Was the New York Post Hacked this Morning? We got the Answer!

By | October 27, 2022

The big question this morning was, was the new york post hacked?
Well, many thought so, including the post themselves, but we now have the answer regarding all the vile posts The Posts accounts made this morning.

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Hello great Patriots thank you so much For joining us here at The Newsroom and Today I have a breaking news story and I Don’t know if you guys saw this this Morning maybe on your Twitter feeds or Facebook or anywhere else So New York the New York Post Publishes a lot of news stories Throughout the day Almost 120 news stories a day that’s Pretty crazy they have a big staff So this morning everybody started Noticing that the New York Post was Publishing a lot of crazy outlandish and Even racist and lewd headlines on Twitter and Facebook And a lot of people thought that the New York Post had been hacked even the New York Post came out and said look it Looks like we’re hacked uh we took down All of the all of those uh posts that Have been put up on social media and on Our website and we’re investigating the Matter we think we’re hacked so that was Their initial post that they put out But later on they figured wait a minute We have not been hacked it is actually One of our own employees that went rogue You heard right folks it says New York Post fires Rogue staffer Who published racist and lewd fake Headlines on social media and their own Website you’re right folks this comes Courtesy of goldenstatetimes.com and it

Says a New York Post Rogue employee was Fired on Thursday After they published a series of races Lewd and violent headlines about people Like Hunter Biden and Joe Biden Representative Alexander ocasio-cortez New York Governor Kathy hokel or hotel And Um And Republican rival Lee zedlin or Zeldin I’m sorry among others It says that the newspaper initially Claimed that the incident was a result Of a breach they thought they were Hacked Saying in a statement quote the New York Post has been hacked and we’re currently Investigating the cause So that is what they thought at first They thought they had been hacked but it Turns out it was one of their own Employees just going crazy I don’t know if he was trying to get Himself fired or what was going on with That person but hours later The paper said that in an internal probe It indicated that the offending Headlines had come from inside the Building And the employee responsible for those Headlines for publishing those things Was fired And they said in a statement quote the New York Post investigation indicates

That the unauthorized conduct was Committed by an employee and the Employee has been terminated This morning We immediately removed the vial and Reprehensible content from our website And social media accounts The chaos started around 9 00 am New York time 6 a.m Pacific here in California Thursday where headlines Popped up along the pose website and app Describing political figures in vulgar Vulgar and racist terms So I don’t know if you guys saw them We’re going to share some of them on our Twitter we don’t want to talk about it Because of YouTube you know we don’t Want to show any of them because of YouTube and the rules and all that other Stuff but if you do want to see some Screenshots of all of those crazy Headlines go to over to our Twitter we Should have it on there at gold state Times if you guys want to check those Out but There were some pretty crazy ones There’s some very racist ones Um vulgar And stuff that you know you shouldn’t Really publish But Um but they thought that they were Hacked and it turns out that it was just An employee trying to get fired

It says The articles Then found their way into the pose Twitter page Through the social media management System social flow And it says which pushes out a series of Tweets for news organizations so what Happens I don’t know if you um let me Let me give you guys a glimpse into how These things work So social flow is a very good system for News networks because you’re able to Put in all the articles that you’re Doing throughout the day and uh kind of Like the system can tell you if you Wanted to publish every hour every half Hour every 15 minutes 20 minutes or Whatever and all you have to do is just Put the post on there and it’ll Automatically put it out on all of your Social media sites so it’s a very good System But the thing is that I don’t know if You guys have ever used any of you guys Have ever used a system called Monday.com and on monday.com you can Have a bunch of users In the system that has access to it so If you have a bunch of employees like New York Post will have a bunch of People publishing or publishers So they will be able to get into the System and publish it without the need

Of pretty much an editor there Um seeing what they’re published Or what they’re publishing So that’s the reason why this person That when Rogue was able to publish Those things was because they were able To get onto the system social flow put In all of those headlines along with the Link and then just put them out at Random times but the thing about this is That he put them out almost instantly All of them came out pretty much at the Same exact time so that person was Effectively pretty much doing it while The New York Post was investigating if They were being hacked So they were probably running around and The person was just you know typing and And pushing send as as the New York Post It team was scrambling to see if they Have not hacked hilarious it’s hilarious I gotta say it’s it’s you know that Person was trying to get himself fired Or something I don’t know what was going On but that’s basically how it works With so many people working at the New York Post and Publishing and stuff like That it took them a little while to Figure out wait a minute we didn’t get Hacked it was one of our guys doing it And that person got fired So let us know what you guys think about This whole situation in the comment Section below do you guys believe that

This employee at the New York Post was Getting wanting to get it you know Wanting to get fired you wanted to get Canned or do you guys think that Something else is the reason behind this I don’t know if you guys saw them the The headlines that they put up on social Media but if you did what do you guys Think about this whole situation Let us know in the comment section below We just wanted to give you guys an Update the New York Post was not hacked This morning It was just an employee Trying to get himself fired So he can go and collect unemployment I Guess I don’t know I don’t know what was The the reason behind it but we will Never know really because he already got Fired But we just wanted to let you guys uh Know and give you guys an update about What happened this morning regarding the New York Post so if you guys like this Report found an informative make sure You share it on social media click the Thumbs up button and visit our website Goldenseatytimes.com one thing that I do Have to say regarding Golden State’s Golden statetimes.com that can never Happen that can never happen all the Headlines and everything on there are Headlines of news of the day and stuff That you guys you know we want you guys

To know about what’s happening what They’re doing what the Democrats are Doing if you guys haven’t seen the video That we just uploaded regarding the hot Mic moment of Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden Schumer telling Biden we are in Trouble The Democrats know that they’re going to Lose the house they’re going to lose the Senate They’re going to lose a bunch of Governor seats too And Schumer knows it and he’s warning Biden so if you guys missed that video It should be coming up on your screen Also like I said visit our website Golden statetimes.com don’t forget to Click the Thumbs Up Button And subscribe To the channel if you’re new Thank you so much folks and I hope to See you on the next one but until then The New York Post did not get hacked it Was just a rogue employee Wanting to pick up a unemployment check I guess thank you so much folks peace

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