Viral TikTok Claims Clitoris Will Disappear If Not Stimulated

By | December 14, 2022

A period pain relief company posted a viral TikTok claiming women will lose sensation in their clitorises if they aren’t regularly stimulated. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“On November 21, the TikTok account for Ovira, a drug-free period pain relief brand, posted a video warning its 5 million followers to use their clitoris “before it disappears.” So far, it’s been viewed over 1.1 million times.

The video features a woman overlaid on an image of a grapefruit designed to look like a vulva, warning people: “Use your clitoris before it disappears. If the clitoris is not regularly stimulated, it can lose its function, and this is called clitoral atrophy. It occurs when there is inadequate blood flow to the clitoris, and this can significantly decrease your sex drive. So, make sure to use your clitoris, or you could lose it forever.”

The information spread across the internet, but doctors say it’s not exactly accurate, and could lead to people panicking unnecessarily.”


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Use your clitoris before it disappears So if the clitoris is not regularly Stimulated it can lose its function and This is called clitoral atrophy it Occurs when there's inadequate blood Flow to the clitoris and this can Significantly decrease your sex drive so Make sure to use your clitoris or you Could lose it forever That dire warning came from period pain Relief brand Elvira Over a million people have seen that Video and it led to panic among people Who think that they might suffer from Clitoral atrophy if they don't stimulate Themselves enough which by the way Stimulate yourself all day like there's Nothing wrong with that but the Information contained in that video is Not really accurate okay it's not that Inaccurate either that's an interesting Part yeah So the clitoris is an amazing thing okay Um So if you the the phrase if you don't Use it you'll lose it doesn't really Apply so it's not going to disappear if You stop using it or stimulating it Kinda okay So clitoral atrophy is a real phenomenon Let's be real about that okay Um but it doesn't make the clitoris go Away entirely and it's not something

That's essentially irreparable harm okay So Dr Janelle Howell a pelvic physical Therapist says this it's important to Acknowledge that the entire clitoral Organ doesn't disappear but this this is The amazing part but the size of it Shrinks retreating back behind the hood Which can make it appear like the Clitoris is gone but it's not gone it's Still there but it's kind of buried okay So no I what I I found there's two Amazing parts of the story Um one is it turns out the clitoradi Rule of Saul Um as it should be yeah well maybe maybe That kind of sounds interesting anyway We're coming Well maybe maybe okay anyways Um no seriously two part interesting Parts of the story one is that it turns Out this phenomenon is not entirely Inaccurate like I said so it can't Happen now it's not just because you Didn't use it a lot of times it has to Do with hormones that your body is Producing or not producing It's a Combination of things and if you're There not producing their hormones You're less likely to use it so then It's a double whammy and a can atrophy And it can get kind of buried and stuff Now it's not that common you don't have To panic over it and you don't have to Be like I gotta use it today otherwise

It's gonna be a goner right no but it's Not a completely crazy it's it's not Totally false so that's interesting the Second interesting thing is when I was Growing up there was this thing called Brand safety right and and advertisers Didn't want to be uh near things that Were controversial by the way they still Apply that to news so they're like oh Young Turks they like Fight Against Racism and homophobia so that's Controversial I don't know if we want to Be about that meanwhile though other Brands have realized oh It's no holds bar there are no rules Anymore and no one cares about your Stupid brand safety so they're on Tick Tock going you better buy our product Otherwise you're clitoris is going to Disappear but people are panicking oh no One okay I can't even tell how this Product's related that's exactly what I Was about to say right we're talking About a Um menstrual pain relief company that's Like their brand that's what they do but They're talking about you know you Really got to make sure your clitoris is Stimulated enough there's enough blood Flow there so it doesn't atrophy it led To some Panic right so it's like some People were worried like oh no maybe Maybe I need to do something here but Everybody calm down you're probably fine

And uh I do want to also just talk about Just the lack of not because I think the Panic also demonstrates that there's a Lack of knowledge about people's own Bodies and I think that's a failure of Our Public School System intentionally In a lot of parts of this country that Do not want kids to learn about human Anatomy they think it's wrong and I'm Talking about red states that you know Pass certain restrictions uh when it Comes to that kind of education now in 2019 researchers in the UK so this is Not in the United States the UK as 2 000 Adults to look at an anatomy chart and Label the clitoris labia vagina and Urethra the results were well not good According to Victoria walderson a data Journalist a third of both women and men Didn't the men part does not surprise me Did not know what the clitoris was 59 of Men could not accurately label where the Vagina is located oh my God I hate the Other guys 61 of men could not correctly Indicate the urethra and 52 percent of Men could not find the labia yeah but Okay now the most shocking part is not In that one I read it in a different Article 49 of women didn't know where The vagina was it's not that they don't Know what the vagina was I read that Status they were asked to label label The different components of the the Female genitalia okay that makes more

Sense okay that you went into the Details there you got the right results See that's journalism right there okay So uh now look uh last thing on this is This is just a sophisticated version of What Alex Jones does Alex Jones makes Most of his buddy from penis pills and He does segments where he's like oh Brother because of the water and the Globalists what they have your penis is Shrinking every day and you're losing Semen count and you're losing this is Your ability it's going to go away you Need to buy these pills you need to buy These pills and he makes apparently he Made hundreds of millions of dollars From that so this is a this is Apparently an old trick don't believe The hype it's not going anywhere okay uh All right uh let's go up and down a Little bit though all right so okay we Gotta go we gotta go but we have a crazy Bonus episode [Music] Bye