Washington Today (10-28-22): Home intruder seeking Speaker Pelosi brutally attacks her husband

By | October 28, 2022

Intruder attacks House Speaker Pelosi’s husband at their San Francisco home, former President Obama campaigns for Dem candidates in Georgia; interview with Politico’s Rebecca Kern on politicians’ reactions to Elon Musk’s buying Twitter (24); Ukrainian President Zelensky speaks to Yale Univ audience.

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Welcome to Washington today on C-Span Radio for Friday October 28 2022 a man Breaks into the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently Searching for the speaker who was not There and brutally attacks the speaker’s 82 year old husband Paul with a hammer San Francisco police say the suspect is In custody and will be facing charges President Biden and bipartisan Leadership of congress with statements Of prayers and concern for Paul Pelosi And outraged that the attack took place Week and a half until the midterm Elections former president Barack Obama Campaigning in Georgia for Democratic Candidates for U.S senator and Governor While Republican senator Ted Cruz of Texas also speaking at a rally for the Republican Senate nominee in Georgia Which party might have the edge to gain Majorities in the Senate and House after Election day we’ll talk with cook Political report analyst David Wasserman Former president Donald Trump says he Does not plan to go back on Twitter if The new owner Elon Musk lifts his Lifetime ban but Donald Trump also Saying he does not think Twitter can be Successful without him We’ll talk with a technology reporter at Politico Rebecca Kern about what Twitter Under Elon Musk means for politicians Who use the platform and the long-time

Debate over content moderation And the Pentagon announcing more Military aid for Ukraine as Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski tells Students and faculty at Yale University How long he thinks the war against Invading Russia will last Associated Press Dateline San Francisco An intruder attacked and severely beat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband With a hammer in the couple’s San Francisco home early Friday while Searching for the Democratic leader and Chillingly shouting where is Nancy where Is Nancy This all began with a statement earlier From a spokesman 4 speaker Pelosi Drew Hamill who wrote early this morning and Assailant broke into the Pelosi Residence in San Francisco and violently Assaulted Mr Pelosi the assailant is in Custody and the motivation for the Attack is under investigation Mr Pelosi Was taken to the hospital where he is Receiving excellent Medical Care and It’s expected to make a full recovery Speaker was not in San Francisco at the Time the speaker and her family are Grateful to the First Responders and Medical professionals involved and Request privacy at that time that was The statement from the spokesperson for Speaker Pelosi then the U.S Capitol Police putting out a statement saying it

Is assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the San Francisco Police with a joint investigation into The break-in Than statements of support coming Including this from White House Press Secretary Kareem Jean-Pierre the President is praying for Paul Pelosi and For speaker Pelosi’s whole family this Morning he called speaker Pelosi to Express his support after this horrible Attack he’s also very glad that a full Recovery is expected the president Continues to condemn all violence and Asks the family’s desire for privacy be Respected And then mid-afternoon an update from San Francisco law enforcement good Morning everybody my name is Chief Bill Scott with the San Francisco Police Department At approximately 2 27 this morning San Francisco police officers were Dispatched to the residents of speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding an a priority Well-being check when the officers Arrive on scene they encountered an Adult male and Mr Pelosi’s husband Paul Our officers observed Mr Pelosi and the Suspect both holding a hammer the Suspect pulled the hammer away from Miss Pelosi and violently assaulted him with It our officers immediately tackled the Suspect disarmed him took him into

Custody requested emergency backup and Rendered Medical Aid The suspect has been identified as 42 Year old David de Pepe Mr Pelosi and Mr de Papi were Transported to a local hospital for Treatment This is an active Investigation currently being led by the San Francisco Police Department’s Special investigations division We are working closely with our partners From the FBI the U.S attorney’s Office The U.S Capitol Police and our district Attorney here in San Francisco County D.A Brooke Jenkins and her team the Motive for this attack is still being Determined Mr de Pepe will be booked at The San Francisco county jail on the Following charges Attempted homicide assault with a deadly Weapon elder abuse burglary and several Several other additional felonies Before I go any further I’d like to Thank the responding officers for their Swift action this morning though San Francisco police officers are officer Colby wilmes officer Kyle Cagney and Sergeant Edmund Hoang I’d also like to Thank our emergency dispatcher Heather Grimes who’s standing here to my left For A really amazing job For inquiries regarding Mr Pelosi and

His condition we refer you to the Statement issued by Speaker Pelosi’s Office this morning And with that I’m going to turn it over To our district attorney Brooke Jenkins For a few brief comments And let me say in advance this is what We know at this time we will update you Further but we will not be able to take Any questions after the statement Thank you Chief Scott and I do want to Commend the San Francisco police Department for their immediate response To this home and for swiftly making sure That Mr Pelosi was okay and that the Suspect was apprehended we are working Closely with them right now with respect To the investigation and will proceed With the appropriate charges as things Unfold as long as as well as work with The U.S attorney’s office and our Federal Partners thank you Right thank you all for being here I Know you may have we’ll update you when We get more That’s it for right now we’re not going To take any questions thank you we our Office will be issuing uh news release Very soon but that’s it for now thank You In San Francisco the statements from Bill Scott the San Francisco police Chief and Brooke Jenkins San Francisco District attorney Associated Press notes

That The Intruders shout in speaker Pelosi’s California home the reports of Where’s Nancy were an unsettling echo of The chance during the January 6 2021 Insurrection at the Capitol rioters Trying to stop Joe Biden’s election Search menacingly through the halls for The speaker CNN’s law enforcement Correspondent Whitney Wilde tweeting That the San Francisco Police Department Identifying the alleged attacker as 42 Year old David de Papi and that CNN Reached two of the man’s relatives who Told CNN he’s estranged from his family And that a review of his Facebook page Shows he posted memes and conspiracy Theories about covid the 2020 election And the January 6th attack the U.S Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Says that he spoke with speaker Pelosi Today to convey his deepest concern in Heartfelt wishes to her husband and Their family and he called the attack Dastardly and the Senate republicanly Later Mitch McConnell tweeting horrified And disgusted by the reports that Paul Pelosi was assaulted in his and speaker Pelosi’s home last night grateful to Hear that Paul is on track to make a Full recovery and that law enforcement Including our Stellar cap police are on The case and NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ryan Noble’s tweeting that A spokesperson for the house Republican

Leader Kevin McCarthy tells NBC that he Reached out to speaker Pelosi about the Attack on her husband and that leader McCarthy reached out to the speaker to Check in on Paul and said he’s praying For a full recovery and is thankful they Caught the assailant this is Washington Today Now two election campaigns in Georgia Former president Barack Obama headlining Rallies in College Park in Atlanta for Democratic senator Rafael Warnock Running for reelection also Democratic Nominee for governor Stacy Abrams NBC News writing the Barack Obama hopes to Use his star power within the party Mainly with young and black voters Core Democratic constituencies that can be Fickle in midterm elections to motivate Turnout ahead of the in-person Campaigning former president recording An ad for Senator Ward knock Georgia serious times call for special Leaders Leaders you can trust Leaders who are driven by something Bigger than politics That’s why you need to re-elect my Friend and your Senator Reverend Rafael Warnock I’ve known Reverend Warnock for years He’s a man of great moral Integrity a Leader in the truest sense of the work In just two years in office

He’s worked to lower health care costs For seniors and bring good jobs to Georgia And he’s been a clear voice in the fight To defend our democracy And protect the right to vote There aren’t a lot of people in Washington like Reverend Warnock and That’s exactly why we need to send it Back This is going to be a close race so make Sure you vote early or on November 8th Please join me reporting Rafael Warnock For Senate I’m Rafael Warnock and I Approve this message And add with former president Barack Obama as he starts his campaigning in Key Battleground states starting with Georgia today on behalf of Senator Warnock and Stacey Abrams running for Governor Barack Obama also campaigning Over the next week and a half in more States that are close I have close races Michigan Wisconsin Nevada and Pennsylvania When it comes to the Georgia Senate race Democratic incumbent Warnock and the Republican nominee Herschel Walker are According to most polls virtually tied Herschel Walker also getting some Nationally known Republican help in his Campaign in the final days Senator Ted Cruz republican from Texas a former Presidential candidate himself was at a

Herschel Walker rally on Thursday in Monroe Georgia I’m here supporting my friends And someone who is going to be an Extraordinary senator for the state of Georgia the great Herschel Walker Foreign [Applause] Look [Applause] Herschel Walker Is gonna win [Applause] And Raphael wardock Is gonna be evicted [Applause] And let me tell you how you know that Herschel is going to win Well that helps [Applause] Because the other side is losing their Minds they are attacking him with Everything they got and the more scared They get the more it is they know He’s going to win And I’ll tell you why he’s gonna win Because Warner Fox views are wildly out Of step with the values of the people of Georgia The people in people of Georgia is It is up in fight for small businesses And fight for jobs People of Georgia deserve a senator who Will say to the out of control spending

Driving inflation through the roof no no No no stop the spending [Applause] The people of Georgia deserve a senator Who understands Common Sense principles Like we’re going to support law Enforcement support our military and Secure the damn border [Applause] And I gotta say you think about Herschel The career he’s had in football Facing Larry linebackers looking to do Real harm I gotta tell you compared to that Chuck Schumer ain’t that scary Senator Ted Cruz republican from Texas In Monroe Georgia alongside Herschel Walker the Republican nominee for U.S Senate from Georgia Now to the Alaska Senate race this Reporting from The New York Times Senator Lisa murkowski a moderate Republican fighting for re-election in Alaska defended her record against Attacks from her trump-backed Challenger Former president Donald Trump backed Kelly chebacca in a debate on Thursday Miss murkowski Advanced to the general Election in November with a nearly seven Point lead over mishevaca and both Outperformed their Democratic opponent Patricia chesbrough but the senator has Had to relentlessly campaign for Political survival since she voted to

Convict Donald J Trump and his Impeachment trial after the January 6 2021 attack on the capitol Ms murkowski Has continued to be a target of Mr Trump Who visited the state in July for a Rally for Ms Chewbacca and this week Criticized Ms murkowski during a teller Rally as one of the worst Senators even Imaginable that from The New York Times Here’s a bit of Thursday night’s Alaska Senate debate in Anchorage Kelly Shabaka Asking Lisa murkowski a question When you launched your campaign you said In this election lower 48 Outsiders are Going to try to grab Alaska’s senate Seat for their partisan agendas frankly They couldn’t care less about your Future a year later lower 48 in Washington DC dark money have spent more On your behalf than both of our Campaigns have spent combined why are You now beholden to lower 48 and DC dark Money that doesn’t care about our Alaska Future Senator one minute for your Response so Couldn’t be further from the truth in Terms of being beholden to anybody on The outside I think alaskans who know me Who have watched me who see me serve no Full will that my Prime driver every day On every issue is all about Alaska we Recognize that there are outside groups That are weighing in they’re weighing in On my campaign they’re weighing in on

Your campaign they’re weighing in They’re weighing in on a host of Different campaigns and in many ways They’ve kind of subsumed everything else That’s out there But as a candidate we know we can’t Control that in fact just today you Stated that you can’t control outside Money or what others say about me as Were your words and I think we know that It might be frustrating but that’s the Reality of what happens with these Independent expenditure campaigns there Can be no coordination but let there be No doubt there is no Lisa murkowski Being whole being beholden to any Outside interest Mr Bach you have 30 Seconds for rebuttal please I think we All know how Washington DC works and I Think that’s what you’re trying to tee Up in your launch video that when they Come in and they help you keep your Senate seat you owe them favors but when I talk to alaskans we just don’t want a Senator who’s bought and bullied by the D.C establishment we want someone who Represents our Alaska independent voices And I go to doors across Alaska we don’t Want a politician where their quality of Life goes up we want a public servant we Don’t understand why our cost of living Goes up while the D.C insiders get a Better life Kelly chebacca and Senator Lisa

Murkowski both Republican candidates for The U.S Senate debating Thursday night In Anchorage there was a third candidate On the stage a Democrat Patricia chesbro And there’s a fourth candidate in the Race that will be on the ballot Republican Buzz Kelly he did not debate Last night because he has suspended his Campaign and endorsed Kelly Shabaka and The reason for multiple candidates from The same party in this general election In Alaska is because the state is using Ranked Choice voting to declare a winner For more on whether Republicans Or Democrats will likely have a majority in The U.S Senate after the November 8th Elections C-SPAN spoke with David Wasserman from the cook political report You know a month ago we would have said Democrats had a narrow Edge in the Battle for the Senate but this is Awfully tight it’s rare that we go into Election day with this much uncertainty About the chamber and it’s really you Know on a Razor’s Edge in four states uh You know the there are three uh Republican held states that I would Consider competitive and those are Wisconsin North Carolina Pennsylvania There are three Democratic held states That I’d consider very competitive Nevada Arizona and Georgia You know we’ve seen I think Wisconsin And North Carolina move and Republicans

Favor uh I I think the other four races Though Arizona Georgia Nevada and Pennsylvania are super super tight and Republicans need to win two of those Four races to win the majority the Biggest change has been in Pennsylvania And you know last month it looked like John fetterman had a substantial lead Maybe seven or eight points over Mehmet Oz because Oz had catastrophic negative Ratings unfavorability for a a major Party nominee in a swing state he had Carpet bagged from New Jersey to run but Dr Oz has been successful in making this Race more of a referendum on John Fetterman not just his health and the Lingering effects of his stroke but also His record on crime and this is what Democrats are fearful of not just in Pennsylvania but in Wisconsin in a whole Host of house races where they’re on Defense events on this issue and John Fetterman was Atop The Board of Pardons In Pennsylvania he pushed for more Lenient sentencing or clemency for Non-violent offenders he pushed for more Discretionary sentencing and murder Cases he stopped short of and of calling To end cash bail like some other Progressive Democrats have but that’s Been enough for oz to try and portray Him as soft on crime and that has evened Up the race and then in Arizona your Colleague Jessica Taylor yesterday

Taking it from democratic leaning back To toss-up well that’s right and part of What we’re seeing in Arizona is that the Republican Kerry lake is doing quite Well in the governor’s race and they’re Campaigning together Lake and Blake Blake Masters the Republican Senate Nominee against Democrat Mark Kelly and So even though Kelly has had a massive Spending advantage in this race Arizona Is a perpetually close State we saw a a Razor thin margin for Joe Biden there in 2020 we’re going to see a very tight Outcome again this year and it could Take weeks before we really know the Answer David Wasserman is an editor with The cook political report joining C-SPAN On this morning’s Washington Journal Program President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris writes CNN will be making A rare joint appearance on the campaign Trail in Philadelphia Friday evening as They seek to boost Pennsylvania Democrats in the closing stretch of the Election including John fetterman in That senate race David Wasserman also talking to C-SPAN About the U.S House races he says the Prediction there is clear Republicans Will probably take over the majority From the Democrats post-election Republicans have the momentum in the Battle for the house no doubt about that

But this is a weird year because we’re Looking at a split screen between purple And red States and then blue States it’s Actually Democrats who are holding up Well relatively and they’re polling in Red and purple States because they’ve Been able to make the election a little Bit more about the abortion issue in States where there have been threats to Abortion access whereas in blue States Democrats are double incumbents not only Is Joe Biden unpopular nationally his Approval rating is still between 42 and 43 percent but they also control state Government there and there are fewer Threats to abortion access Roe v Wade is Certain to remain the law in those States and so Democrats are really Struggling relative to 2020 in a lot of Seats Biden carried comfortably in Places like New York and California and Oregon and even Connecticut and Rhode Island some of the party’s best known Names in the house the chairman of the D Triple C Sean Patrick Maloney we just Moved him from lean Democrat to toss-up On Monday Katie Porter in California Abigail spanberger in Virginia these are Big Democratic names in the house who Are not out of the woods they are at Genuine risk our overall Outlook in the House is a republican gain of between 12 And 25 seats and with 33 toss-ups on our Chart there are a lot of possible ways

This could go Give us the state of play right now in The house I mean what is their majority Right now it’s it’s thin it is and part Of the reason why we’re not looking at a Huge massive you know 63-seat gain like Republicans had in 2010 or a 54 seat Gain like they had in 1994. they’re Starting out from a higher floor in the House currently they’re at 213 seats to Democrats at 222 that means that a Sneeze could tip over the house they Only need five seats to regain control And there are three structural Advantages that Republicans have in the House that they don’t have in the Senate The first is redistricting keep in mind This is the first election cycle since The 2020 census so every state has had To redraw its boundaries except for the Six states that only have one districts And are spared The Madness of this Process but Republicans were able to Gerrymander more States than Democrats Because a lot of big blue States like California New Jersey Virginia Colorado Washington they passed Anti-jerrymandering reform and so they Have independent or bipartisan Commissions that Drew their boundaries In fairly neutral ways or maybe only Slightly Democratic leaning Maps whereas Republicans were able to manipulate the Boundaries in their favor in Texas and

Georgia and Ohio and and Tennessee and Especially Florida where Governor DeSantis ran through a map that gives Republicans an extra four seats second Structural Advantage for Republicans Open seats and retirements we are seeing Far more Democrats leave the house this Year than Republicans and so there are 32 open Democratic seats to 24 open Republican seats but it’s not just the The difference in quantity it’s also the Types of districts Democrats are leaving Behind they’re leaving behind a lot of Swing seats we see 19 Democratic open Seats as vulnerable to Republican Takeover compared to six open Republican Seats that are vulnerable so that’s Another pathway for Republicans to get Five seats and then the third Advantage They have is recruitment that’s the Third R and and Republicans unlike in The Senate where they’ve bickered and Argued among their leadership over the The types of candidates they’ve Nominated and Trump has played more of a Role Kevin McCarthy the Republican Leader in the house has had a much more Disciplined candidate recruitment Operation and 70 percent of the Republican nominees in the most Vulnerable Democratic seats are women Minorities and or veterans 38 percent Are women 34 percent are our military Veterans and 23 percent are not white

And so that makes it harder for Democrats to cast these Republican Challengers as the second coming of Trump when they don’t look or sound like Him David Wasserman is with the cook Political report U.S House senior editor Joining C-SPAN on the Washington Journal Program this morning you can find the Full discussion with him runs almost an Hour includes calls from listeners and Viewers at our video library c-span.org Wall Street today the Dow up 8 28 NASDAQ Up 309 s p up 93. An article at politico.com on Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter includes this The Takeover could have huge Implications for the future of Washington’s favorite social media app Especially if former president Donald Trump is allowed back on the platform And if Elon Musk loosens the rules Prevent the spread of hate speech and Misinformation the reporter on that Story Rebecca Kern covers technology Policy for Politico joining us now by Phone thank you so much So president former president Trump has Has said that he is not going to go back On the platform so where do we stand With this Yeah lots of back and forth happening in The last kind of 12 hours but um Donald Trump has created his own social media App called Truth social and he did an

Interview with uh Fox today saying he Wants to stay on the platform Um you know he he likes musk and he’s You know a fan of him but he thinks he Has more traction on Truth Um and so that’s what he says Um Elon Musk has said he would lift any Permanent bands Um of individuals he does not believe That permanent bans should exist on the Platform so that therefore could mean That Um musk could be allowing Trump to join At some point Um but right now it sounds like Trump May be playing a little hard to get These rules to prevent the spread of Hate speech and misinformation that you Mentioned how is that impacted How Congress has interacted with Twitter Yeah it’s a good question Um over the years Congress has brought In the former CEO of Um Twitter who was a co-founder um Jack Dorsey and they’ve kind of grilled him On how the platform handles Um a lot of unsavory content like Extremists and terrorist content to hate Speech to election related Misinformation and and over the years We’ve watched as Congress has continued To put pressure on the platform that the The platform as a result has has Developed a more stringent rules

Particularly around election Misinformation following the 2020 Elections and as we head into the Midterms in less than two weeks that Those policies will continue to be put To a test but Um that has been a source of frustration With Congress for for some time now Um we don’t know if anyone wants to Bring in the new newest leader which Would be Elon Musk because he totally Could change the direction of the Platform because he’s called himself a Free speech absolutist and says he wants A lot more content on the platform and Less rules so Um and and a lot of these rules were Often created because of the public Pressure and that from Congress that These platforms have had too much Misinformation and and unsavory content On them so that could end up reversing a Lot of the efforts uh Twitter had put in Place and the efforts in Congress to Pass some legislation some reform Legislation how far did that get and now That Twitter is going private where Where might that go in the future Yeah so we had Um some efforts in place Um to reform the ultimate law that Protects a lot of these companies online Called section 230 and it is this Liability Shield that would prevent them

From being sued for content on the Platform in most cases there’s been a Lot of efforts to reform it but very Little bipartisan agreement generally The lines fall along partisan divisions Wherein Republicans say they want to Reform the law to make it so more Content stays up they claim conservative Viewpoints are being quote unquote Censored because the platform does take Down a lot of viewpoints that are Pushing racial slurs hate speech Misinformation and and often that aligns With that political party whereas Democrats are are on the Viewpoint more Content needs to be removed a lot of a Lot of hate speech and some missing Information still remain on the platform And they think that that more needs to Be done so while bills have been Introduced they’re often partisan along Those those talking points there’s been Some minor legislation that’s not Unfortunately Advanced that would lead To more transparency reporting is where It seems there’s some agreement that we Don’t know exactly the denominator of How much content these platforms end up Taking down they don’t they’re not Required to Um to share that publicly and they would Like to know what conducts removed and The reasoning and so that’s some Legislation that has been introduced

It’s just not passed to date we’re Talking with Rebecca Kern a reporter With Politico You talk about how Twitter is currently Washington DC’s favorite social media App could there be changes made to the The platform itself where that becomes You know less popular not necessarily Dealing with content but maybe some Other changes Content moderation rules in place and um As I’ve alluded to like earlier this Year when he announced the buyout he did It under the um the premise that he Wanted more free speech more content on The platform over time it seems he he’s Walked back to some of those comments Earlier Um and even as of earlier this week he Put out a tweet directed specifically to Advertisers because I think a lot of Advertisers on the platform were getting Nervous that a lot of unfavoried content Was going to be allowed back on and they Don’t want their ads next to that and And currently it is a public platform That does get ad Revenue so Um he put out a post saying you know I Do not want the platform to be a Quote-unquote free-for-all healthscape So he acknowledged he wants some Policies in place to protect a lot of You know not good content um he wants The platform to be quote unquote warm

And welcoming to all so we’ll see if he Were to lift rules around hate speech Content moderation policy there could be A platform that’s not welcoming at all So we just really don’t know he’s gone Kind of back and forth with what he’s Been saying and also just another update On Friday afternoon he put out a new Tweet saying he’s going to form a Content moderation council with widely Diverse viewpoints and that’s where he’s Going to start his process of deciding What content moderation rules he wants To allow so that’s something we’ll be Watching Rebecca Kern technology policy Reporter with Politico find her work at Politico.com and on Twitter she’s at Rebecca M Kern thank you very much Thanks for having me Congressman Jim Jordan republican from Ohio tweeting today Free Speech liberal Tears and congresswoman Lauren bobert Republican from Colorado with this tweet If it angers you that free speech is Winning and censorship is losing buckle Up a lot of suppressed truths on social Media and in Congress will be coming to Light in the next two years and CNBC Reports that General Motors is spending Its advertising on Twitter as it Evaluates Twitter’s New Direction under Elon Musk they do note that the Detroit Automaker General Motors his arrival to Musk’s Tesla Motor Company Washington

Today continues in a moment There are a lot of places to get Political information But only at C-SPAN do you get it Straight from the source no matter where You are from or where you stand on the Issues Espan is America’s Network Unfiltered unbiased word for word if it Happens here or here or here or anywhere That matters America is watching on C-Span powered by cable Welcome back to Washington today which You can get us a podcast on the C-SPAN Now video app and wherever you get your Podcasts After the war in Ukraine This from NBC News Russian defense minister Sergey Shuku on Friday said that the partial Mobilization of 300 000 reservists to Fight in Ukraine that Russia announced In September was complete speaking at a Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin broadcast on state television he Said that of the 300 000 mobilized Recruits 218 000 remained in training While 82 000 had deployed to the Conflict zone of which forty one Thousand have been assigned to their Units he said that in the future Recruitment for the Ukraine campaign Would be based on volunteers and Professional soldiers rather than Mobilizing more of Russia’s several

Million reservists President Putin Declared a partial mobilization of the 300 000 reservists on September 21st After a series of military defeats saw Russia forces routed from East Ukraine’s Kharkiv region and under increasing Pressure in the southern kirison region That from NBC News the Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski today Taking part part virtually in a forum on The war it was hosted by Yale University’s School of Management before Taking questions from the students one Invited journalist from CNBC senior White House correspondent Kayla tauschi Asked how long the war might last I’ll Start with an Ash and plea that you made to the Leaders of the G7 countries back in June To end the war by the winter the winter Is now approaching and as the war goes On everyone from Progressive Democrats Here in the U.S to public figures like Elon Musk have made their own Suggestions about how the war should end At this point will the war end with a Battle or a negotiation and when Thank you Uh thank you for for your video as well And for for this really helps to Communicate with the public Unfortunately however tragic it might Might look It cannot describe 100 what has been

Happening here the reality is much Harder much Horrible And the reality is Much horrible in many respects So coming back to how to end the to end The war it’s a complex thing because it Depends on multiple factors we’ve shown Our resilience as the people we continue We are motivated by being the ukrainians By being the citizens of this country From different walks of life from Different nationalities but we are Motivated with what we have and we Defend what we have this is what depends On us this is our end Target and we are Going there It is also very much dependent on our Partners I’ve spoke Thanking the leaders of your country They don’t party their position I’d like to take the chance to also Thank your colleagues the journalists Those who have been communicating the Stories and making sure that the public The society does not forget about the War this really translates into support Which needs to be It is also Depending on the public in the Russian Federation and for this a powerful Sanction-based pressure should be Exerted on Russia for them in Russia Also to understand that they also are

Responsible for the political choice of The political leaders who decided to Bring fairer to the land of my country So many factors are in let’s play And this all United is United just one Principle the principle of willingness William is when we all will be willing To end the war it will end and it will End soon probably it all depends on how Willing we are on our inner motivation Now all of us are ukrainians because it Is the ukrainians who are fighting for The values in Europe in the U.S in Asia In Africa everywhere In every country redeems itself a Civilized country a civilized society a Civilized democracy so this depends on How we join well Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski through an Interpreter taking apart virtually in a Forum on the war hosted by Yale University School of Management The audio provided by the school also There in person two U.S senators Lindsey Graham Republican of South Carolina Richard Blumenthal Democrat from Connecticut those two have co-sponsored Several bills this year in support of Ukraine and in sanctioning Russia for Its invasion at the Pentagon today an Announcement of another round of U.S Military assistance to Ukraine here’s The deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh Today the department is announcing the

Authorization of the 24th presidential Drawdown of security assistance valued At up to 275 million dollars to meet Ukraine’s critical security and defense Needs this authorization is again our 24th drawdown Of equipment from DOD inventories for Ukraine since August 2021. capabilities In this package which you’ll see up here Additional ammunition for high Mars Which are the high Mobility artillery Rocket systems 500 Precision guided 155 Artillery rounds two thousand one five Five millimeter rounds of remote Anti-armor mine systems More than 300 anti-armor systems 125 Humvees Small arms and more than 2.75 million Rounds of small arms ammunition And four satellite Communications Antennas In total the U.S has committed more than 18.5 billion dollars in security Assistance to Ukraine since the Beginning of the Biden Administration The deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh In The Pentagon briefing Room today BBC news reporting that Russian officials say they’ve completed An operation to move civilians out of The occupied southern city of Curson Ahead of an expected battle with Advancing Ukrainian forces at least 70 Thousand civilians are said to have

Crossed to the Eastern Bank of the no Pro River and what Ukraine is called Forced deportations This week we saw and heard Russian President Vladimir Putin again talking About nuclear weapons and claiming now That he never intended to use them in The war in Ukraine President Joe Biden Saying in a news Nation interviewed from The interview from Thursday night that He’s skeptical and wary I want to ask you about the conflict of Russia or in Ukraine today President Putin of Russia said that he has no Intent to use chemical or nuclear Weapons in Ukraine do you believe them Yeah I think he if he has no intention why Does he keep talking about it why does He talk about the the ability to use a Tactical nuclear weapon He’s been very dangerous in how he’s Approached this and he should just get Out he can end this hole get out of Ukraine President Biden interviewed by News Nation on Thursday night and that Clip tweeted by that news organization Today retired General Philip reedlove a Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe was asked his opinion on President Putin’s intentions when it Comes to nuclear weapons General Breedlove was on a panel at the Atlantic Council a general Breedlove could you

Please assess the likelihood that that Vladimir Putin is going to use nukes Where are you on this question and if if You were on CNN and they’re asking you To give a probability is it five percent Or is it 20 what number would you give And you’re muted sir So it’s a great question and frankly my Opinion has been shifting as we have Getting getting closer and closer to What is now looks like an impending loss In the south after a strategic loss North of key after a strategic loss North and east of heartachev now we see Operational and tactical losses in the South that could roll up into something Bigger I think that the probability has Probably increased I I still uh believe That Mr Putin understands how impactful This would be for him for Russia and for Others they’re already a pariah state But they might lose some of their Closest allies if they take this this Next drastic step so Um I believe it’s probable but I am Hopeful that Mr Putin understands that The cost to him would be incredible and Therefore 4 will make a much more Prudent decision but I have a number sir Are you closer to five or closer to 20. I’m over I’m over half glass full on This I think that he’s he will probably Back himself into this corner General Philip Reed love retired General former

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe From 2013 through 16 taking part Virtually in an event on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear Threats hosted today by the Atlantic Council In Iran the anti-government protests and The violent suppression of them Continues the guardian has this Iranian Security forces have opened fire on Protesters in azadan a month after a Massacre that killed scores of people in The rest of Southern eastern city crowds Are also fired on in mahabad another City with a long history of resistance Against the regime in renewed deadly Violence at the end of the sixth week of Unrest sparked by the death in police Custody of Masa amini on September 16th Article continues the scale the violence Is disputed by official news agencies Who blame rioters for the unrest the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council Federico Villegas the Interview today at another Atlantic Council event and one question from the Moderator gisu Nia was about how the United Nations Council might help the Protesters in Iran and what obstacles May stand in the way How does the Human Rights Council Amplify or support those in the country That are looking for a change with their Human rights situation especially when

The state that you or the body would be Engaging with Doesn’t let repertoires into the country Isn’t necessarily interested in Constructive engagement you know what is A what is a way to support I think That’s what’s being asked in these and These many questions that we’ve received On this thank you thank you very much It’s a very important question Iran is a Very important country it’s a Sophisticated millionary culture and it Has the attention of the of the world so It’s it’s fine to have a lot of Questions about Iran no problem about That first of all Um The council Fosters a space for dialogue And debate for societies to decide their Path in improving human rights but that Means that we do not have a recipe each Society has its own social and Institutional tissue that makes them Evolve So I think that the constructive Engagement I I I’m sure you know but Constructing engagement is a concept That you have many people in Washington That can tell you a lot about how to Implement constructive in Beijing Because they they were in the inventors Of the concept in the 80s like like Ambassador Chester Crocker for example That I recently had a very interesting

Conversation on this constructive Engagement means even if you don’t like Even if you know that the country maybe Might not make a change but you have Society demanding a debate You have an engagement to Foster that Debate So I think that the council can help Iranian Society to find a path of Evolution if they feel that they need That debate If if that includes certain changes it Will depend on each country we cannot From the outside decide how countries Change their way to organize politically Socially and economically That was precisely what happened in the Cold War we had Decades where one side said to the other How you should organize politically Socially and economically So that is from the past now we have to Respect the Rhythm the the learnings of Each society and the Iranian Society for What we are witnessing Will be continuing this type of debate Whether this happens one thing or Another when societies evolve all of our Societies evolved there we go the yejas Is United Nations Human Rights Council President part of the conversation today At the Atlantic Council the moderator Was Atlantic Council strategic Litigation Project Director gisu Nia the

Us today also sanctioning an Iranian Entity responsible for issuing a bounty On Salman Rushdie in response to the Attack on the author in August both the State department and the department of The treasury issuing statements Announcing that the group 15 cordat Foundation is a specially designated Global terrorist Thanks for listening to Washington today Get more of Washington’s top stories Sent to your inbox every day by Subscribing to c-span’s evening Newsletter you can sign up at c hyphen Span.org forward slash connect have a Good night and weekend [Music]

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