important to recognize right now in this Moment is part of the way that we Traversed from from where we were in May Of 2021 to where we are today is through Many people getting infected many deaths Of course but importantly through Vaccination Um and it is that immunity both through Natural infection but really through Vaccination that has allowed us to be Where we are today where we are living With this virus what’s important about That is we know that that immunity can Wane we know it wanes over time and so The in this moment right now what I’d Really like to encourage businesses to Do is to encourage vaccination among People within their businesses because If people are able to remain up to date On their vaccines and that includes Getting their most recent bivalent Vaccine then that immunity will last Longer it will likely be broader and we Will likely be able to maintain that Immunity and maintain where we are in Living with this virus and I would say That’s true both for for covet Vaccination but also for flu vaccination I know we’ll touch on that later Dr Rachelle wolenski is director of the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at a U.S Chamber of Commerce Virtual program today Dr wolinski said On Monday that she has tested positive

Again for covid-19 in a rebound case After completing a course of Pfizer’s Covid pill paxilavid Joining President Joe Biden and Dr Anthony fauci of the National Institute Of algae and infectious diseases but Went through the exact same thing as Dr Wolensky just mentioned also coming up In the U.S Chamber Commerce discussion Flu season So as we head into winter there are a Lot of headlines about a triple threat And we talked a little bit about Children and what’s going on there but Who are you thinking about the forecast For this winter both with covid-19 and Flu Um yeah I I’m chuckling because there’s A famous line that says you’ve seen one Flu season you’ve seen one flu season so We don’t always know what’s going to Happen with flu and we certainly know That covid-19 has has Um given us some curveballs here’s what I can tell you about where we are with Flu right now right now we are seeing an Early flu season it’s mostly influenza A Um we have or at least we’ve seen early Flu hospitalizations we’ve seen higher Rates of influenza hospitalizations at This time in the year than we have since 2010 2011 season In the South uh where they get flu Before us we also saw an early influenza

Season and it didn’t necessarily end up More severe it just ended up being early That doesn’t necessarily mean that That’s going to be where we land Um it doesn’t always predict where we Land but we are starting to see Especially in the South especially in The Southeast Um flu ticking up we did tragically have Our first pediatric death of flu this Last week and so again this is one of Those places we know that vaccination Against flu also protects against severe Disease hospitalization and death there Is maybe just a minute on the flu Vaccine to say some people say Well when It’s not a good match it doesn’t work And what our data consistently Demonstrate is even when it’s not a Perfect match season after season we Have seen the people who have gotten the Flu vaccine tend to have less severe Disease than people who did not so we Don’t have to have a perfect match to Have a really important reason to get Flu vaccine and in terms of what we are Anticipating we’re seeing RSV much Earlier than we normally do we’ve seen Flu now earlier than we normally do and We are heading into cold winter months Respiratory virus season we do know Respiratory viruses tend to thrive in Those winter months and so that’s really Why we’re trying to do all that we can

Maybe one last thing is I um think as we Just talk about all of these respiratory Viruses is one really important thing That businesses can do is to ensure that They have good ventilation systems in Their business workplaces because that Really does make a difference in terms Of filtering out pathogens so that there Are there are not those pathogens Circulate Dr Rochelle walinski director Of the CDC Centers for Disease Control And prevention virtual discussion with The President of the U.S Chamber of Commerce Suzanne Clark [Applause] On Wall Street the Dow down 79 NASDAQ Down 97 s p down 15. from Bloomberg U.S Job openings unexpectedly rebounded in September amid low unemployment likely Fueling further wage gains and adding Pressure on the Federal Reserve to Extend its aggressive campaign to curb Inflation the number of available Positions increased at 10.7 million in September from revised 10.3 million a Month earlier the labor Department’s job Openings and labor turnover survey or Jolts showed on Tuesday and the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest Rates again on Wednesday by three Quarters of a percentage point Not a Russia’s war in Ukraine this from Reuters Russia told civilians on Tuesday To leave a swath of Ukraine along the

Eastern Bank of the danipro river a Major extension of an evacuation order The Kiev says amounts to the forced Depopulation of occupied territory Russia which claims to have annexed the Area says it’s taking civilians to Safety because of the risk Ukraine might Use unconventional weapons and this Story from CNN Iran preparing to send Approximately 1 000 additional weapons Including surface to surface short-range Ballistic missiles and more attack Drones to Russia to use in its war Against Ukraine officials from a western Country that closely monitors Iran’s Weapons program told CNN The shipment is being closely monitored Because it would be the first instance Of Iran sending Advanced Precision Guidance missiles to Russia which could Give the Kremlin a substantial boost on The battlefield that reporting from CNN Reaction to that news today from the State department spokesman Ned price Three officials U.S and Western Government officials saying that Iran is Preparing to send a short-range Ballistic missiles to Russia part of a Tosh of weapons including weaponized Drones that are supposed to be sent by The end of the year so this is not sent Already but preparing to deliver if you Have anything on that Um and uh to us Iran has not commented

When we went to the U.S the U.N mission Um I also wanted to ask but I don’t know I Want to defer to Matt if he wants to ask About the Saudi alerts and whether we Have confirmation about that so so uh Sure so on your on your first question Uh we’ve spoken for quite some time now About uh some of the dire supply Shortages that Russia is facing uh these Owe uh at least in part to the export Controls that the United States and a Number of other countries have placed on Moscow’s Industrial base but also it’s Military industrial based starving Russia of the inputs that it needs to Indigenously produce components for Efforts in its uh in its war against Ukraine we are concerned that Russia may Also seek to acquire Advanced Conventional Weapons from Iran such as Surface to surface missiles that will Almost certainly be used to support Russia’s war against Ukraine we’ve Spoken before about our effort using all Appropriate means to expose to deter to Confront Iran’s provision of these Munitions against the Ukrainian people We will continue to vigorously enforce All U.S sanctions on both the Russian And Iranian arms trade to make it harder For Iran to sell these weapons to Russia To help the ukrainians have what they Need to defend against these threats and

We’ll stand it with our partners Throughout the Middle East and against The Iranian threat that many of them Also face To put a finer point on it anyone doing Business with Iran that could have any Links to its UAV or ballistic missile Development or the flow of Arms from Iran to Russia should be very careful They should do their due diligence we Will not hesitate to use our sanctions We will not hesitate to use any Appropriate in and effective tool this Goes back to what we had been saying Since July it was over the summer that The National Security advisor first went Out to the White House Podium to make The point that Iran at the at that time Was planning to sell uavs to Russia for Use against Ukraine we have since Confirmed the delivery of dozens of These uavs from Iran to Russia that have Been employed by Russians against the Innocent people of Ukraine so whether The source is Iran whether the source is Indigenously produced Russian weapons in Ignitions whether Russia continues its Engagement with the dprk for example That I think showcases the necessity of Going well beyond what would otherwise Be its comfort zone to support to Source Excuse me weapons and material for this War effort we will use every appropriate Tool to confront to expose that

The US state Department’s spokesperson Ned price with reporters in the state Department briefing room that question Coming from NBC news’s Andrea Mitchell Russia has been using the missiles and Armed drones in effective attacks Against Ukrainian civilian Infrastructure especially electric power Plants causing widespread outages and Disruption of clean drinking water Supplies Andrea Mitchell referring to this in her Question there was another issue that The United States and Saudi Arabia are On high alert after Saudi intelligence Shared with the U.S Indicated that Iran is expected to carry Out an attack on Targets in Saudi Arabia The Wall Street Journal initially Reporting More though on this potential 1 000 more Weapons Iran sending to Russia to use in Ukraine over at the Pentagon the Press Secretary General Pat Ryder telling Reporters they’re aware of it and also Ask asked a question about what it says About Russia’s military Is there anything else that can be read Into that such as Russia’s Munitions are Actually in a depleted State and does it Add any urgency to getting air defense Systems like the Nay Sims onto the Battlefield Well I think it does uh speak to the

State of Russia’s Munitions capability We’ve said before that we assessed that They are they continue to experience Supply shortages when it comes to Munitions particularly guided Munitions It also is indicative of where they’re Seeking Munitions from countries like North Korea and Iran which says a lot About The kind of company they keep and where They stand in the world right now in Terms of isolation in terms of air Defense capabilities this continues to Be a priority for the US government for The Department of Defense to work Closely with the ukrainians with our Allies and our partners to try to get Them additional air defense capability As you highlighted with the Nay Sams we Expect those to be delivered very soon Again we’ll allow the ukrainians to Announce when those arrive in country But we’re going to continue to look at Other ways that we can support them in Addition secretary Austin continues to Speak frequently with his partners and Our allies his counterparts to identify What other capabilities might exist Within their own stocks or within their Own defense industrial bases to be able To support Ukraine in that regard thank You the Pentagon press secretary Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder with Reporters today in the Pentagon briefing

Room nay Sams is the National Advanced Surface-to-air missile system North Korea’s foreign minister today Warning the United States about joint Military exercises with South Korea that Are ongoing and scheduled through Friday The statement from the North Reading if The U.S continuously persists in the Grave military provocations the dprk Will take into account more powerful Follow-up measures North Korea or dprk Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has test-fired over 20 Ballistic missiles in the region this Year and there have been reports all This year that North Korea may be Preparing for another nuclear weapons Test For listening to Washington today sign Up for c-span’s evening newsletter word For word to get the stories Washington Is talking about sent to your inbox Every day you can subscribe at C Hyphenspan.org forward slash connect Have a good night [Music]

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