Washington Today (10-31-22): SCOTUS may roll back affirmative action in college admissions

By | October 31, 2022

Supreme Court cases challenging use of race in college & university admissions, President Biden suggests an oil windfall profits tax, federal charges against suspect in attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker, Russia pulls out of Ukraine grain export deal.

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Welcome to Washington today on C-Span Radio for a Monday October 31st 2022 the Supreme Court hears two cases Challenging the use of race in college And University admissions with a number Of the conservative justices questioning Whether the current precedent which Allows race to be one factor of many Should be overturned President Joe Biden suggesting a new tax On large oil companies record profits What’s known as a windfall tax unless Those companies increase production to Bring down gas prices Countdown to election day just over a Week away final debates in the tight and Closely watched races including for Georgia Governor we’ll hear an exchange Between Republican incumbent Brian Kemp And the Democratic Challenger Stacy Abrams on abortion Federal charges filed against the man Accused of viciously attacking Paul Pelosi the husband of U.S House speaker Nancy Pelosi last week in the Pelosi San Francisco home those charges include Assault and attempted kidnapping suspect David de Pape telling police he was Looking for the speaker wanted to hold Her hostage and break her kneecaps In Russia’s war against Ukraine U.S State Department reaction to Russia’s Pulling out of the United Nations broker Deal to export grain from Ukraine and

It’s Halloween at the White House President first lady hosting some local Young trick-or-treaters Now to the U.S supreme court hearing Oral arguments in a couple of cases Today challenging use of race and University and college admissions an Article with USA Today reads Supreme Court’s conservative majority signals Skepticism Monday over the use of race Conscious admissions at American Colleges and one of the most Controversial cases before the court This year questioning the boundaries of Such policies and whether they are Actually needed to ensure diversity at Issue our policies at Harvard College And the University of North Carolina the Permit admissions offices to weigh the Race of applicants as one of many Factors to help decide who will be Accepted depending on the scope of the Court’s ruling the outcome could have Profound implications Beyond higher Education spilling over into workplace Diversity programs and other efforts to Confront discrimination this is the USA Today article it continues several of The Court’s conservatives noted that the 19 year old president permits the use of Race and admissions had warned that such Policies shouldn’t be needed forever Here’s a part of the first case the one Dealing with North Carolina the case is

Students for fair admissions a group That sued against the university Justice Clarence Thomas questioning North Carolina solicitor general Ryan Park Uh Mr Park I’ve heard the word uh Diversity quite a few times and I don’t Have a clue what it means It seems to mean everything for everyone Uh the and I’d like you first you did Give some examples in your opening Remarks But I’d like you to give us a specific Definition of diversity in the context Of the University of North Carolina And I’d also like you to give us a a Clear idea of exactly What the educational benefits of Diversity at the University of North Carolina would be Yes your honor so first we Define Diversity the way this court has in its Court’s precedence which means a broadly Diverse set of criteria that extends to All different backgrounds and Perspectives and not solely limited to Race and there’s a factual finding in This record pet app 113 that there are Many different diversity factors that Are considered as a greater factor in Our admissions process than race we have A particular interest in recruiting and Enrolling rural North Carolinians in the Last incoming class four out of every 10 Students who entered the campus stores

Were from rural North Carolina wanted Every 12 students is has a military Affiliation including the most veterans On campus since World War II and so we Value diversity of all different kinds And all the ways that people differ in Our society on On the educational benefits question Your honor I I don’t think it’s actually Disputed here that there are real and Meaningful educational benefits that Come with diversity of all kinds uh Sfa’s own expert uh this is on ja 546 uh Conceded and agreed enthusiastically in Fact on the stand that a racially Diverse and a diverse uh diversity of All kinds leads to quote a deeper and Richer learning environment leads to More creative thinking and exchange of Ideas and critically reduce bias between People of different backgrounds and not Solely different racial backgrounds Um but you still haven’t given me the Educational benefits Um the um I didn’t go to racially Diverse schools but there were Educational benefits and I’d like you to Tell me expressly when a parent sends a Kid to college that they don’t Necessarily send them there to have fun Or feel good or anything like that they Send them there to learn physics or Chemistry or whatever they’re studying So tell me what the educational benefits

Are so there’s three main buckets your Honor and the first and I think most Pertinent to the question that you asked Is the actual truth-seeking function of Learning in a diverse environment I Would direct the court to the major American businesses brief which Discusses a whole extensive rigorous Peer-reviewed literature that diverse Groups of people actually perform at a Higher level so the most concrete Possible scenario is is stock trading And there are studies that find that Racially diverse groups of people making Trading decisions perform at a higher Level make more efficient trading Decisions and the mechanism there is That it reduces group think and people Have longer and more sustained Disagreement and that leads to a more Efficient outcome the North Carolina Solicitor general Ryan Park question by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at The oral argument today the lawyer for The group that brought this case the Group is student for fair admissions the Lawyer is Patrick Strawbridge was asked This by Justice Sonia Sotomayor Can we stop a moment and I want to break Down what you’re talking about Um Sometimes race does correlate to some Experiences and not others If you’re black you’re more likely

To be in an under-resourced School You are more likely to be taught by Teachers Who are not uh as qualified as others You’re more likely To be viewed as less academic as having Less academic potential Even in your own arguments in your brief You correlate race to lots of other Things that are not necessarily causal Causal But which do correlate How do you tease that out how do you you Wanted admissions officer to say Um I’m not going to look at the race of a Child to see if they had all of those Socio-economic Barriers present and despite that that They got very high high school scores Maybe a little lower or a lot lower SAT Scores But I’m going to think about that you’re Asking them to just shunt it aside yeah Racial racial classifications have Always been disfavored for a number of Reasons they are necessarily divisive They carry stigmatic harm so why is it That in the Reconstruction Era Just when the 13th 14th amendments were Being passed Congress spent a lot of money In trying to get black children whether They were children of slaves or free

Slaves To be educated in an integrated schools They had a belief didn’t they That integration Pro itself provided of Value Um that is true of course most of the Freeman bureau’s activities are entirely Consistent with this Court’s existing Strict scrutiny rationale even in the Educational context that remediation is An acceptable compelling interest but That’s only remediation for what for Slavery well and these programs were Made available to black free children Well many of them well and that’s true And also the freedmen bureau and the Berea Kentucky school that was supported By federal funds required a 50 50 black Percent children and 50 white percent Children I’m not sure that the sources That are cited in the brief support that View there was a desire to make the Education Berea open to all but as far As we can tell the actual policy was They did not make distinction among Applicants by race the only requirement From what we could tell is a willingness To actually be educated in an integrated And co-educational environment at Berea College Astoria College of course was Also a private school now you’re Assuming in your argument That race is the only factor that gets Someone in

Two of school could you point to any Application I thought under the scooter framework You can’t use race exclusively But you can use it as one among many Factors yes and obviously we have corals With the logic of that in a zero-sum Game like college admissions if race is Going to be encountered that means some People are going to get in and some People are going to be excluded Patrick Strawbridge is the attorney for The group students for fair admissions Question by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor the oral argument in this First case concerning the University of North Carolina policies ran about two Hours and 45 minutes there was a second Case challenging Harvard College Admission policy in the use of race that Ran another two hours you can find the Full audio and it’s only audio that’s What the Supreme Court is allowing at This point at our video library and Audio library C-span.org we covered it live Justice Katanji Brown Jackson recused herself From that second case because she sat on Harvard’s Board of overseers as the case Was moving through the lower courts For more background on the cases and how The current lineup of justices are Viewing this issue of race and college And University admissions process versus

The previous cases that were decided C-SPAN spoke with Mark Walsh a Contributing writer for Education week And the American Bar Association Journal The Challengers here this is an Organization they don’t have individual Plaintiffs in this case but they do Allege that Harvard’s in particular Harvard’s plan discriminates against Asian American applicants Um the federal district court found There was no discrimination Um if you look at the statistics Um uh students for fair admissions would Say that uh you know higher qualified Black applicants uh I’m sorry lower Qualified black applicants are accepted At a higher rate than than Asian American applicants at a who are higher Qualified under Harvard’s own admissions Criteria but again two two federal Courts have upheld Harvard’s plan One Federal Court a federal district court Is upheld the University of North Carolina’s plan and the Supreme Court uh Kind of grabbed that case to be heard uh Before a federal Pierce Court could rule What do we know about this organization Itself students for fair admissions so This is a organization founded by a man Named Edward Bloom who is well known Around the Supreme Court or around Supreme Court litigation he’s been Involved in voting rights challenges uh

Uh it was involved in Shelby County case Which uh greatly limited the Voting Rights Act uh uh the the formula that That required certain states and Localities to have their voting changes Approved by the federal government he’s Been involved in other challenges to Affirmative action including the the Fisher versus University of Texas case Uh which he ultimately lost or his Organization ultimately lost Um he’s uh there’s a narrative that he’s This uh one man person and and he he is Um uh he’s a former uh stock broker and Someone who ran for congress who who is Not a lawyer and he uh has been behind These cases but there’s been some Pushback about that narrative because he Gets funding from a lot of right wing And other sources so one’s a public University one’s a private university Talk about the constitutionality aspects Of of those things yes so Harvard University as a private institution is Not really governed by the equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment But it is governed by title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits Race discrimination Nation so and then University of North Carolina would be Governed by both the equal protection Clause and the the title six so uh there Have been some discussion among legal Experts about whether that might lead to

Differing rulings Um uh in the Baki case the famous 1978 Case the the that uh that uh struck down Quotas but allowed uh colleges and Universities to consider race for uh for Creating a diverse student enrollment Um there’s the court kind of equated the Two Provisions but it’s you know we’ll See you know what the discussion is Today between the two cases on how what The current thinking is on that what’s Been the history of the Supreme Court on These type of cases and how’s that Changed because how because of the Supreme Court and how it’s changed Because of various people coming in and Coming off the court right so uh it was 1978 does this the Baki case is when the Court first really considered a this Issue at the higher education level Um and and as I said that was a Complicated result Justice Lewis Powell’s uh singular opinion but that Was in the middle of the Court became The controlling opinion most legal Experts would say that that uh and Endorsed and embraced student diversity As a as a rationale Then Roughly 25 years later 2003 there are Two cases come to the court from the University of Michigan one involving the Undergraduate college the other the law School the undergraduate college

Assigned extra points to Underrepresented minorities the court Struck that down but the law school Considered race as part of a holistic Process for admissions and the Supreme Court upheld that in the opinion by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and she Wrote in that case that you know it’s Been 25 years since Baki we expect that 25 years from now 25 years from 2003 These kinds of measures will no longer Be necessary But in the meantime there have been a Few other cases and now we’re 19 years And by the time this decision comes out 20 years out and we have a different Court we know at least three members of The Court are highly skeptical of of These kinds of uses of race because they Dissented in the the Fisher case from 2016 that was a four to three decision That uphelders University of Texas is Program Justice Alito wrote a very uh vociferous Dissent against affirmative action Signed by Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Clarence Thomas now two of the Members of the Fisher majority are gone Justice Anthony Kennedy retired and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died in 2020 and they’ve been replaced by more Conservative members who have some Signed some track record of of Skepticism about these but they haven’t

Specifically ruled Mark Walsh a contributing writer for the ABA journal in education week on C-span’s Washington Journal morning Program On the two Supreme Court cases in which The Justice heard oral arguments today Both brought by that group students for Fair admissions one against University Of North Carolina the other against Fellows and president of Harvard College The federal Society holding a discussion About the cases after the oral argument And Amanda Shaner of the Wharton School Legal studies and business ethics Assistant professor pointing to a Question series of questions asked by The newest Justice katanji Brown Jackson In that first case University of North Carolina Justice Jackson had a uh had a hypo uh In which she said okay what if you have Um a student who’s from five generations In North Carolina and uh it’s a white Student they say my family’s been here From four slavery five generations have Gone to UNC and I would I really honor My family to be able to go to UNC and Another student says uh my family’s been In North Carolina since uh before the Civil War my family was enslaved they’ve Not had the opportunities to go my People in my family have not had the Opportunities to go to UNC uh and I it

Would really honor my family and my History in North Carolina to do that and She basically she flipped the argument On its head and she said under the Petitioner’s argument the first guy the White guy can get a can have his history Give him a bump whereas the second guy Cannot because it would be understood to Be uh like uh a plus Factor on the basis Of race and including the petitioner Said any kind of like basis of your Family and slavery is considered such a Proxy for race uh that it couldn’t be a Plus factor in any kind of um uh uh University consideration I thought that Was really interesting uh an interest One that again we’ll see whether or not The court deals with it Um the final thing I’ll say is uh what Was really interesting to me was uh the Kind of I have said before is depending On how these cases come out it strikes Me that things like Title VII Um and the race neutral plans are Definitely under threat because if the Court were to say you know uh Educational you know diversity and Educational context is not a compelling Interest they might say if you adopt a Race neutral plan but with the goal of Uh encouraging racial diversity that Alone violates the Constitution uh and I Took the oral argument not to be going That direction whatsoever and I think

That’s fascinating because it sounded to Me like there are enough justices on the Court to protect uh race neutral plans Even if the race neutral plans are Adopted in part for the reason of uh Encouraging racial diversity which I Think would mean that things like the Top 10 percent plans uh Title VII that That would really affect there’s a case Coming up now uh Thomas Jefferson High School raising the same question I think Uh if I’m right I think that that’s a Different outcome it may mean that we’re Going to narrower opinion than I had uh I had expected in some of the other kind Of commentators it has accepted Amanda Shaner is with the Wharton School At the University of Pennsylvania legal Studies and business ethics assistant Professor in a federalist Society Discussion today after the Supreme Court Cases Current Supreme Court terms started About four weeks ago and runs through June 2023 so the decisions in these Cases dealing with race and college and University admissions could be issued Any time between now and middle of next Year but most likely it’ll be near the End of the term given precedent of other Cases on highly controversial topics And speaking of the Supreme Court former President Donald Trump today filing an Emergency appeal with the high court

After a lower court did not reverse its Ruling requiring that he turn over his Tax records to the U.S House Representatives Ways and Means Committee It’s a case that’s been going on for Several years house Democrats say that Donald Trump’s tax returns are needed to Review how the IRS does routine Presidential audits but Donald Trump’s Attorney’s writing the committee’s Purpose in requesting president Trump’s Tax returns has nothing to do with Funding or staffing issues at the IRS And everything to do with releasing the President’s information to the public Washington day continues in a moment Live Tuesday on C-Span radio at 11 A.M Eastern a discussion about threats to Elections with the acting Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth a Democrat And the former Kentucky Secretary of State a republican hosted by the center For American progress and live Tuesday At 2 pm Eastern CDC director Dr Rochelle Wolinski talks about preparing for the Next wave of covid-19 at a program held By the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation listen to C-SPAN radio Anywhere on your smart device say play C-SPAN radio Welcome back to Washington today Available as a podcast wherever you get Your podcast and on the free C-SPAN now Mobile video app

President Biden calling on oil companies To increase production or To be subject to a potential windfall Profits tax White House statement ahead Of the president’s remarks points to Reports over recent days of major oil Companies making record-setting profits Even as they refuse to help lower prices At the pump for the American people President speaking today at the White House One by one major oil companies have Reported record profits not just a fair Return on for hard work every company is Entitled to that a fair return for the Work they do Innovation they generate It means what I mean profits so high It’s hard to believe Now the second quarter of the profits Were really high for the third quarter Last week shell announced that it made 9.5 billion dollars in profits for the Third quarter 9.5 billion that’s almost twice as much As made in the third quarter of last Year I think that’s something you think That’s incredible I thought my that’s as Good as the high is going to get then Along Came Exxon Exxons profits for the third quarter Were 18.7 billion dollars One quarter 18.7 billion dollars nearly

Triple What Exxon made last year And the most in its 152-year history It’s never made that much profit In the last six months six of the Largest oil companies have made more Than 100 billion 100 billion and we had A little discussion about this the three Of us and others 100 billion in profits And two less than 200 days That’s not bad And here’s why this here’s why this Matters I think it’s outrageous what They’re the the size of the profit Here’s what matters these companies were Making average profits they’ve been Making by refining oil over the last 20 Years instead of the outrageous profits They’re making today and if they passed The rest onto the consumers the price of Gas would come down around an additional 50 cents If they’re investing their profits in Historic historic rates in their U.S Operations then America would be Producing more oil today prices would be Down even further But rather than increasing our Investments in America or giving American consumers a break their excess Profits are going back to their Shareholders and they’re buying back Their stocks so the executive pays are Going to Skyrocket give me a break

Enough is enough Look I’m a capitalist you’ve heard me Say this before I have no problem with Corporations turning in Fair profit or Getting a return on their investment in Innovation But this is remotely what’s happening Oil companies record profits today are Not because they’re doing something new Or innovative their profits are a Windfall of War The windfall from the brutal conflict That’s ravaging Ukraine and hurting tens Of millions of people around the globe You know at a time of war and he come to Receive an historic one problem profits Like this has a responsibility to act Beyond their narrow self-interest of its Executive shareholders I think the responsibility to act in the Interest of their consumers their Community and their country To invest in America by increasing Production and refining capacity Because they’ve had they don’t want to Do that they they have the opportunity To do that lowering prices for consumers To the pump You know if they don’t They’re going to pay a higher tax on Their excess profits and face other Restrictions My team will work with Congress to look At these up these options that are

Available to us and others President Biden at the White House he Mentioned those standing beside him they Would be the treasury secretary Janet Yellen and the Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Friday when the third Quarter earnings reports did come out Chevron’s CEO Mike worth was interviewed On Bloomberg TV about the profits Would you call these windfall profits Uh no I wouldn’t uh you know we we’re in A we’re in a commodity business that Goes through Cycles there are hard times As we saw just two years ago where we Had enormous losses you moved into Another part of the cycle and uh and and We have you know with strong earnings uh Good times don’t last just like the Difficult times don’t last we have to Invest through those cycles and uh and It’s important that we do in order to Continue to meet the growing demand for Energy we need an approach to energy That that bounces economic Prosperity Energy security and Environmental Protection and that’s uh I think that’s The frame that we think within and That’s a frame we try to engage with Policy makers Within Chevron CEO Mike worth on Bloomberg TV On Friday [Applause] Wall Street today the Dow down 128 NASDAQ down 114 S P down 29. election

Day is just over a week away on Sunday Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp Debating Democratic nominee for that Race Stacy Abrams for the second and Final time CNN reports that Brian Kemp Has led in most polling of the race but Stacey Abrams who came within a few Thousand votes of pushing their 2018 Race to a runoff has a strong base of Support and has succeeded in helping to Mobilize Democrats in her campaign and Those of other high-ranking Democratic Candidates including President Joe Biden And Senators Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff in their 2020 campaigns one of The issues in Sunday’s debate on which There was just disagreement abortion Policy If the legislature passes a more Restrictive abortion law abortion bill Would you sign that bill well I’m not Going to count on uh you know say yes or No to any specific piece of legislation Would actually seeing exactly uh what It’s doing it’s not my desire to go move The needle any further on this issue We’ve been dealing with this issue for Three years that’s where the general Assembly was I personally don’t see a Need to go back but when you’re Governor You have to deal with all kind of Legislative issues that are out there so We’ll look at those when the time comes But again my focus is going to be on

Helping Georgians fight through the 40-year high Joe Biden inflation that’s Been caused by disastrous policies in Washington D.C and we’re going to be our First order of business this is going to Do it do another tax rebate to do Property tax relief to help Jordans to Be able to cope with going to the Grocery store or the gas pump And let’s be clear he did not say he Wouldn’t we know that he has praised the Texas bounty system that allows Neighbors to make ten thousand dollars By reporting on women we know that under The law that he signed women can be Investigated for miscarriages and other Pregnancy losses and that 52 Counties Have said that they indeed will pursue Those investigations because they don’t Think they have a choice we know that Under this Governor women are in danger Georgia’s already number one for Maternal mortality and it is only going To get worse when women are forced to Carry pregnancies when one in five women In Georgia does not have health Insurance before pregnancy will be Compelled to carry that pregnancy to Term and while there has indeed been Improvements in Medicaid expansion and Medicaid to provide access for women During pregnancy on day the first Birthday of that child that Health Care Goes away Brian Kemp does not have a

Plan for the lives of the women who are Being forced to carry pregnancies to Term that are unwanted pregnancies but More importantly he refuses to protect Us he refuses to defend us and yet he Defended Herschel Walker saying that if He didn’t want to be involved in the Personal life of his running mate but he Doesn’t mind being involved in the Personal lives and the personal medical Choices of women in Georgia Debate in Atlanta on Sunday from WSB-TV More from the CNN article they write the Vast differences between Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams were on full display in the Closing statements on Sunday night but Both candidates made the same process to Put Georgians first The Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Democrat from New York up for Re-election this year and on Sunday he Debated his Republican Challenger Joseph Pinion they were at Union College in Schenectady New York and one of the Issues that came up in that debate Friday’s violent attack on the husband Of house Speaker Nancy Pelosi Candidates I want to talk about the Outbreak of political violence that We’ve seen especially the recent Headlines start with you Mr Schumer the Recent home invasion and violent attack On the spouse of speaker Nancy Pelosi

Has highlighted the dangers faced by Many elected officials do you believe The attack in San Francisco is an Isolated incident or part of a larger Trend well first you know my heart goes Out to Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi I’ve Spoken with her a whole bunch of times And praise God it looks like he will Have a full recovery despite the vicious Attack against him but look there have Been a num many more threats against Elected officials it’s been documented That I’ve received a few we have to calm The rhetoric down we have to make sure That we treat each other with respect And condemn the violence whenever it Occurs Um Mr opinion the say that the rise in Political violence Nationwide is at Least in part a consequence of fighting Words and the combative tone struck by Some members of the media as a former Broadcaster do you think the media can In fact lower the temperature of Political disputes I think there is a Greater responsibility that must be Shared by the media I would simply note There’s only one person on this stage Whose rhetoric is quite literally driven An American to the doorstep of a Supreme Court Justice to kill him uh that was Chuck Schumer so at the end of the day Yes we can talk about our institutions We can talk about the overheated

Rhetoric but nothing changes if nothing Changes and whether he wants to Acknowledge it or not it is Chuck Schumer who’s divisive rhetoric has led To the environment that we see today I Will not lay all the blame at his feet But he has been in DC for 42 years 24 Years in the United States Senate his Chief actual tool in politics is the Division we are here to unite this Nation we are here to unite this state We are here to tell the untold story of Pain and suffering in this state that Has occurred on his watch issues I hope We talk about the children living in Poverty the crime that has gripped this State 12 major cities his all-time highs For homicide that’s always part of this Lack of accountability for the Lawlessness that is all across this Country because our leaders have not Taken that scourge of crime and violence Seriously give them a chance to respond Yeah the bottom line is that we do have To deal with violence we have to deal With the heated rhetoric I would say for Instance that one of the people who’s Heated the rhetoric up the most is Former president Trump and so um we all Have to calm it down I don’t notice that Joe Biden has done any of that compared You compare the rhetoric of Donald Trump To Joe Biden it ain’t close in terms of Heatedness in terms of divisiveness in

Terms of pointing fingers at people Disrespectfully this Joe Biden’s not Running for U.S Senate New York Donald Trump is not running for U.S Senate in New York you are sir and you were the One that had that rhetoric do you feel As if that was responsible and do you Apologize to Justice Kavanaugh Um Mr Schumer did you want to respond Look the bottom line is that I have Never advocated violence in any way Never have never do never will the words I use that day were probably the wrong Choice of words and uh I said that then And say it now The Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Democrat from New York debating Republican Joseph pinyon at Union College in Schenectady on Sunday it was Hosted by Spectrum news one former President Donald Trump an interview on Sunday with Americano media called the Attack on the husband of speaker Pelosi A terrible thing but he added look at What’s happened to San Francisco Generally look at what’s happened in Chicago it was far worse than Afghanistan we have to give the police Back their dignity their respect they Can solve the problem The suspect in this case faces both State and federal charges San Francisco Police chief William Scott interviewed Today on CNN about the investigation

Asked about a possible motive for the Attack and also conspiracy theories that Are now circulating about it Is political rhetoric to blame perhaps Well I mean it it’s been quite wide Widely reported some of the websites That Mr the Pape is has been on and and Um You know I let me just say this It is a very very sad State of Affairs Uh with all the Reddit rhetoric that’s Out there conspiracy theories that are Out there you know we we’ve spent a lot Of energy just pushing back just really Ridiculous conspiracy theories and make Sure that people stay focused on our Team on what they need to do and that is Uncover the evidence is there and really Not get into all these these wild Conspiracy theories and these things are Harmful to society they’re harmful to The victims involved they are just it’s Really sad that we are we are here in This place but we are and I say that to Answer your question we have a lot of Work to do on this case and we don’t Want to get ahead of ourselves in terms Of releasing the information Obviously there’s a political undertone On this but at this point I’m going to Abide by what our prosecutors have asked Us we’re working as a team and we don’t Want to get too far ahead of ourselves And you talk about conspiracy theories

That could have perhaps fueled this Attack there are also conspiracy Theories that have come up since this Attack about what happened can you clear It up once and for all did Paul Pelosi Know his attacker There is absolutely no evidence that Mr Pelosi knew this man as a matter of fact The evidence indicates the exact Opposite and again we you know this is It it really is is sad that these Theories are being floated out there Baseless factless theories that are Being floated out there and they’re Damaging they’re damaging to the people Involved they’re damaging to this this Investigation and you know people are Running with this stuff and whether they Believe it or not these theories can Influence the way people think about Everything that’s happening here the San Francisco police chief William Scott Interviewed today on CNN Associated Press writes that the man accused of Attacking Paul Pelosi the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told police He wanted to hold the speaker hostage And break her kneecaps Authority said Monday David to Pape is charged Federally with influencing impeding or Retaliating against a federal official By threatening or injuring a family Member he also faces one count of Attempted kidnapping of United States

Official on account of the performance Of official duties this is Washington Today now to the war in Ukraine the Mayor of Kiev announcing over telegram That large portions of his City are Without water and electricity after Russian missile and drone strikes on Infrastructure he writes currently due To damage to the energy facility near Kiev 80 percent of the Capitals Consumers remain without water supply And Specialists are working to restore The operation of water stations as soon As possible he also writes Power Engineers are working to restore power To 350 000 homes in Kiev that were left Without electricity meanwhile this from Reuters ships brought grain from Ukrainian ports on Monday suggesting Moscow had stopped short of reimposing a Blockade that might have caused World Hunger despite suspending its Participation in a U.N program to safely Export grain from the war zone that Russian pull out from the grain export Deal condemned today at the U.S state Department here’s the spokesperson Ned Price as the secretary said on Saturday We deeply regret Russia’s decision to Suspend its participation in the Black Sea Green initiative which is having Immediate harmful impacts on Global Food Security Russia should return to full

Participation in the initiative and we Urge all parties to swiftly agree to Sustain this crucial program through the Months to come Disruption to the initiative risks Spiking food prices lowering the Confidence of insurers and Commercial Shippers who have returned to black sea Routes in further imposing hardships on Lower income countries already reeling From dire humanitarian crises and Global Food insecurity The initiative that went into effect on August 1st has been a great success it Has brought more than 9.5 million metric Tons of grain to World Markets it has Enabled life-saving food Aid to reach Vulnerable people in Afghanistan Somalia Yemen Ethiopia and elsewhere the Initiative helped decrease Global prices Of grains and oils and reduce food Insecurity and lower and middle-income Countries Again weaponizing food in the war that It started the most effective step to Address the ongoing food security crisis Would be for Russia to immediately Return to the arrangement and to end its War against Ukraine the state department Spokesman Ned price part of his opening Statements at his daily news conference Today with reporters in the state Department briefing room he also Expressed the administration’s

Condolences for two deadly tragedies Over the weekend at least 153 people Killed in a crowd surge during a Halloween celebration in Seoul South Korea and at least 134 people killed in India when a pedestrian bridge collapsed And among those killed in South Korea Two Americans and one of those was the Niece of a congressman Brad wenstrip Republican from Ohio who put out a Statement Monica and I and our entire Family are grieving the loss of our Niece Anne-Marie Gisi gisky she was a gift from God to Our family we loved her so much Also today the White House says that President Biden calling the Brazilian President-elect Luis enosio Lula de Silva to offer his congratulations on The weekend’s runoff election Victory But the incumbent president jair Bolsonaro has yet to concede at the White House today the return of a Tradition Halloween with President Joe Biden and First lady Jill Biden welcoming trick or Treaters those invited children of local Firefighters nurses police officers and Members of the National Guard the bidens Were in Europe last year during Halloween so this is their first Opportunity for them in the White House To host the trick-or-treaters The White House Historical Society

Saying that Halloween has been Celebrated at the White House since President Eisenhower who decorated for The first time in 1958 and first lady Mamie Eisenhower holding a luncheon for The wives of Staff members During President Kennedy’s Administration photos of his young Children dressed in costumes and the Oval Office were widely circulated and Then under President Nixon the large Events with local kids began Joe Biden today also announcing that in Celebration of Dia de los Muertos the White House displaying an A frienda in The west garden room and to honor and Celebrate the lives of loved ones who Have passed Thanks for listening to Washington today Subscribe to c-span’s evening newsletter Word for word to get the stories Washington is talking about sent to your Inbox every day you can sign up at C Hyphenspan.org forward slash connect Have a good night [Music]

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