Voter ID Laws Now Impact THIS “Protected” Group?!

By | November 2, 2022

MSNBC recently aired a segment about voter ID laws negatively impacting the transgender community ahead of the midterm elections. The historical leftist narrative about voter ID… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: )

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These people are absolutely ridiculous [Music] How’s everybody doing my name is Anthony Bryan Logan and today we got to talk About MS-13 DNC also known as MSNBC Speaking about voter ID laws negatively Impacting trans people rather than quote Unquote minorities now remember the General idea going into this election Cycle and also previous Cycles was that If you pass voter identification laws It’s racist because it negatively Impacts Black and Hispanic but mostly Black people like somehow we don’t know Where the DMV is we don’t have Identification we don’t apply for home Mortgages for rent for welfare benefits For gun ownership we don’t do anything That requires identification so Requiring identification to go out there And vote is racist against us That was a narrative and it still kind Of is a narrative but that narrative is Dying why because they pass quote Unquote restrictive voter identification Laws in Georgia and as a result you have Record high turnout record high turnout And then you got people like Karen Jean-Pierre White House Press Secretary Talking about oh you can have Restrictive and oppressive laws while at The same time having record turned out It doesn’t make any sense if anything These laws made it easier and more

Accessible to vote which is what they Said from the very beginning that’s what Brian Kemp said these laws will make Voting easier more accessible and more Secure and that’s what happened why Because everybody that is going to vote Has ID if you don’t have ID you might Smoke crack for a living and if you Smoke crack for a living I don’t think You’re really worried about midterm Elections anyway worried about how to Get that next hitter crack or how much It weighs shout out to shout out to not Joe but hunter Biden say anything anyway Let’s get to the clip I have of MS-13 DNC talking about this particular thing And then I’ll get my reaction Immediately afterward and if you want to See this without my commentary link will Always be in the description box below Good to see you and as gen Z gears up to Hit the polls transgender voters are Concerned they might be blocked from Casting their ballots yeah that’s Because a growing number of states are Enforcing stricter voter identification Laws that disproportionately impact the Community NBC out reporter Joe your Caba Joins us now with more on this show good Morning to you so first of all how can Voter ID laws create obstacles for Transgender people and where do we see Some of the strictest voter ID laws so Okay let’s just pause for a second

Is this person’s name Joe All right so I can kind of see what side Of the issue they’re going to be on Already right I mean I’m the record Scientist I’m not a super brilliant Person but two plus two still equals Four in any day of the week Sure yeah so voter ID law is Disproportionately impact trans people Because trans people are more likely to Have IDs without the name that they go By and the gender marker that reflects How they present and Recent research Shows that just over 200 000 eligible Trans voters in uh 31 states that both Conduct their elections mostly in person And require or request ID at the polls Don’t have IDs that reflect their gender Identities and the names they go by Um and you know the states that have the Strictest voter ID laws are mostly Concentrated in the South and Midwest so You’re you know Tennessee Wisconsin Kansas so voters there are going to be Most Okay so so that’s that if I can find More I’ll let you guys know I’ll put it In the Box basically they’re trying to Say hey these laws are impacting trans People because what’s happening The the name they go by And the name of some of their Identification Is different and also their gender could

Be different but see here’s the thing About that how about go and update your ID Update your ID And and figure it out that way And your gender really wouldn’t be Relevant although all that’s relevant is Your name right That’s that’s your that’s your name and Your face This person Joe uh spelled with uh no e At the end just j-o Gender neutral name I suppose I’m not Really sure but they identify as what Their pronouns are But If I saw a picture of quote unquote Joe At 18 years old with Long curly blonde hair or something like That I probably would still think that’s the Same person if I saw a picture okay just Like me my ID I have clean shave right But now I got this beard going on You can still see that it’s me I’m not Using my identification you still see Okay it’s the same person I might look a little bit different but I’m still at the end of the day the same Person okay It’s clear So why would there actually be a problem I don’t think it’s really an issue you Still would be able to now your gender

May not match but that’s not necessarily Going to be something that people care About it’s like all right check it out If Caitlyn Jenner goes to the polls with The ID that still says Bruce Jenner on It you’re still six foot three getting Beat broad shoulders in the big crazy Neck like you still are working out Every day trying to go to the triathlon Right you’re still trying to be doing it This kissing alone jumping what not at Age 75 or whatever old you are You still look like how you look before Because at the end of the day you did Not change that much So why is it even a problem if you have Identification that should be enough Although it may not be what you want on There it should be enough to satisfy Your ability to go out and vote And if it’s not then you need to go Update your picture update your gender Or your name or whatever it is go Through the second go through the steps You need to be able to do that And again let’s go let me come back so You can see me clearly Now if you’re transgender are you not Buying a home are you not going to I Don’t know apply for a job that may Require you to show identification if You are not very well off financially If you want um let’s say you want to go To college financial aid you need

Identification for that Um let’s say you are on welfare you need Identification for that section 8 Identification for that you want to go To the club you want to go buy a drink You need an ID for that you want to go To a restaurant have a glass of wine Okay show me your ID please ma’am sir Lady sir whatever it is okay show me That ID you need identification for just The most mundane things in your everyday Life so why would voting be any Exception it’s kind of a ridiculous Thing I think that they’re desperate Here when I say they I mean left they’re Desperate because they know they don’t Have much else to hang their hats on They know they got to get people on Something they never got to do something So They don’t have the policies that people Want you know they’re talking about Climate change and things like that Maybe abortion could be an issue but at The end of the day if you go to that gas Pump and you can’t afford it and they’re Talking about climate change and Abortion and things like that it’s like Okay or or this whole LGBT thing it’s Like okay that’s cool but check it out Um how am I gonna put gas in my car You’re not giving me a plan for me to Get from point A to point B I’m trying To get from my home to my work to make

Money take care of myself take care of My wife and my kids you’re not giving me A plan to do that so I don’t really care About these little ridiculous issues and The whole thing about voter ID is not Even the real problem It’s not even it’s not a problem people Care about because another actual Problem as I’ve said they pass so-called Restrictive quote unquote restrictive What our identification laws in Georgia But as a result they had record high Voter turnout it doesn’t make any sense For it to be You know something that is restrictive But at the same time have record turnout Doesn’t really make any it doesn’t it Doesn’t go together so this whole issue Right here is kind of crazy but I think They’re just they’re reaching at this Point they’re reaching uh go go gadget Reach they’ve reaching all the way out To the sun because they know the the Whole voter ID thing is is weak but they Don’t have anything else like what Should they do throw something on the Wall and see if it sticks if it doesn’t Stick then oh well if it does then great And I but I don’t think this issue here Will stick to that proverbial wall and I Think I’ll leave that right there for Now and what say you how do you feel About this whole thing of voter Identification is it oppressive

Restrictive is it racist is it Transphobic homophobic whatever it is Whatever your thoughts are let me know In the comments below you guys should Pretty much know where I’m at if you Have changed your identification if You’ve changed who you are like let’s Say you were born going back to Big Bruce you’re born as Bruce uh Jenner and Now you’re Caitlyn Jenner okay well what You got to do is update that on your on Your stuff Update your your address update your Your your your phone identification Update your ID your driver’s license Whatever you have update that it would Be the same thing if you move if you Move from California to New York and you Still have all your California stuff You’re still getting charged California Taxes on your car yourself in your mail Go to your old house why wouldn’t you do A change of address so you have your Mail go to your new house get your Vehicle stuff changed so you’ll be able To register your car in New York and pay Their fees rather than the California Fees It’s it’s so simple to do certain things Anybody can do it if you’re able to move Across the country and buy a home and Have a family and have a job you’re able To have identification if you don’t have Identification like I said you probably

Smoke crack for a living you’re outside You’re laying on the ground all day you Have no impact on society other than it Being a burden really generally Not all the time but 99 of the time if You don’t have ID Then I presume you’re not really Involved in society because you got to Have that to be involved with Society Your vote is not even going to be cast Anyway People that actually Do things and are productive are going To have identification and I wish they Would try I wish they would stop trying To say that people who are productive And are going to go out there and vote In a really part of society just somehow Don’t have identification because of Their Their gender orientation their gender Confusion or their race That really in my opinion is the true Homophobia and racism but whatever your Thoughts are please let me know in the Comments below and that’s all I gotta Say for this video if you like what you Heard please comment rate share And subscribe Peace

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