UNHINGED Republican Ranting About Abortion on Senate Floor

By | January 26, 2023

Oklahoma Republican James Lankford said as part of a lengthy speech that he wanted to “make abortion unthinkable”. Francesca Fiorentini and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday to mark what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade to push for further abortion restrictions.

Lankford declared in a lengthy speech that he is not just working to make abortion illegal across the country, he wants to “make abortion unthinkable.”


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The issue of abortion is not just a Legal issue And it's not just about making abortion Illegal in the country I would tell you I'm working to make Abortion Unthinkable in this country Yes that was Oklahoma Republican James Uh Lankford saying he's gonna fight Thought abortions To never be able to think of What was it again I anyway uh yeah on The 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade which Once again was rendered Um not a right anymore thanks to the dog Decision this past summer by the Supreme Court Um and if you think that that little Tirade was any worse you were right it Got worse take a look Because we look past the convenience And look to this child's face And to say why does that child not Deserve life like every one of us Because at its most basic level there is No difference between any one of us in This room [Music] And when we were at this stage right Here in our mother's womb Except for time I would argue he's correct there is no Difference than the Republican Party Being just little sort of undeveloped Underdeveloped fetuses just babies just

Small undeveloped maybe zygotes even There is no difference than the Republican party and just little Meandering zygotes Um in their in uteruses that's it that's It um so there he is Um that is James Lankford saying he Wants to get rid of the even thought of Abortion and I think it really is Setting us up for Um absolutely the floating of proposals And legislation like fully defunding Planned Parenthood something that Lauren Bobert wants to do to trying to claw Against codifying Roe v Wade this is Something that Democrats have been Trying to say that they're going to do Now with the majority in the Senate Um I believe they could potentially pick Off five Republicans to actually get it Across the Finish Line in the house but John I'm wondering what you think Um now that they've gotten their wish Roe v Wade has effectively been Overturned they're still going for more Well um I can't think about abortion Because it's Unthinkable now um also I'm Distracted by him and his whole vibe I Would like to nominate him to be their Messenger on issues of abortion uh for Multiple reasons many of them probably Self-evident but also because uh he Doesn't seem to get how wildly unpopular Everything that he's calling for will be

Um credit to him for continuing to wage This deeply unpopular War despite the Best efforts of his party's leadership Which wants to pretend that it's Recalibrating on abortion I also I love The the two approaches that the Republican party has taken Um you know after the experience of the Midterm so they saw their their worst Nightmares have come true the American People saw something that the Republicans did that was truly terrible And unpopular and they voted accordingly And the Republican party on the one hand With people like Ronald McDaniel decided Oh we should probably pretend we don't Like this anymore so we're gonna Recalibrate we're gonna lie to the voter About what we want to do going forward What we're actively doing in a number of Different states and then you have the James langfords which are like oh this Is wildly unpopular on a national level And even in States like Kansas they're Voting down our constitutional Amendments uh whatever have we not made Clear that we don't care about democracy We're just gonna do it anyway and so Good you know I have at it like don't Actually have at it because these are Fundamental rights in people's lives and Livelihood are on the line but keep Talking about it keep reminding people Of How Deeply out of the mainstream you

Are I'm fine with that Francesca Absolutely and uh speaking of someone Who is perfectly fine to be out of the Mainstream but also kind of positioning Herself along the uh you know uh sort of America's Next Top Maga lady is Christy Gnome who um in response to the FDA Saying that they will approve federally Of Um of pharmaceutical abortions Um a mythopristone micropistone and Misoprostol that I'm totally butchering But medically induced over-the-counter Abortion pills should be legal and Accessible in all 50 states no matter What the laws on the books in those States state about about abortion Themselves here's Christie gnome Responding to that she says chemical Abortions remain illegal in South Dakota No matter what Biden's FDA says today A.G jacly and I wrote to pharmacists Across South Dakota to remind them that Their resources should be focused on Helping mothers and their babies before Birth and after sure I'd like to see That South Dakota South Dakota have you Expanded medicaid do you support young Mothers uh in poverty who do not have or Not even in poverty who just can't make Ends meet to have health care I don't Think you have in fact I don't even need To check that because most red states do Not expand Medicaid

Um but so she is taking a step to fight The new FDA ruling that allows Pharmacies to offer abortion pills Um the policy change uh this is graphic Two or let's see let's look at the Graphic one uh the the letter says after Roe v Wade was versed last year abortion Became illegal in South Dakota except to Save the life of the pregnant person It's one of 14 states where abortions Are now largely unavailable in South Dakota any person who administers Prescribes or procures for any pregnant Female any medicine or drug with the Intent to induce an abortion is guilty Of a felony so sorry That is part of the the latter part uh Is part of the letter You're going to be guilty of a felony if You prescribe if you give Um or if you take an abortion pill great Great so one more thing working against Pregnant people Um who don't want to be pregnant uh then Uh in Apollo it was a policy changed Long advocated by medical experts and Writes campaigners the Food and Drug Administration earlier this year Formalizing a regulatory change to allow Retail pharmacies in the U.S to dispense Mifepristone one of two drugs often Taken in tandem for a medication Abortion but the letter continues saying Under South Dakota law pharmacies

Including chain drugstores are Prohibited from procuring and dispensing Abortion inducing drugs with the intent To induce an abortion and they are Subject to felony prosecution Um yeah so it goes on and on and on and On and so it is look even with the Medical medically induced abortion it is Still it's still a risk right it is Definitely depending on how early in the Pregnancy it is it's definitely better But we're talking about all kinds of Reproductive care here so this it's Criminalizing it's criminalizing People's bodies and it's saying also That let's say you do get the abortion Pill let's say you you do take it and Let's say there's any kind of Complication you could be in a hospital And wake up and have handcuffs on you Because you've been convicted of a Felony or you've been and and you are Under Suspicion so it puts everyone on Watch every all the hospital staff puts The pharmacists on staff and so now They're effectively yeah they're looking For you Criminal Who simply is a person Who does not want to have a child that's It Yeah and let's add on of course that uh You know multiple Republican politicians Are talking we just had um I believe it Was Mike Braun on a video on a podcast Talking about how uh as long as people

Are able to drive across state lines Then that's not good enough we have to Go farther we can't just strip away the Rights in our state we have to lock People up if they go to a place that has Respect for basic human rights so look We say all of this not to try to Persuade you To have respect for these rights we have The luxury of not truly needing to do That people have been on our side on the Side of people having access to abortion And other reproductive care for decades And decades and decades that's simply The truth we only talk about this to Remind you that the fight to strip away More and more rights is ongoing at the Federal level at the state level and we Need to be vigilant because they're not Just going to willingly give this up Even after the death of Roe v Wade No exactly and I just have to say like It's on I'm calling on a lot like CIS Men to stand up like we all need to Understand what role we have to play in This and so if that if you are in a State where the abortion laws have Drastically changed Um what can you do how can you support People who are pregnant how can you Support people who are seeking abortions What can can you drive them somewhere Can you help them get out of state like It is on all of us like can we talk to

Our family members Um and and so again because this is all About the supremacy of men to do Whatever the hell they want with other People's bodies so if you have a certain Amount of privilege if you are a guy I'd like to see you use that I'd like to See you use that in your state in your Community in your family how are you Going to step up for for Reproductive Rights Um we all came from the uterus people You haven't Mitch McConnell hasn't Figured out a matrix himself more Mitch McConnell's yet So respect the goddamn uterus yeah all Right as someone who just had a kid I respected a whole hell of a lot I I do Want to play I do want to talk about how Democrats Are talking how Democrats are fighting Back if they are fighting back and John Get your opinions here is a little Snippet from um kind of an ad the Senate Democrats put out on the 50th Anniversary of Roe v Wade and them Vowing to fight for Reproductive Rights Take a look the fight for abortion Rights didn't end 50 years ago when Roe Was decided and it did not end last year When Roe was overturned we are not Giving up we should be standing here Celebrating the 50th anniversary of row But instead we are here fighting for a

Person's right to control their own body And now that National Protection under The Supreme Court is gone and young People have fewer freedoms than their Moms their Grandmas this is happening Because extremist Republicans decided That they knew better than women whose Lives and stories they will never know We are the bulwark when the American People voted for a Democratic Senate and If any increased our number Against All Odds they were saying protect women's Rights and we will Okay so here there's Chuck Schumer Mustering his is uh we will when and and We look I'd like to see it and and the One thing I want to say I'm glad the Senate Democrats are talking about it I Don't mean to throw you know their press Conference out of the bus But there's something that strikes me When I watch that which is All of those Senate Dems all of the Women no disrespect They're all over the age of getting Pregnant and having kids like they're They're all Quite a quite aged out of the I need an Abortion time frame right which is why I Do think it was great when um Representative pramila jayapal spoke About getting an abortion herself I Believe other legislators have as well But it just makes me feel like

God we need younger people representing Us and I don't mean 25 year olds I don't Mean 35 year olds I just like a 40 year Old would be tight you know what I mean Just like on the cusp of still being of Reproductive age maybe having decided to Have kids or not right like is that too Much to ask because this is so Irrelevant to these geezers I'm sorry Well yeah look I I look I I you don't Need to convince me that we need younger People are going to get mad at me Representation Um you know that could also have the Secondary effect of maybe the language And those sorts of speeches being a Little bit more inclusive and all that But I I do think at least in this Particular topic it doesn't bother me Nearly as much because and you heard a Little bit of this in Um it might have been Senator hirono's Speech uh the fact that they have lived Long enough to remember the last time it Was illegal I think adds a little bit to What they're saying that they have lived For decades and decade dates and Decades Of this being a right and now it's being Stripped Away I think that the age Actually maybe helps a little bit in This particular case also of course This is one of the areas where the Democrats feel freed up to vigorously Defend popular things because largely

The economic Elite don't find this sort Of debate to be particularly important To their concerns now if you started to Talk about you know making all of these Services be covered by insurance and all That then you're going to get some Pushback and you're going to find Somebody to support Fall Away amongst Elected Democrats but this is an area Where traditionally they have felt very Comfortably being out front Defenders of People's interests because it's very Popular and it doesn't Rock the economic Boat that much they've been pretty good You know they weren't able to strip away The filibuster people like uh you know Kirsten Cinema value that supposed Tradition that she doesn't even Understand particularly well far more Than people's bodily autonomy and Everything but aside from her the Senators have been pretty good I can't wait to see that moment where She has to defend the filibuster over Abortion rights that's that was the Experience we had of the past couple of Years it was impossible to pass a bill Like that because she was never going to Get rid of the filibuster Yes I want to see her we should bring Back the talking filibuster Um just to see her trying to defend that Indefensible position thanks for Watching The Young Turks I really

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